Even the Most Brutal Winters Are No Match for the Best Heated Jackets

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When it comes to staying warm in winter, everyone is familiar with the basics — wear insulating inner layers, warm socks and don’t forget to protect your head with a beanie or winter hat. But when it’s bitingly, hellishly cold, sometimes you need a little extra help. Insulated jackets are great at trapping your body’s natural warmth, but they don’t generate their own warmth. Enter heated jackets.

Heated jackets are a lot like heated blankets, except you can take them outside of the house. Heated jackets feature a power source, typically a rechargeable battery pack, along with heating elements. These heating coils are typically found near the chest, but sometimes they’ll be located near the core, delivering warmth directly to the body.

Most of our favorite heated jackets have the simple design of an outdoors hardshell or softshell jacket, with handy features like drawstring hoods and zippered pockets. They’re also available as gilets, which can serve as an inner layer under a regular puffer jacket or on its own once you’ve warmed up. These jackets are great for cold urban commutes and backcountry adventures alike. You can even find heated hoodies, which are a great way to stay warm while lounging around.

We’ve rounded up the best heated jackets, including rainproof options for men and women, as well as inner layers like gilets and hoodies.


1. ORORO Men’s Soft Shell Heated Jacket


This jacket from Ororo is water and wind-resistant, and the heating element has three levels, so you can be comfortable from the morning to the evening. There are three heat zones that deliver warmth to the front and back of the jacket. The detail that sets this jacket apart is the detachable hood, making it a great option for rainy weather or dry but cold weather.

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2. Milwaukee Men’s Heated Jacket


Milwaukee is one of the most reliable makers of power tools, and they’ve taken the cordless power tool tech found in their drills and applied it to this simple yet surprisingly stylish jacket. It has a water-resistant exterior and a funnel collar that keeps your neck warm. It comes in a few different colors, like this eye-catching firetruck red option. This jacket has three heating zones, the chest, back and pockets, to deliver warmth to your entire torso. The back of the jacket has a slot for the battery pack, which delivers up to eight hours of warmth.

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3. ORORO Men’s Lightweight Heated Vest with Battery Pack


A heated vest or gilet can be a good alternative for anyone who wants to be able to move their arms freely. It features a funnel neck design, a zip-front and zippered pockets. The collar and stomach areas are heated, and a rechargeable battery pack is included. Some vests can be worn under coats, although the thicker design of this vest makes it best suited for layering over sweaters and light jackets.

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4. Venture Heat Heated Hoodie with Battery


Ororo is the leader in heated jackets and clothing, but they’re not the only option on the market. Consider this heated hoodie from Venture. It has three heating zones at the chest and back to provide warmth, and the interior is a soft fleece, adding extra warmth and comfort. Like a regular hoodie, it has a zip front, two pouch pockets and drawstrings on the hood.

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5. DEWALT Unisex Large Gray Heated Hoodie


If DeWalt is your preferred toolmaker, then consider their heated hoodie. The hoodie is heather gray with a black interior and a black DeWalt logo printed across the chest. It features a full-zip design and two hand pockets. The sweatshirt has three heating zones; two in the chest and one on the back.

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6. ORORO Women’s Slim Fit Heated Jacket


Ororo also makes jackets for women, and this option is very similar to the men’s jacket, except it has a more fitted midsection for a warm but form-flattering silhouette. Like the men’s jacket, this option has a detachable hood and multiple heating elements that are adjustable. The charger pack is compact, UL-listed for safety and can provide up to 10 hours of warmth.

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7. PTAHDUS Men’s Heated Jacket Soft Shell


This heated jacket has adjustable cuffs at the wrist for additional protection, and the funnel neck design provides extra coverage for your neck. It has multiple heating elements to keep your entire torso warm, including chest and pocket warmers, plus a back warmer. The battery pack can run for up to eight hours in the low setting. Plus, the heating pack recharges using a USB-C connection for quicker charging and wider compatibility.

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8. HotHands Toe, Hand, & Body Warmer Variety Pack


Maybe you already have a jacket you like, but you just need a little extra warmth. This pack includes body and hand warmers that are small enough to be placed in your jacket’s chest and hand pockets, it also includes toe warmers, which can be inserted in your shoes. Unlike other options on this list, these warmers are not powered by electricity. Rather, they use a natural compound that heats up once shaken and exposed to air.

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