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Timber Tops: The 6 Best Gifts For Lumberjacks and Lumberjanes

* Find the ideal present for the outdoor lover in your life
* Choose from hand-made gifts to more practical products
* Six surprising gifts you don’t often consider

For some people, Man (or Woman) vs. Wild is their average weekend. Others just like the woodsy look for their home or closet. (You should already own a red plaid shirt, right?)

Whatever your style, we’ve curated a list of great outdoors-themed gifts for the Lumberjack or Lumberjane in your life.

1. How to Survive in The Woods

This practical book equips you for survival if you get stranded in the woods, or if you want to audition for Naked and Afraid. Broken into four sections- Sustenance, Warmth, Orientation and Safety- it’s filled with detailed instructions and illustrations that cover all scenarios.


2. H&R Handcrafted Wooden Beer Carrier

Never venture into the woods beer-less again. This beer carrier is capable of holding a six-pack, and is handcrafted with an “Early American” finish, complete with a built-in bottle opener and hand-carved details.


3. Hario Canister Ceramic Coffee Grinder

No Starbucks here. Hand-grind your own grounds with this easy to use (and clean) grinder fitted with a no-slip rubber bottom.


4. Nescole Handmade Damascus Knife

This handmade hunting knife features a hand-carved wooden Paka handle, and has an ergonomic design for easy gripping. Use it in the wild, or as a conversation-starting display piece (under locked glass of course).


5. Pendleton Throw Blanket

As outdoor temps drop, wrap up with this 100% wool blanket from Pendleton. Made in the USA, it comes with a leather carrier, making it easy to bring along on trips. The classic plaid design never goes out of style, whether in your car, in the tent, or draped over a chair at home.


6. Filson Double Logger Coat

This workwear-inspired coat is warm, water-repellent, and features a ton of pockets for storage. The jacket comes with a detachable hood that comes in handy during rainy season or if you’re caught outside in a storm. Well-made and well-priced, the jacket is manufactured by Filson – an American company that’s been producing hunting and outdoors gear since 1897. (We found a great version for women here).

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