The Best Paddleboards To Take With You On Your Next Lake Trip


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Paddleboarding is becoming one of the fastest-growing sports thanks to one significant improvement in its technology — inflatable boards.

In our list of the best paddleboards on the market right now, we focused on inflatable paddleboards for several reasons. In the past, hard-bodied paddleboards have always been superior to the inflatable options. They provided more support and were easier and safer to use on the water, eliminating the risk of the board sagging in the middle, something that is a common occurrence with early models of inflatable paddleboards. But as paddleboarding has continued to rise in popularity, the quality of inflatable paddleboards has now made them our top pick.

Early versions of inflatable paddleboards were usually four inches thick when inflated, which often caused sagging and weak spots when used by adults. The inflatable paddleboards we have included are all six inches thick and have largely eliminated any risk of weak spots.

Inflatable paddleboards are also typically much more cost-effective than hard-bodied paddleboards and are easier to store during months when they are not being used. Inflatable paddleboards are also great for anyone who wants a board they can travel without having to strap a hard-bodied board to their car or arrange for transportation.

As paddleboarding continues to become a more mainstream activity, creative ventures like yoga paddleboarding and paddleboard fishing are becoming more commonplace. Inflatable paddleboards are actually preferred for yoga, with their softer design more conducive to striking a pose on the water.

Unless you’re planning on surfing with your stand-up paddleboard or you’re getting into competitive racing, inflatable paddleboards are the way to go. Here are some great inflatable options, as well as some hardtop options, that will have you walking on water in no time.


1. Bote Breeze Aero Inflatable Paddle Board

The Bote Breeze includes a three-piece adjustable paddle, a travel bag, a removable center fin, a hand pump, and a repair kit. Those are the tools you need to have a successful paddleboard adventure. Weighing only 22 pounds, this is a transportable board that will change your vacation the second you get to the lake. This board is also excellent on the open water in the ocean, with the finesse of the paddle, you’ll be catching waves in no time. Once inflated, the hull is durable and won’t puncture, which is a great feature for anyone with kids running around. Enjoy your summer adventures with the Bote Breeze Aero paddleboard.

Bote Breeze Aero Inflatable Paddle Board Courtesy of REI


2. ISLE Cruiser SUP

Stylish and functional is how we like to categorize the ISLE Cruiser. Affordable and made from a classic SUP design, this hardtop, rigid board will make your vacations and days out on the water so much more enjoyable. The ISLE has features like molded EPS foam and wooden stringers for strength and rigidity, but a smooth and slick bottom for speed on the water. The Isle kit includes a carbon adjustable paddle, an 8′ leash, and a nylon touring center fin. This board is 10’8 with a weight limit of 235 pounds.

Isle Cruiser Paddleboard Courtesy of Amazon


3. Hala Rado SUP

The Hala Rado paddleboard is an excellent choice for anyone looking to expand their lifestyle into open-water adventures. It has a fin on the bottom to help you steer through whitewater or flat water, which will come in handy for anyone looking for a versatile board. The grip underfoot will have you firmly planted on the board if you catch a wave or descend some rapids. The heavier weight and open rigged capacity are great for having gear onboard or an extra passenger for an extended trip. Traveling downriver for a camping trip? You’ll have plenty of space for gear, food, and anything else you need. But the best features come in the kit: along with a hand pump and a sturdy adventure backpack, there are a carbon paddle and a repair kit, both of which will be useful on any trip. Enjoy your time out on the water with the Hala Rado SUP.

Hala Rado paddleboard Courtesy of Hala Gear


4. Aqua Plus Inflatable SUP

The Aqua Plus board is inflatable, lightweight, and affordable. Take this board out on the water for a relaxing cruise, yoga, or to catch some waves at the beach. There’s nowhere you can’t go with a SUP board, which makes it the best piece of summer equipment. The Aqua Plus board comes with a backpack for travel and storage, a hand pump, a fin, leash, and shoulder strap for easy carries. This is a very rigid board, so it’s a good choice for yoga or extra passengers to float out to the center of the lake. With a one-year warranty, make this your choice for your next SUP board. Enjoy a summer on the water with the Aqua Plus Inflatable SUP.

Aqua Plus Inflatable SUP Courtesy of Amazon


5. ROC Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

The ROC board will make your summer not great, but excellent. It has a streamlined design for optimal aerodynamics through the water, a sleek fin to help you navigate, and a carbon paddle. With its non-slip surface, you’ll be paddleboarding your way to greatness in no time. It comes equipped with a travel backpack, a hand pump, and a leash, so don’t worry about falling off and losing the board, it’ll be securely attached to your ankle. The ROC paddleboard is a great choice for a summer spent outdoors.

ROC Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Courtesy of Amazon


6. Drift Inflatable SUP

Don’t worry, you won’t drift out to sea on this paddleboard, it’ll keep you safe on the inside of the break or out on a smooth, glassy lake. With a non-slip surface to secure your place on the board, feel free to walk around on this one, it’s heavy enough to manage weight in different parts of the board. That’s part of the appeal of paddleboards: they’re so buoyant, you could go anywhere on them for however long you please. The Drift inflatable SUP will carry you toward the best summer ever because it comes with a nice paddle, hand pump, and a leash.

Drift Inflatable SUP Courtesy of Amazon