Keep Rainy Day Blues Away With These 15 Men’s Rain Boots

men's rain boots
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Other than getting caught in a sudden rainstorm without a rain jacket or umbrella, there’s nothing worse than having wet, soggy feet. It’s uncomfortable, will most likely ruin your shoes, and will, in general, cause a total mess everywhere you go. That’s why it makes sense to invest in a quality pair of rain boots for those days when you know that a serious storm is coming.

An extremely valuable tool for those in metropolitan areas, rain boots will keep your feet high and dry, away from the torrents of water that have a tendency to pool and clog the streets. But more than just keeping your toes dry, rain boots are also great for gardening or even cutting wet grass. Regardless of your purpose, a good pair of the best rain boots for men will make sure you stay warm and dry, even when it’s awful outside.

Below, check out the best men’s rain boots around and enjoy the freedom of never having to worry about wet feet again.


1. Kamik Men’s Hunter Snow Boot


The Kamik boot sets itself apart with a cinch-closure at the top. By allowing the top to cinch down, you’re not only keeping the water out, but also keeping heat trapped in (which is perfect for rainy and/or snowy winter days). Don’t worry about your feet overheating though, as the lining inside the boot is made from a moisture-wicking material that will help keep you cool while you’re stomping around town. Although these boots aren’t as stylish or low-profile as other options on this list, if you need total protection from rain and mud, these are the best men’s rain boots available right now.

Kamik Men's Hunter Snow Boot - best men's rain boots Courtesy of Amazon


2. Honeywell CLC Rain Boot


Honeywell’s CLC rain boot doesn’t have a lot of bells or whistles, but they’re more than enough to get the job done. A cushioned, EVA foam footbed provides all day comfort should you really have to be out in the thick of nasty weather, while a cleated sole gives more than enough traction in slippery conditions. We love the low profile and high durability of these boots. Mixed in with the fantastic price point, it’s tough to beat this pair from Honeywell. 

honeywell rainboot Courtesy of Amazon


3. Crocs All Cast Rain Boot


Okay, stick with us here. Rain boots aren’t much more than just heavy-duty, durable plastic boots that’ll keep your feet comfortable and dry in wet weather. Crocs have always been comfortable rubber shoes, so extending them out into a full-size rubber boot is a no-brainer. Comfy, cushy, super lightweight and completely rainproof to boot? That’s a package that’s dangerously hard to say “no” to.

crocs all cast rain boot Courtesy of Amazon


4. Hunter Chelsea Rain Boot


Sometimes it’s best to just stick with the classics: Hunter has been one of the names for rain boots since its founding in 1856. While the classic, long-style boot is now a dime a dozen, we really like this cropped Chelsea boot version. With a subtle, logo-less design, its silhouette provides a refined and stylish look—while ensuring your feet stay nice and dry (thanks to its gusseted welting). Should you get wet, there is a quick-dry lining to speed things long. Additionally, you won’t lose your footing while walking through puddles thanks to its gripped sole.

hunter chelsae rain boot Courtesy of Nordstrom


5. UNICARE Chelsea Rain Boot


Do you love the style and features of the Hunter ‘Original’ Rain Boots but hate the $155 price tag? Then you will love these similar Chelsea rain boots from UNICARE. These durable rain boots for men are just $55 and available via Amazon Prime. The padded insoles keep your feet comfortable during long days, while the polyester lining provides enough breathability to keep your feet from sweating. Plus, these affordable boots are made from recycled materials. If price and style are factors in your decision, then these are the best men’s rain boots for the money. The only downside is the limited sizes available.

unicare men's chelsea rain boots Courtesy of Amazon


6. Bogs Bozeman Tall Rain Boots


Bogs Bozeman’s rain boots are made in two parts: there’s the rubber sole bottom that’s standard in most rainboots—but there’s also a neoprene liner that extends from the interior of the boot all the way up to your knee, to wrap your foot. The latter serves a number of purposes: Provides warmth inside the boot, additional waterproofing through the knee, and helps to fight against odor control too. All in all, it’s much, much more than just a regular rain boot.

bogs bozeman tall rain boot Courtesy of REI


7. SHTH Waterproof Rain Boot Cover


If you’d rather avoid spending money on yet another pair of boots that you only use in specific situations, how about a solution that works alongside your existing footwear? That’s exactly what this option from SHTH does: by strapping on a waterproof outer onto a pair of shoes that you already own, you’re getting full leg protection (thanks to a side zipper and elastic top closure) at a fraction of the cost. Plus, they make for a great option to just keep at your desk should the bottom decided to fall out one day and you’re caught unprepared. 

shth rain boot cover Courtesy of Amazon



8. Men’s L.L.Bean Boots 8″


These L.L.Bean are about as classic as the “getting caught in a rainstorm” story itself. They were designed by L.L.Bean himself in 1912 and have been setting a standard for keeping feet warm, comfortable and dry ever since. Each pair is still hand-sewn at their factory in Maine with a waterproof rubber bottom and supple full-grain leather for comfort. The unique shape form-fits your feet and keeps them stable, comfortable and supported. 

men's l.l.bean boot, best rain boots for men Courtesy of L.L.Bean


9. Sperry Brewster Rain Boot


Sperry’s take on a waterproof boot is cut in a similar style to that of the classic LL Bean duck boot that’s been a perennial favorite. A thick, seam-sealed rubber sole prevents your feet from getting waterlogged at any point during a downpour, while the memory foam interior foot bed keeps them cradled and supported with every step. The lined interior will provide warmth in colder months and the black colorway will pair well with just about everything currently sitting in your closet.

sperry brewster rainboot Courtesy of Amazon


10. TRETORN Men’s Gus Rain Boot


TRETORN already makes awesome and stylish everyday shoes, so it comes as no surprise their take on rain boots is equally as awesome. Though a little on the short side, these ankle boots make a great and stylish addition to your closet. While you probably wouldn’t want to get caught in a hurricane in these, they make a great option for those in cities that don’t experience that much rain on a yearly basis. They’re entirely made from rubber and have an ankle shaft that goes 5.5 inches high which should help to keep your feet and ankles dry in most manageable downpours. 

best rain boots for men Courtesy of Amazon


11. Servus Comfort Technology PVC Steel Toe Boot


If you work in construction or will be spending time on any construction sites in the rain, these are the boots for you. Built with a steel toe and a 16-inch shaft to keep the majority of your leg dry, these are easily the most hardcore boots on our list. But more than just functional, these boots are actually comfortable. Thanks to the scalloped line around the shin, these boots are much more flexible than your average pair of boots. If you need protection from water and things falling on your feet, these are the boots to get.

Servus Comfort Technology PVC Steel Toe Boot - best rain boots for men Courtesy of Amazon


12. Palladium U Pampa SC Outsider


Looking for an everyday rain boot that will work just as well when it’s pouring as it does when it’s dry? Pick up a pair of these waterproof boots from Palladium. With a rubber sole, leather upper and synthetic leather on the collar, you can feel confident stepping out of the door no matter the weather. But even more than the (awesome) functionality of these boots, we just like the overall style. The tan colorway (pictured below) is incredibly easy to pair with and has more of a “work boot” aesthetic than the typical rain boots we have listed above.

BEST RAIN BOOTS FOR MEN Courtesy of Amazon


13. Sperry Cold Bay Duck Boot


If you live somewhere where a rain/snow boot combo would be more ideal, then these boots from Sperry are a good pick. They’re completely waterproof and have a Vibran Arctic Grip Sole built in that keeps your foot stable on slick surfaces. These boots come in a classic tan/brown color combo and have a leather upper and synthetic rubber lining as well to protect against the elements.

sperry duck boot, rain boots for men, best rain boots for men, men's boots for snow Courtesy of Nordstorm Rack


14. Men’s Chore Tall Muck Boots


You know when you’re just… stuck in the muck? Maybe you’ve got to dig a trench in your backyard during the rainy season or plan on trudging through slick mud throughout the colder months — if you need hardcore boots, these are your boots. The Muck Boot Company is specialized in creating rugged, element-proof boots that are as warm as they are stable. If you’ve got a tough job to do or simply live in a tough environment, you need these boots that you can count on. They’re made with four-way stretch nylon and the stretch-fit along the calf keeps the warmth in and cold out. They’re 100% waterproof and the calf overlays are very easy to clean as well.

men's muck boots, men's rain boots, best rain boots for men Courtesy of The Muck Boot Company


15. Columbia Men’s Ridge Waterproof Hiking Shoes


Don’t let a little weather rain on your parade up and down the trails, invest in a pair of high-quality waterproof hiking shoes instead. These boots from Columbia are top of the line when it comes to keeping you strong, stable and well-supported on your hiking journey despite weather changes. They’ve got a lightweight midsole for comfort and cushioning, and advanced traction for slip-free movement. There’s also a high energy return with these boots so get the most bang for your footstep, so to speak.

Columbia men's waterproof hiking boots Courtesy of Columbia


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