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Get Your Kids Away From the Electronics and Outside With These Great Beginner Kites

When it comes to outdoor sports for kids, kite flying may not be at the top of your list. It is interesting to note, however, that flying a kite does have a few great benefits including helping to develop strength, coordination and critical thinking. Besides getting your kids out of the house, off the iPad and into the sunshine, learning to launch and control a kite also takes skills and strength that can ultimately contribute to improved decision making and problem-solving in the future.

If you are ready to get your kids started in the art of kite flying or simply have an upcoming vacation, beach or park day, then we have found some of the best kites for kids listed below. Our options are all great starter kites, require little to no assembly, are easy to fly and come in bright colors and shapes to keep everyone in your group engaged and in awe.

These kites are all specially designed to be stable and are made from lightweight, quality fabrics that allow them to fly easily, even with minimal wind. The kites listed that come with frames or rods are large in size, assemble easily and help the kite to hold its shape, giving you the best flying experience. The other options are pocket-style kites, which while still large in size, don’t require any type of assembly and can be tucked away small at the end of the day, making them easy to carry around.

Both styles of kites are great for kids and will pretty much fly even in the slightest of wind speeds, making for a fun and relaxing experience.

1. aGreatLife Rainbow Kite for Kids

This large Rainbow Kite by aGreatLife is a great beginner kite (AKA easy flyer) that will help make it easy to get kids started with the art of kite flying. This huge (42 inch) and colorful kite is purposely designed to be stable and easy to launch in nearly every type of wind condition and is made from high-quality, ripstop polyester fabric with a strong central support, making it lightweight and durable. Specially designed for simple assembly, this easy flyer also comes with a premium flat-line winder and durable 50-meter string which allows you to fly the kite high above the trees for smoother air and giving you the ability to let out more line, allowing it to soar higher.

Pros: The kite comes with easy-to-read, step-by-step instructions to help make assembling fast and easy.

Cons: Basic kite knowledge is helpful when flying this kite.

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2. Hengda Kite Soft Octopus Kite

The Soft Octopus Kite by Hengda Kite is a generously-sized, 31-inch kite and comes fully assembled, ready to fly the second you take it out of the bag. Made of high-quality materials, this octopus is durable and steady, making it ready for any high-altitude flying and lightweight enough for easy travel from place to place. With its soft material, eye-catching color, and unique animal design, you will never have to worry about losing your kite as it will be a direct standout in a crowd. It is great for children ages 5+ and can be flown in the park, on the beach and just about any open area where the wind is active.

Pros: This kite also comes complete with a line and handle for easy flying.

Cons: The legs may tangle easily if not careful.

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3. IMPRESA Rainbow Delta Kite

The Rainbow Delta Kite by Impresa is made from high-quality, weather-resistant ripstop nylon fabric and strong, flexible fiberglass rods with extra reinforcement in key areas to ensure longevity. Easy to assemble, this kite measures 43 inches wide by 80 inches long with a 31-inch tail on each side and comes with 200 feet of extra-long, premium kite string with an easy-grip handle spool. This kite is ideal for all ages, for both kids and adults alike, and, with its uniquely bold pattern, will make kite flying and watching a more enjoyable experience.

Pros: Perfect for travel, this kite comes with its own bag and quickly folds back small enough to make carrying and storing easy and convenient.

Cons: It is not recommended to fly the kite in extra strong winds.

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4. StuffKidsLove Delta Kite

The Delta Kite by StuffKidsLove is a single-line kite that measures 60 inches wide x 32 inches long with twin tails at 200 feet long and comes partially pre-assembled, making getting your fly on as fast and easy as possible. With its high-tech materials, light, flexible and rust-proof amenities, this kite is guaranteed to last a long time. Also included are an extra-long, 200-foot anti-tangle flying line on the handle, a spare parts kit and a durable storage bag with carrying handle.

Pros: A “Sea ‘n Tree Guarantee” is included with purchase. Should you ever completely lose your kite in the sea, river or at the top of a tree, simply send the company a photo and short story and they will replace your kite free of charge.

Cons: This kite is pricier than other options but is guaranteed to last.

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5. Amazonas Presentz Large Octopus Kite

Amazona’s Presentz 3D Parafoil Kite comes in the shape of a large purple Octopus with bright and vibrant colors that no one will be able to take their eyes off of. This kite is huge, measuring in at 196 inches long, is made of durable nylon and is foldable for easy storage. This kite is unique and slightly different from our other options described above as it does not need sticks or rods to hold it up –– the fabric is sewn in a way that doesn’t require any, and is basically self-inflating from the airflow, making it ideal for winds up to 12 mph.

Pros: A large handle and strong brown string are also included.

Cons: Due to the larger size of the kite, it is recommended for older kids.

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6. Hengda Kite Octopus Kite (3 Pack)

The Octopus Kite Pack by Hengda Kite is similar to the one above, however, this set comes with three large, vibrant and brightly colored kites in the shape of everyone’s favorite sea creature, the octopus. Each kit comes with a red, blue and green kite, does not require any kite sticks and each one has its own storage bag. The best thing about this set is that no assembly is required, simply take it out of the bag and start flying. These kites also come with their own string and handle and are perfectly balanced, allowing them to stay up in the air for a longer time while preventing most crashes and nosedives.

Pros: For its price point, these are a great option and come with a 100% lifetime money-back guarantee.

Cons: No kite clips are included.

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