The Best Grill Tables To Help You Enjoy your Summer BBQ to the Fullest

best grill tables
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Now that outdoor cooking season is here, why not go a little farther and take your cookout to the park or the beach? A grill table is a perfect complement to your evening plans, and we have a list here of compact, sturdy and seamless tables. If you need one that folds or one that is more on the robust side, we have you covered. As we all transition to living, playing and eating outside, let’s not forget some of the most important items along the way. Kick-off your ode to summer with the 14 best grill tables.

What to Look for in a Grill Table

For first-time buyers, the concept of the grill table may seem confusing; doesn’t a grill come with everything you need? With a table, you can move your BBQ prep station outside or take it with you on camping trips, to the park or to a friend’s house. This table becomes the ultimate workstation. Most boast: 

  • Sides that flip up for extra workroom
  • Storage space 
  • S-hooks for holding tools 

Some tables even come with 40-gallon storage spaces for holding anything you like. As you scroll down our list, consider where you’d like to take your grill, what you need to cook and how much space you’d like. Weight can also be a deciding factor. Some tables come in at 50 pounds, while others weigh 14 pounds or less.

Two Types of Grill Table

That brings us to the biggest consideration when purchasing a grill table. Some grill tables are designed to actually hold a portable grill, while others are simply made to hold your prep tools and ingredients.

Of course, if you intend to take your grill with you wherever you go, you’ll need the type of grill table that is portable and can bring your cooker up to a comfortable level. On the other hand, if you simply need an extra workspace to keep next to your grill at home, look for something akin to a prep table built for the outdoors.

We’ve included both types of grill tables below. Take a look at our list of the 14 best grill tables, and find the right piece for you.


1. Keter Unity Indoor/Outdoor Table


The Keter Unity table is our top choice because of how much you get: stainless steel workspace for prepping, slicing, dicing or anything you want, and plenty of storage space. The Keter comes in at 32 pounds, one of the heavier options on this list, so it’s not ideal for transporting to the park or to the car for a camping weekend. This table is best suited for the patio or backyard and comes with ample extras. A spice rack, paper towel holder, S-hooks for your tools and magically, a bottle opener. It is all easily wiped clean between uses. Count on this one to transport your summer backyard parties with style and ease.

Keter Unity Ourdoor Table Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Grope Portable Camping Table


When you’re enjoying the great outdoors, there’s not always going to be a flat working space for prepping your BBQ ingredients or holding your extra tools. That’s why you need the Grope Portable Camping Table. This tiny table folds up into an even tinier bag, making it easy and convenient for carrying with you into the woods. However, be warned that this table is only knee height, so it’s not great for use while standing.

best grill tables grope portable camping table Image courtesy of Amazon


3. RedSwing Portable Grill Table


The RedSwing Portable Grill Table is made from aluminum, ensuring it’s lightweight and ready to go with you to your next cookout. You can choose to keep it at home as a temporary prep station when you decide to barbecue or keep it with your camping equipment to supplement the campground’s picnic table. This piece of outdoor furniture boasts a secure latch, a smart lock and a convenient carrying handle.

best grill tables redswing portable grill Image courtesy of Amazon


4. PORTAL Outdoor Folding Table


Where most tables are space suckers because of the flat surface required to make the top of the table, the PORTAL Outdoor Folding Table solves that issue by featuring a roll top. This feature allows the table to fold down to an incredibly small size considering it measures 35 by 20 inches when erect. As an added bonus, this piece also boasts a mesh layer for convenient storage of your tools or other gear when you’re grilling.

best grill tables portable outdoor folding picnic Image courtesy of Amazon


5. GCI Outdoor Slim Fold Cooking Station


The GCI boasts a lightweight design at only 18 pounds that also has some of the most counter space of any table on our list. A perk for the cook who has a plethora of ingredients and who needs extra workspace, the four extra fold-out shelves can house as many items as you desire. The storage space comes courtesy of two lower shelves and also has hooks for hanging tools and stem glass holders as well as other beverage holders. This may be the ultimate prep cook table, especially for those who like to keep clean and organized.

GCI SLIM FOLD TABLE Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Beachcrest Home Lakeland Prep Table


For a grill table that is built for outdoor use but beautiful enough to use inside, too, look no further than the Beachcrest Home Lakeland Prep Table. Made from solid wood, this table can hold up to 200 pounds across its tabletop and two lower shelves. It’s also water-resistant and stain-resistant, meaning the great outdoors isn’t a problem for it. However, it’s not recommended that you leave this table outside for a lengthy duration.

beachcrest home lakeland prep table Image courtesy of Wayfair


7. Camco Deluxe Folding Grill Table


The Camco is high on our list even though it comes in at a whopping 37 pounds — nothing like a stainless steel frame, right? This beauty will be sure to impress with its flawless look and storage capacity. When you’re busy prepping on the aluminum countertop there will still be plenty of space for other hands on deck. The storage houses everything you need and has a lower shelf and two side shelves for extra room. It also comes with a paper towel holder and who doesn’t need one of those when the BBQ sauce decided to squirt out of the bottle and onto everyone? The Camco is a great pick if you’re okay with a heavier frame and aren’t traveling too far.

Camco Deluxe Folding Table Image courtesy of Walmart


8. Royal Gourmet Double Shelf Movable Dining Cart


Whether you use it to hold your grill or as a prep stand, the Royal Gourmet Double Shelf Movable Dining Cart is sure to be your best barbecue buddy. Not only does it boast dual wheels for maneuverability, but it also features a built-in hook for your propane tank and a side handle where you can hang your kitchen towel. Three hooks along the front of the cart are designed to hold your tongs, grill brush and other tools of the trade. As an added bonus, this cart can hold up to 100 pounds of kitchen equipment.

royal gourmet double shelf movable dining cart work table Image courtesy of The Home Depot


9. Giantex Portable Camping Kitchen Table


If you’re more into glamping than camping, the Giantex Portable Camping Kitchen Table is for you. This portable piece of kit is designed to hold your camping grill and hide your propane tank, good and BBQ tools beneath the table in fabric-covered shelves. While the table itself can only hold up to 55 pounds, it does come with a windshield, so that your grill will remain lit, even in windy conditions. And, despite the table’s complicated appearance, it only weighs 23 pounds and folds down into a relatively small package to be transported in your trunk or back seat.

giantex portable camping kitchen table Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Winsome Radley Kitchen Cart


The only wooden option on our list, this unique style will look great outside. A simple design of two shelves below the smooth countertop, this is a great pick for those looking for a sleek addition to their home. With a collapsible side table to one side and a paper towel rack on the other, this is a fantastic minimalist table for your grilling needs. Another perk: it has wheels so you can store it wherever and take it on the go.

Winsome Radley Kitchen Cart Image courtesy of Amazon


11. L.L.Bean All-Weather Square Side Table


The All-Weather Square Side Table was built to be placed in outdoor living rooms, next to chairs and couches, but we believe it could also make a great grill table. It’s sturdy enough to hold a variety of tools, and it boasts two levels for extra storage. Furthermore, the table weighs just 11 pounds, meaning you can easily use it next to your outdoor seating when you’re relaxing and move it next to your grill when it’s time to cook. Plus, this L.L.Bean product is available in seven attractive colors.

all weather dquare side table Image courtesy of L.L.Bean


12. Cuisinart Outdoor Prep Table


Cuisinart is one of the leading brands in kitchenware, so it only makes sense that the brand would want to furnish your outdoor kitchen, too. The Cuisinart Outdoor Prep Table has just about everything you need to cook out, except the grill. It features a 22-by-45 inch worktop as well as a trash bag holder, a paper towel holder, a second level for storing dishes and four hooks across the front for holding your BBQ tools.

cuisinart outdoor prep table Image courtesy of Walmart


13. Coleman Pack-Away Portable Kitchen


The Coleman brand has been every outdoorsman’s camping essential since the beginning of time — or, it seems that way. They have such an excellent, easy-to-fold, portable grill table that you’ll laugh at how awesome and minimalist it is. Its best feature, besides the 32 x 24 inches of space for prepping or storing buns, and who doesn’t need those when grilling while on a camping trip with friends, is the hook above the station for a light. So if you’re grilling in the dark or preparing for an early ascent of the mountain at dawn and trying to cook a quick breakfast, let there be light. This portable table only weighs 14 pounds which is awesome for carrying out to a camping site.

Coleman Portable Grill Table Image courtesy of Amazon


14. Suncast Patio Storage and Prep Station


The Suncast Patio Storage and Prep Station isn’t just a place to set your food while you’re grilling. It’s also an outdoor storage unit, with enough internal space for all your barbecue tools as well as dishes, napkins and ice buckets. As an added bonus, you’ll find both a bottle opener and tool hooks on the exterior of the unit. And, the all-weather wicker construction means this piece will last for many years, even if it’s constantly exposed to the elements.

suncast patio storage and prep station Image courtesy of The Home Depot


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