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The Right Hunting Backpack Can Make or Break Your Hunt

If you’re going hunting, you need one of the best hunting backpacks.

Depending on what kind of hunting you’re doing, a great hunting backpack could be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful hunt. If you don’t plan your pack and hunting needs ahead of time, a lot can go wrong.

For example, you could run out of arrows or ammunition or you could forget your favorite hunting knives. If you plan on doing any field dressing and taking home meat, you’ll also need a hunting backpack large enough to carry back the fruits of your labor and potentially your tools in tow too.

So keeping those needs in mind, we rounded up a few of the best hunting backpacks for your consideration. Whatever kind of hunt you have in mind, we think you’ll find a viable hunting backpack below.


1. TideWe Hunting Backpack

The TideWe Hunting Backpack is the definition of a budget hunting backpack. It’s lightweight and durable, offers 35 liters of capacity, is made from polyester, incorporates a built-in rain cover to keep your gear dry and features a hook or pocket to carry the most common hunting equipment, including a bow or rifle.

And, of course, it comes in a forestry camo so your bag won’t give away the hunt.

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2. Deepwoods Hunter Hanging Hunting Backpack

If you know you’ll mostly be hanging in a tree stand, you might turn to the Deepwoods Hunter Hanging Hunting Backpack, another solid budget hunting backpack.

The backpack opens bookcase style, with multiple pockets in each compartment, and can be hung from a tree or rails in multiple ways. That means you can park yourself, open your bag and have everything accessible at a moment’s notice.

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And when you’re in transit, there are loops on the back of the backpack to hold a rifle, bow and arrows.

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3. ALPS OutdoorZ Commander + Pack Bag

The ALPS OutdoorZ Commander + Pack Bag is definitely for a serious, focused hunter. There aren’t a million pockets for this and that; you get five pockets plus the main compartment as well as a drop-down rifle pocket and the ability to handle a clip-style holster.

But for the hunter planning on returning with meat, the Commander frame, freighter shelf and lashing system will be a godsend at this relatively cheap price point.

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Courtesy of Amazon


4. Timber Hawk Killshot Backpack

The Timber Hawk Killshot Backpack doesn’t have a frame, but it can still handle 56 liters worth of gear. It can carry a rifle, bow or tripod in multiple ways, several nights worth of gear in the main compartment and more specific gear in the front and accessory pockets.

It also features a 2-liter hydration bladder, a pull-out rain cover and uses a polyester brushed tricot with PVC backing, which translates to durability and a cloth that isn’t noisy.

Overall, this hunting backpack will carry your gear, it’ll carry your meat and it’ll do it for years without complaint.

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5. Stone Glacier EVO 3300

The Stone Glacier Evo 3300 isn’t just a great hunting backpack. It’s just a great backpack overall.

The bag and frame are super light empty, but they boast a 150+ pound load rating, enough to comfortably carry elk quarters or mule deer. That’s because Stone Glacier used top-quality details like heavy-duty Duraflex military approved buckles and webbing to ensure the pack could carry your weight for the long haul.

Between that and the spacious 54-liter bag itself, made from Cordura 500 and Xpac fabric, this pack will work for short hunts and intermediate hunts no problem.

One downside to note: All the product images include the hefty belt, but the belt costs extra, so don’t be misled.

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Courtesy of Stone Glacier


6. Slumberjack Bounty 2.0 Highlander

The Slumberjack Bounty 2.0 Highlander means business. The bag can hold an impressive 80 liters of stuff and makes carrying meat a cinch with its expandable load-carry system and frame.

Great meat transportation aside, this hunting backpack still has a ton to offer. There are multiple side and front pockets for quick access to essentials, a detachable field pack for quick trips away from camp, a built-in rifle shooting platform and a drop-down rifle pocket for easy carrying.

We wish it was made from material stronger than polyester but no reviewers flagged any durability issues, so we think this backpack will last.

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Courtesy of Amazon


7. Eberlestock J51 Warhammer Pack

Besides having a badass name, the Eberlestock J51 Warhammer Pack stands out courtesy of its hybrid internal-external Intex-II frame. You get the load-bearing benefits of an external frame and a bottom cargo shelf with the comfort, ergonomics and quiet of an internal frame.

That hybrid frame and cargo shelf makes carrying meat or heavier items a lot easier and the spacious side and main compartments, with a tough nylon exterior, have plenty of room for the rest of your gear. Plus, if you find yourself needing more storage capacity, this backpack can be joined with other Eberlestock components to expand its capabilities.

Overall, the Warhammer Pack is well-made, durable and can easily carry however much weight you can throw on to it.

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Courtesy of Amazon


8. Mystery Ranch Metcalf Pack

For a truly outstanding hunting backpack, there’s only the Mystery Ranch Metcalf Pack. It’s packed with technical features and details that we could dive into, but we’ll give you the greatest hits: Thanks to a great internal frame, large main compartment and loops and buckles, you can easily simultaneously carry a full 71 liters of gear, a rifle, a bow plus arrows and meat without breaking the bag or a sweat. The bag’s made from Cordura 500, so you know it’ll last, and features coated YKK zippers for water resistance and smooth opening and closing.

Sure, this pack will set you back about $500, but if it can do the above over and over again, keeping you organized and minimizing your effort, then it’s clearly among the best hunting backpacks money can buy.

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Courtesy of Mystery Ranch


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