Travel More Efficiently and Stay On Trend With Some New Inline Skates

best inline skates

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In case you hadn’t already heard, rollerblading is back. Not that it ever really went away, but these days it seems to be at the top of the charts as far as transportation and outdoor activity trends go. That means you’ll need a new pair of inline skates.

Of course, you want to look cool while you’re blading, but function is also extremely important when it comes to inline skates. They need to be sturdy, stable, secure and have smooth wheels to give you the best chance at success. Rollerblading isn’t always quite like riding a bike, so you may need some practice to get the hang of it again. The inline skates on the list are all well-made, highly rated and fairly stylish to help motivate you to get out there and show them off while you roll around town.

Since you may have grown out of your last pair by now, these are some of the best inline skates for adults on the market. Grab a pair now to get into this trend while it’s still warm enough to blade. And don’t forget to wear a helmet!


1. Zetrablade Performance Inline Skates


These inline skates are a great option for beginners and those with more experience. They’re well-balanced with a comfortable and secure fit, have a durable frame and smooth performance wheels. They look sleek but are pretty affordable for the quality, so if you don’t end up sticking with this trendy activity or just don’t use them as much as you’d like, you won’t have to feel too guilty.

zetrablade inline skates Courtesy of Amazon

2. 5th Element ST-110 Urban Inline Skates


If living in a bustling city has deterred you from getting back into rollerblading, these three-wheel inline skates can help mitigate your concerns. They’re free skates specifically designed for urban environments, meaning they’re versatile enough for you to skate on sidewalks, trails, or any other bumpy terrain. Don’t be intimidated by the fact that they only have three wheels — it actually gives you more control for rounding corners and weaving through city streets.

3-wheel inline skates Courtesy of Amazon

3. Impala Lightspeed Inline Skates


These retro multicolored pastel inline skates are the way to go if you’re getting back into rollerblading specifically to keep up with the trends. No other skates look this cool. They’re also well-made with a durable plastic outer boot and comfortable, breathable padded liner so you can skate around all day long. You’ve probably seen these inline skates on TikTok or Instagram on people who aren’t actually using them for their intended purpose, but we promise they are actually adequate for recreational skating.

impala inline skates Courtesy of Impala Rollerskates

4. LIKU Professional Inline Skates


For more experienced rollerbladers looking for a new pair of inline skates, these are probably your best bet. They’re extremely sturdy and built for high-strength roller skating, with shock absorbers in the soles for a smooth, easy ride. The triple protection secure closure means they’ll stay put no matter how hard you’re blading, and the low balance structure helps improve balance, control and lateral support. They’re also unisex, so anyone around your size can take them for a spin.

liku professional inline skates Courtesy of Amazon

5. Maxxum Edge 90 Inline Skate


These skates can handle anything, and they’ll handle it well. Urban skating, fitness, commuting, recreation — you name it, they’ll allow you to skate it comfortably. The durable, vented booth provides support and breathability, while the heel shock absorber minimizes intense vibrations when you’re skating hard. The supreme wheels reduce wear and maximize speed. If you plan on using your inline skates for a variety of purposes, you can’t go wrong with these.

maxxum inline skates Courtesy of Amazon

6. Powerslide Phuzion Radon 80


If you plan on skating long distances or for longer durations, you want your skates to be as comfortable as possible. This model focuses a lot on comfort, with integrated, breathable liners. The adjustable and removable frames help correct ankle roll and allow you to upgrade or change out wheels later on as you develop your skills. They’re stable and smooth allowing for quick strides and high control, making them a great option for recreational and returning skaters.

powerslide phuzion radon inline skates Courtesy of Inline Warehouse

7. Macroblade 80 Inline Skate


These inline skates get great reviews from entry-level skaters who are going for a casual ride. They have secure support and a higher cuff for added security and balance. The wheels included are designed for moderate speed, but they can be switched out if you decide you’re ready to go faster. The breathable padding also keeps your feet comfortable for as long as you want to cruise.

inline skates Courtesy of Amazon

8. Roces M12


Roces were a favorite of skaters back in the day, and for good reason. They’re functional, lightweight, simplistic and of good quality. One thing to keep in mind is that they don’t have a break, so they’re probably best for those that have some skating experience.

roces inline skates Courtesy of Inline Warehouse

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