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No Pool Party Is Complete Without These Favorite Pool Toys

Whether you have your own pool in your backyard, share one with the other members of your community, love to visit public pools, or are heading to a pool party this week, having pool toys can turn a good day at the pool into an awesome day.

Pool toys are a great resource to use when learning to swim. On our list of our favorite pool toys we included the Prextex 24 Piece Diving Toy Set, which helps new swimmers learn how to dive to the bottom of the pool, swim from one side to the other in order to grab a floating toy before it hits the pool floor, and look through their goggles while swimming, using the brightly colored toys as an object to follow. With so many toys in one set, kids and adults can enjoy making up new games and keeping score of how many toys are retrieved, with the long list of possible activities helping new swimmers to work on their skills and seasoned pros find fun ways of staying fit in the pool.

Speaking of staying fit, we’ve also included the Watermelon Ball Pool Toy on our list. A toy and workout accessory in one, the Watermelon Ball Pool Toy can be used to turn just about any sport that involves a ball into a pool game. Water rugby? Check. Water basketball? You bet. Water soccer? Time to pick teams and start kicking. The balls’ buoyancy and weight makes it great for playing games in a group, or for working out solo in a pool.

Spending an afternoon in the pool is all about having fun, which is why we also wanted to shine the spotlight on a pool toy that is precisely that – fun! The Aqua Stingray Underwater Glider can glide, spin, spiral, and more by merely adjusting its fins. Even better? The Stingray is self-propelled, which means no expensive batteries to replace.

Check out our top pics for pool toys and get ready to have some fun in the sun.

1. Watermelon Ball Pool Toy

Get fit while throwing, dribbling, kicking or bouncing the Watermelon Ball Pool Toy.

Pros: The Watermelon Ball Pool Toy is a toy and workout accessory in one. Made from PVC, the Watermelon can be filled with water using the included hose adapter and when filled correctly will float to the surface. The ball’s natural buoyancy means it can be kicked, dribbled, or thrown while 10 feet underwater, making it an excellent toy for using for a pool workout or at a party when playing a game in a group. Once inflated, the diameter of the ball is approximately 8”.

Cons: Customers note that the ball should only be thrown while in the water as it’s cumbersome and can injure a person or go through a screen.

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2. Aqua Stingray Underwater Glider

The self-propelled Aqua Stingray Underwater Glider doesn’t require any batteries and can travel over 60 feet in the water.

Pros: Kids and adults love playing with the Aqua Stingray Underwater Glider, a self-propelled glider that can travel 60 feet at once. Simply adjust the fins on the glider and let it go, with the Stingray zipping through the water. The glider can glide, spiral, act as a boomerang and more. Measuring 8” in length and 10.75” in wing-width, the glider is an excellent size for any pool. Customers note that the glider can even be used in a lake since it always returns to the surface after gliding.

Cons: Some customers found that the Stingray faded when left in the sun.

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3. Prextex 24 Piece Diving Toy Set

The Prextex 24 Piece Diving Toy Set provides hours of fun with a brightly colored collection of sinking toys that can be used at the pool, the beach, or in the tub.

Pros: The Prextex features four units of six different pool toys, with all 24 toys featuring brightly colored designs that swimmers of all ages will love. The toys slowly sink to the bottom of the pool, with the rough edge design of the toys making for a comfortable grip to grab onto when swimming and diving.

Cons: Some customers found that the ‘squid’ toys broke apart quickly.

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