Stay Clean, Even While Camping, With These Affordable and Convenient Shower Tents

best portable shower tents
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One of the biggest problems for campers is finding a place to bathe. Whether you’re a casual beginner enjoying a weekend in nature or a seasoned pro, you probably miss having a private shower when you’re out in the woods. Luckily, there’s a solution: shower tents.

Shower tents (a.k.a. privacy shelters) give you a place to peacefully enjoy a shower in the wilderness. They eliminate the need to wear a bathing suit or worry about getting naked around strangers, making it much easier to stay clean while camping. Plus, shower tents usually offer handy features like a hook to hang your shower bag and a rack for your towel.

These clever tents come in with few variations. Most are just a one-room tent, but other high-end models boast a second room for changing. You’ll also want to note the material (some are fire retardant) as well as the tent’s wind resistance.

Below are some of the best shower tents you can order right now for your next outdoor adventure.

1. Green Elephant Pop Up Utilitent


If you’re looking for a well-made, no-frills shower tent, look no further than this one from Green Elephant. It comes highly recommended by users with 4.6/5 stars and over 400 reviews thanks to an easy setup and a height of 6’10”. What’s more, it includes sandbags to hold the structure down in case of strong winds. For any other tent in this affordable price range, it’s tough to find features as nice as these. Plus, it folds up into a convenient carry bag that can be stashed in your car or truck.

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2. GigaTent Privacy Tent


Although shower tents can go for well over $100, you don’t have to shell out that much to stay clean in the wild. We found this pop-up tent that clocks in at a very budget-friendly $20, and unlike some cheaper options, this one actually works well, too. Reviewers say it’s very lightweight and easy to assemble, while the steel frame offers durable support. However, you may want to upgrade if you plan on camping in a windy area: this tent might not survive high winds.

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3. Texsport Outdoor Camping Shower


Most shower tents don’t come with a camping shower, which is why we love this tent from Texsport. It includes a 5-gallon camp shower that’s built tough, according to users. This durability is key for a camp shower, as some can get easily punctured and ruined. Besides the shower, the tent itself delivers with a large 4’6” x 4’6” floorspace (so you can actually move your arms) and durable, rust-resistant steel poles.

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4. G4Free Shower Tent


Shower tents can vary in terms of ruggedness, with some utilizing tougher materials, better floors and more sturdy setups. For a single-room privacy tent, this shelter from G4Free is one of the best. It comes with an abrasion-proof PE floor that will keep your feet clean and comfy while you shower, a removable rainfly and a tough metal frame to support your shower bag.

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5. KingCamp Oversize Shower Tent


If you’re tall — or you just like room to breathe during your showers — go for this tent from KingCamp. It boasts a 66″ × 66″ × 85″ design, making it spacious enough for 2 people to shower comfortably (or one person to shower very comfortably). Inside you’ll also find some handy features including a strap to hang your towel and pockets for hygiene products.

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6. WolfWise Pop Up Privacy Tent


This clever WolfWise tent offers two identical tents that can be used as one large room, two adjoining rooms or two separate structures. This makes it ideal for large groups that might require two shower tents or adds some luxury in the form of a changing room. Users say it’s very comfortable and easy to set up — no matter what configuration you desire.

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7. KingCamp 2-Room Shower Tent


Want the best of the best? Go for this plush two-room shower tent from KingCamp. It features a room for showering and a separate room for changing or going to the bathroom, plus ample pockets for products, clothes and accessories. Even though the tent is quite large, the whole thing breaks down into manageable pieces for traveling. Overall, this is going to be the most comfortable option, and if you’re willing to spend a little more, it’s worth it.

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