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Take Lounging to the Next Level This Summer With an Outdoor Hammock

When you think of your happy place, what comes to mind? This answer is going to vary for many people, but chances are it’s somewhere you feel comfortable, relaxed and totally at ease. In today’s stressful world it’s become harder and harder to totally disconnect and let your mind float away and wander. Sometimes, we need a little help getting there, which is why it’s crucial to have the right equipment on hand when you want to float away.

A hammock is a perfect place to relax. You’re floating above the ground, slowly swinging from side to side. Hopefully, there’s a breeze blowing as you hang suspended in mid-air. The best outdoor hammocks are also fairly easy to set up and don’t take up too much space. Some of our favorite hammocks require a stand while others just require two sturdy trees. If you’ve got a bit of extra outdoor space, consider gifting yourself and your family the perfect place to unplug, reset and take in the gorgeous weather.

Here are our favorite outdoor hammocks that are easy to set up and available to purchase online.

1. Kootek Outdoor Camping Hammock

This camping hammock from Kootek was made for outdoor adventure, and it’s more than up for the challenge. It’s made of durable 210T parachute nylon fabric material that’s made to resist fraying, tearing and dirt. We found that it’s easy to clean with a quick hose down and dries very quickly. It’s got two straps, each 10 feet long with 18+1 loops at the end that fasten securely with carabiners to two trees. If you’re familiar with carabiners and outdoor equipment, setting up this outdoor hammock should be a breeze. The material and design is built to cause no damage to the trees, and the whole hammock can be folded into a small attached bag for easy transport in your pack.

Pros: Durable material that won’t rip, easy to clean, attaches easily to trees without damage. Folds up to fit in any pack with ease.

Cons: Seams on straps may tear under heavy weight.

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2. Lazy Daze Double Quilted Outdoor Hammock

This super comfortable outdoor hammock from Lazy Daze is quilted with padding and includes a pillow for optimal relaxation (although you might be better off using your own pillow). It’s made of handcrafted polyester ropes that not only add to the design but increase the strength and balance of this outdoor hammock as well. It’s a large hammock with measurements of 78 x 55 inches and can support up to 450 pounds without a problem, which means you can snuggle up with a friend or partner. The spreader bar has a powder-coated and oil rub finish for added durability and polish, and it comes in six different colors. The best hammocks feel like slipping into a warm hug, and Lazy Daze has made the perfect product for relaxing outdoors.

Pros: Very comfortable, strong design, durable materials and a variety of color choices. Can fit two people.

Cons: Large hammock that requires a bigger outdoor space. Quilted fabric can attract dirt or pollen over time. Pillow won’t last as long as the hammock.

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3. Vivere Double Cotton Outdoor Hammock

This outdoor hammock from Vivere is made of breathable, durable cotton and is very easy to assemble. It comes with its own stand so there’s no need to buy another one separately, and it adjusts easily on the hooks so you can choose how low or high you want it to sit. The end strings are made of strong polyester and it includes a carrying bag that’s easy to transport. It’s a very strong hammock that can hold a lot of weight easily without tearing, breaking or snapping.

Pros: Made of durable, breathable cotton, strong polyester straps, easy to assemble.

Cons: Not rustproof.

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4. Wise Owl Outfitters Outdoor Hammock

This hammock from Wise Owl Outfitters is made of lightweight, durable 210T nylon parachute fabric that’s as soft as it is strong and ready to fold. The hammock is about 9 ft long and 4 1/5′ wide but can shrink down to the size of a grapefruit when you need to easily transport it. It includes tree straps and carabiners for a fast and easy setup that doesn’t require any knots and separate loops for adjusting the height. It’s very comfortable and attaches to anything sturdy.

Pros: Very compact, lightweight, made of soft and strong fabric, easy to set up.

Cons: Tree straps are thinner than those attached to other brands.

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5. Best Choice Products 2-Person Outdoor Hammock

This outdoor hammock from Best Choice Products is made for two people out of strong, comfortable fabric that’s soft to the touch and strong enough to accommodate up to 450 pounds. It comes with a tempered steel frame that’s very easy to put up and holds the fabric sling easily in the middle. The vibrant patterns will liven up your outdoor space without sacrificing quality and dependability that the whole family can count on.

Pros: Vibrant patterns, easy to set up, comes with its own frame.

Cons: The ropes that attach the fabric to the frame stretch out after a while.

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