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This Portable Espresso Maker is a Must-Have For Your Outdoor Adventures

Imagine drinking a fresh, hot cup of espresso as you watch the sun rise over your favorite hiking spot. What was once limited to your home kitchen or fancy coffee shop can now be achieved with Wacaco’s Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker, which lets you brew hot espresso on the go – no wires or fancy machines necessary.

This sleek little gadget is the ideal companion to the outdoor adventurer and avid coffee drinker, and its compact and lightweight design fits easily into any backpack or bag.  Plus, this mini brewer is ultra-easy to use: just add ground coffee (we’ve got a few favorites here) and hot water and you’re ready to brew.

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What’s great about this portable espresso maker is that it only takes a few short, simple steps to get you that much needed caffeine boost. After filling the filter basket with coffee grounds and the tank with hot water, you are able to manually pump the hot espresso into the included cup. This new model take 15% less force to pump while being able to reach up to 18 bars of stable pressure, which is better than many home espresso machines.

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Plus, the water tank and heat-safe design make this espresso maker super convenient to use. While the Nanopresso’s body is small, the water tank can as hold as much as 80 ml of water, and the “heatsink pattern” is designed to absorb the heat of the hot water to protect your hands while pumping and enjoying your fresh espresso. What’s more, all essential accessories are included with the Nanopresso so it is ready to grab and go. On top of featuring an attached cup, it also provides its own filter basket, scoop and brush so that you don’t have to.

Gone are the days when you had to brew your espresso at home and hope that thermos of coffee would get you through the day. With this portable espresso maker, you can enjoy multiple cups of fresh espresso while you’re out and about, even when there isn’t a kitchen or cafe in sight. Your camping and hiking adventures don’t have to prevent you from enjoying gourmet coffee on the go any longer.

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