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The Best Parasols to Make Any Day More Dapper

A large umbrella is a sunny day essential. However, a colorful golf umbrella can cramp your style when you’re dressed to impressed. When wearing formal attire, or simply your Sunday best, consider swapping your old nylon umbrella for a parasol.

Parasols are an accessory from the pages of classic novels. And while they might seem frivolous, these products are actually quite functional. The wide brim can keep the sun off of your face and shoulders as you spend time outside. And while most parasols are best left dry, some will work in the rain as well.

So, when should you buy a parasol? These decorative umbrellas can put the finishing touch on a costume. Parasols can also be a beautiful wedding day accessory. And of course, you might just want to have one on hand for formal occasions in general.

If you’re ready to look snazzier than ever, here are some of the best parasols available right now.

1. AEAOA Lace Parasol Umbrella

This lace umbrella makes the perfect addition to any formal occasion. Perfectly symmetrical lace looks both elegant and delicate. The product is 30 inches across when open and 26 inches long when fully closed. You can choose from 10 bright colors when purchasing to match your outfit or event theme. Keep in mind that this can provide some shade, but you shouldn’t use it in the rain. Overall, it’s better for decoration then function.

Pros: Material and handle are durable. Beautiful lace pattern.

Cons: Colors bleed if you get it wet. On the smaller side.

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2. Honeystore Vintage Sun Parasol

Take a step into the past with this decorative parasol. Available in over 40 patterns and colors, this product can protect you from both sun and rain. The parasol offers UV protection, and the diameter is 34.5 inches when open. With a loop string a the end of the crystal handle, this parasol is easy to hang up for storage. However, you’ll receive a matching storage bag with your order as well.

Pros: Sparkles in the sun. Provides UV protection.

Cons: Can be tricky to open. Might flip inside out in high winds.

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3. VIVI Sky Umbrella Parasol

Rain on your wedding day? This elegant parasol can protect you from downpours and harsh sun. With UV protection and a peaked pagoda shape, this umbrella is functional and easy to hold. The diameter measures 35 inches when fully extended, so two people can comfortably fit under it. You can choose from ivory, black, pink and purple when purchasing.

Pros: Great for pictures at rainy weddings. Simple enough to use on casual days as well.

Cons: Metal might rust. Might not hold up in high winds.

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4. JapanBargain Parasol Umbrella

If you’re looking for a simple parasol for a child, this is a great option. The umbrella canopy is made of sturdy nylon, and the wood handle is comfortable to hold. You can buy this product in a multipack, which is useful if you’re hosting a kids’ party. Keep in mind that the diameter is just 22 inches, so this won’t be large enough for an adult to use. You can choose from nine colors when purchasing.

Pros: Perfect size for kids. Colors are bright.

Cons: Handle might be flimsy. May have a strong odor at first.

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5. Darice Lace Embroidered Parsol

If you’re prioritizing form over function, this is the right parasol for you. The lacy fabric will look beautiful in pictures or as a prop for a costume. You can also hang it on your wall or use it as part of a costume. The product has a 32-inch diameter when opened. Just keep in mind that the lace won’t provide much sun protection.

Pros: Perfect for costumes. Delicate lace design.

Cons: Might not hold up to regular use. Smaller than some other parasols.

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