These Pet Strollers Will Make Your Fur Baby Feel Like Royalty

Pet stroller with dog
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As if your dog or cat isn’t spoiled enough (because let’s face it, who doesn’t love spoiling their little fur bebe), pet strollers bring the luxury to a whole other level of animal pampering. And as much as we may joke about pet strollers, they’re actually very practical. If you live in an area where it isn’t exactly acceptable or safe to walk your pet on a leash, a pet stroller is a great solution that still allows for them to enjoy some fresh air.

Pet strollers are also great for older pets, pets with anxiety, and pets with injuries. But you can’t just grab any random pet stroller for your dog or cat. You need to find the right one. And there are tons of great options out there depending on your needs. Below, we’ve pulled together a selection of the best pet strollers that range from:

  • Pet strollers for small animals
  • Pet strollers for medium animals
  • Pet strollers for large animals
  • Pet strollers for multiple animals
  • Stylish pet strollers
  • Versatile pet strollers
  • And more!

So go ahead and get your pet a special treat by spoiling them with one of the best pet strollers around. They may not be able to say “thank you,” but a lick on the cheek will do more than make up for it.


1. HPZ-PR America Pet Rover Stroller


Your fur baby deserves nothing but the best, right? That’s why the HPZ-PR Pet Rover Stroller is worth a look. The extra-roomy stroller is great for dogs up to 75 pounds. It’s crafted from weather-resistant material and even features a washable pad on the inside, which might come in handy if your pet is accident-prone. The front wheels feature a 360-degree swivel, so maneuvering this bad boy through rough terrain is no problem. The rear, no-zip door allows for easy entry onto the carrier, and a front expansion can provide five inches of extra space.

Heavy duty pet stroller with dog Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Pet Gear No-Zip Pet Stroller


One of the best features about this stroller from Pet Gear is that it boasts a no-zip closure, so you won’t accidentally snag your fur baby. Instead, the stroller features a secure latch closure that allows for quick and easy access. It’s available in four different colors, including white, red, blue and green. Plus, the three-wheel stroller comes with a cupholder and storage basket down below for all the human essentials.

Pet Strollers No-Zip Stroller Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Pet Gear No-Zip Excursion Stroller


If you’ve got a dog between 50-100 pounds, this is the perfect sized stroller for them. It’s available in blue, white, pink, dark platinum and red, and features four stabilizing wheels, which will help a lot when it comes to maneuvering the stroller. But what is sure to be your dog’s favorite feature is the roll-top sunroof that provides just enough space for them to stick their head out and feel the fresh air.

pet stroller excursion Image courtesy of Amazon


4. ibiyaya Large Pet Stroller


Looking for a stroller that will fit a dog that’s 100 pounds or more? Meet the ibiyaya Large Pet Stroller. Whether you’ve got a hefty best bud or just want something that’ll give your smaller dog a bit more room to chill, this stroller is a solid option. It folds flat for easy transport, plus it’s got a velcro pouch in the back to store those dog park essentials. The stroller boasts a few different openings to allow for plenty of airflow, and the handle is adjustable to properly fit your needs.

large pet stroller Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Karmas Product Pet Stroller for Two


If you’ve got double the trouble and sharing a single carrier is out of the question for your little ones, then this is the perfect solution. This pet stroller for two boasts two roomy carriers that each has large mesh windows to allow for plenty of airflow. The carriers are situated atop four large wheels, 360-degree swivel wheels on the front and locking wheels in the back, which makes it easier to push the stroller along.

pet stroller for two Image courtesy of Amazon


6. ibiyaya 5-in-1 Pet Carrier


If you and your little fur baby are constantly on the go, then this is the best pet stroller for you. The five-in-one carrier can act as a car carrier, a pet backpack, a carrier on wheels, and a pet stroller, but you can also use it as a carrier on its own. The stroller attachment features a 360-front wheel, which makes it super easy to steer. Plus, it comes with a snack tray and cupholder in case the humans want a treat of their own.

5-in-1 pet carrier Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Pet Gear View 360 Pet Stroller Travel System


Sophisticated might not be the first word you think of when it comes to describing pet strollers, but it’s perfectly suitable here. Just as the name suggests, the carrier boasts 360 views, so your furry family member will have full-coverage views. The mesh-lined crate is available in several colors and is perfect for small dogs or cats. And transport is a total breeze because the stroller set also comes with a secure booster seat car mount, so the carrier can go directly from car to stroller with ease.

pet carrier with dog Image courtesy of Amazon


8. ibiyaya Heavy Duty Pet Stroller


green canvas dog stroller with dog Image courtesy of Amazon

9. ibiyaya Double Pet Stoller


Dog and cat together at last? Well, sorta. This carrier by ibiyaya is the best pet stroller if you’re looking to wheel around family members from both four-legged species. The double-decker stroller has two compartments: a larger one on the bottom for a small to medium-sized pup and a smaller one up top for a cat. Only have one pet? That’s okay. Allow them to relax in the lower deck while you use the top deck as a grocery basket.

Pet stroller with dog and cat Image courtesy of Amazon


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