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Fix Flats Fast With These Durable Inner Tube For Your Tires

There’s never a good time to get a flat tire, whether you’re in a car, riding a motorcycle, scooter or bicycle, clearing snow from your driveway, or cutting grass. At its best, a flat tire is annoying, and at its worst, down right dangerous. For this reason, it’s always smart to keep an inflatable tire or inner tube on hand for quick and easy replacements.

An inner tube is often made from rubber or latex and sits inside a tire. The inner tube is filled with air and is inflated with an electric or manual pump. Inner tubes are designed to be impermeable to prevent air from leaking. Inner tubes are inserted into a tire before they are filled with air and once inflated, the inner tube fills the tire and retains air pressure. This allows the tire to keep its shape even when weight is applied from the vehicle or machine that it’s holding up.

Inner tubes come in a variety of sizes, weight loads and prices and are most often used with bicycles, scooters and motorcycles, as well as tools, like snow blowers and lawnmowers. Check out some of our top picks for inner tubes below and get rolling.

1. Mission Automotive Two-Pack of Premium Replacement Inner Tubes

Keep your lawnmower, snow blower, wheelbarrow, flat carts, dollies, generators and more rolling with the Mission Automotive Two-Pack of Premium Replacement Inner Tubes. The Mission Automotive comes in a pack of two tubes that are designed for 4.80/4.00-8″ tires. When fully inflated, the Mission Automotive tubes have a 15.5” outside diameter. The Mission Automotive tubes have a 30 PSI maximum inflation and should only be inflated with a manual pump to avoid over-inflation.

Pros: The Mission Automotive tubes eliminate the cost of replacing a flat tire and are one of the most affordable options on our list.

Cons: The Mission Automotive tires are not approved for either road or highway use.

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2. AR-PRO Heavy Duty Replacement Inner Tube

Keep extra inner tubes on hand with the AR-PRO Heavy Duty Replacement Inner Tube, which comes with two in a pack. The AR-PRO tubes have a 13” diameter when inflated and are a perfect fit for 4.00-6” tires. Use the AR-PRO tubes tires for with Go-Carts, Four-Wheelers, ATVs, yard tractors, wagons and more. Made with 100% natural rubber, the AR-PRO is four times thicker than other brands and absorbs shocks, creating a smooth ride.

Pros: The AR-PRO tubes market themselves as explosion-proof. If punctured, an airtight seal is immediately created to help protect the driver and the vehicle.

Cons: The AR-PRO are billed as heavy duty but in some cases felt more like standard inner tubes.

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3. LotFancy Inner Tube

For a tube that is tougher and lasts longer than competitors, try the LotFancy Inner Tube. LotFancy uses isobutylene isoprene rubber with their tubes, which is superior to natural rubber in airtightness, elastic damping and aging resistance. The two-pack of inner tubes can be used in tires that measure 18X850-8, 18X950-8, and 20X800-8, making them a great fit for riding lawnmowers, lawn tractors, ATVs, UTVs, golf carts and more.

Pros: LotFancy tubes have an easy to access TR13 straight stem and cap that allow for fast inflation.

Cons: The LotFancy tube comes with a high price tag.

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4. Precision Auto Parts Premium Heavy Duty Tire Tube

For a small inner tube with a secure seal, try the Precision Auto Parts Premium Heavy Duty Tire Tube. The Premium inner tube features an angle valve and fits 3.00-4″ tires, making it an excellent option for mobility scooters, Razor scooters, gas scooters, Go-peds, Go-Karts, small ATVs and more. The Premium tires have a 10” diameter and are made of sturdy rubber for a robust and lasting outer shell.

Pros: The Premium inner tubes are thorn resistant.

Cons: The valve on the Premium inner tube is short and some users may require the use of a valve stem extension.

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5. Marathon Replacement Inner Tube

Keep rolling with the Marathon Replacement Inner Tube. Marathon offers durable inflatable tubes in several sizes to fit tires from 8″ to 16″ and rims that measure 4″, 6″ and 8″ in diameter. The tubes can be paired with a variety of products, including air compressors, power washers, dollies, wheelbarrows and more. The tube has a max PSI of 30 and should only be inflated with a manual pump. Marathon makes a line of tires, which can be matched perfectly with one of their inflatable tubes.

Pros: The Marathon has an L-shaped 90-degree stem that helps protect against damage by a rim.

Cons: The Marathon is not approved for use on highways.

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6. Tricam Inflatable Swim and Snow Tube

Have fun all year long with the Tricam Inflatable Swim and Snow Tube. The recreational tube can be used for floating in the water or sliding down snow hills. Available in 32” and 45”, the Tricam is tear-resistant and has a rubber-coated, low-profile valve stem that won’t poke riders. The Tricam comes with a one-year warranty.

Pros: The Tricam has a 250-pound weight capacity, making it a great option for adults and kids.

Cons: The Tricam is only for recreational purposes and isn’t designed to be used inside a tire.

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7. Panaracer Bicycle Tube

Hit the road on two wheels with the Panaracer Bicycle Tube, which is designed with a Presta valve and available in 33, 40, 48, 60, or 80 mm valve lengths. The tube is made with durable Butyl rubber and provides added cushioning to the rider. The Panaracer has a removable core, which enables users to put their own sealant inside the tube. This also allows users to install a valve extender.

Pros: The Panaracer is a self-sealing tube with sealant enclosed. This sealant helps to fill puncture marks and prevent holes in the tire.

Cons: The Presta valve shown here is less common with standard American bicycles that have wide rims and tires and more common with high-performance bikes and mountain bikes. Panaracer does also sell an inner tube with Schrader valves.

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