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Spark Up Your Next BBQ With a Quality Lighter Fluid

Whether you’re lighting the grill or sharing a smoke, disposable lighters aren’t a practical option. Reusable lighters are the way to go when reducing waste and enjoying a clean burn. However, switching to a Zippo or similar product will require a high-quality lighter fluid. As the fuel runs out, you can replace it with the appropriate liquid or gas.

Most lighter fluid products contain light petroleum distillate or premium butane. So, you’ll want to check the label before choosing a refill product for your lighter. You also want to make sure you buy enough product to last.

Fortunately, lighter fluid and gas store well. It’s important to store these products away from heat sources and open flames. Lighter fluid has a long shelf life when sealed, so you can use it to refill lighters for months without replacement.

If you’re stocking up on the best lighter fluid, here are the products to consider.


1. Colibri Premium Butane Fuel

This quality butane fuel is five-times refined, so you’ll experience fewer clogged burner valves in your lighter. The product has little odor or taste. Your order comes with three 90 mL or three-ounce cans, which can last through several dozen refills. The nozzle inserts easily into most butane lighters, giving you extra control over the refill.

Pros: This butane gas has very little taste or smell. The product burns well and doesn’t cause lighter malfunctions.

Cons: The three-ounce cans are smaller than they may appear in the product photo.

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2. Zippo Lighter Fluid

Zippo’s premium lighter fluid is a great option for refilling their windproof lighters. The company also recommends using this product for refillable hand warmers. Available in four and 12-ounce sizes, this can contains light petroleum distillate. The fluid ignites quickly and burns with little odor. And while it has the Zippo branding, you can use it with other reusable lighters as well.

Pros: This product has a more subtle odor than some other lighter fluids. The metal can is durable and sealed tightly.

Cons: The nozzle is tricky to lift up and may leak occasionally.

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3. Neon Lighter Gas

This product contains refined butane gas, which is compatible with most lighters. The can contains 300 mL, or just over three ounces, of butane. This quantity can last for months with average use. You’ll receive several nozzle adapters with your order, making it easy to refill your lighters. Just be sure to follow the directions to keep the gas contained to the lighter.

Pros: The nozzles make refills safe and easy. This can of butane can last for months, depending on how often you use your lighter.

Cons: The smell may be stronger than some other butane brands. The nozzles are small, so they’re easy to misplace.

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4. Xikar Purofine Premium Butane Refill

This butane refill can contains pure gas. Fewer impurities mean fewer clogs and misfires, so your lighter will function more effectively. Each can contains 1.9 ounces or 100 mL of product. You can buy a single can or multipack, with the option to purchase up to 12 cans at once. Each can includes a nozzle adapter for easy refills.

Pros: The cans are compact and easy to store. Each can has a nozzle adapter attached to the cap.

Cons: The cans are smaller than some other butane refills.

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