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Keep Survival Gear Within Reach With These Paracord Bracelets

Survival gear is something you hope you never have to use, but when you do, you’re certainly glad you have it. Even more so, you’re glad it’s high-quality stuff. Paracord bracelets are one of the easiest and most convenient ways to carry your survival gear with you everywhere you go. They’re made of strong, durable paracord which is a rope designed to hold a significant amount of weight and endure rough conditions like rain and snowstorms.

Most paracord bracelets contain survival tools within them like knives, fire starters, and emergency whistles. The paracord is knitted together as a bracelet but designed to quickly unravel when you need it. Sport one on your wrist in case anything pops up or clip it onto your backpack and walk confidently into the outdoors knowing you’ve taken a significant step in preparation.

1. Atomic Bear Paracord Bracelet

The Atomic Bear has created a paracord bracelet than can fit most wrists and holds five survival essentials in one compact package. The bracelet includes a fire starter, high-quality compass, emergency whistle, emergency knife and 12 feet of military-strength paracord. One of your biggest threats out in the wild? The cold. The flint fire starter on your bracelet can start a warming blaze and the paracord can secure a shelter. Protect yourself in the outdoors with this easy to use and wear tool.

Pros: Five tools in one, high-quality paracord, adjustable sizing.

Cons: Some users have had difficulty starting a fire with the included serrated rod.

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2. X-Plore Gear Emergency Paracord Bracelet (2-Pack)

X-Plore Gear’s paracord bracelet two-pack contains two bracelets designed with three survival tools embedded in each along with strong paracord rope. Each bracelet contains a flint fire starter, powerful whistle and a compass for maintaining a sense of direction. Snap it on your wrist for easy access or onto a strap of your backpack and know you’re covered in the event that you need to survive with minimal supplies. Enjoy the great outdoors even more with this peace of mind.

Pros: Compact and efficient toolkit, two bracelets in one pack, very affordable, multiple color options.

Cons: Not safe for children.

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3. The Friendly Swede Trilobite 550lb Paracord Survival Bracelet

The Friendly Swede’s paracord bracelet design is strong and looks sleek with strong 550lb paracord and a stainless steel bow shackle. The bracelet is extra thick, 1.2 inches broad and trilobite braided. Needless to stay, it’s very strong and when disassembled contains 13.1 feet of paracord. It comes in three different adjustable sizes that can fit a variety of wrists. The paracord is made from polyester that’s extra strong and performs just as well when wet.

Pros: Extra strong, durable, long-lasting paracord that’s heavy duty and performs well when wet.

Cons: Not as many survival features as other options.

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