Portable Showers for Your Next Camping Adventure

portable camping shower
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Since hiking + summer equals being hot and sweaty, bringing a portable shower on your camping trip isn’t a bad idea, especially if there isn’t a lake or river around for a quick dip. The best portable showers have a bag big enough to contain a few gallons of water and come with a showerhead. Be sure to add the water to the bag before you leave though so you don’t waste any drinking water if there is none at the campsite. Fortunately, most campsites have spigots so you should be able to refill it when you need to. Other features of a good camping shower are long hoses, filters to keep mud out (if you have a suction head instead of a bag that draws water from a river or a bucket), and, for those of us fancy enough, a heater.


1. Risepro Solar Shower Bag

With a 5 gallon bag and the capacity for 113-degree water if left in the sun for 3 hours, Risepro is a great option for those seeking a long, hot shower while outdoors. The bag has a handle so you can hang it from a low branch or have someone hold it. Special features include a temperature gauge and an on/ off button which is more important than it sounds. Conserving the water flow when you only have so much to use is the best detail from Risepro.

Risepro Summer camping Shower Courtesy of Amazon


2. VIGLT Portable Shower Bag

This shower has pockets for your soaps and shampoos which will be useful when packing so everything stays together. This bag can hold up to 5 gallons of water and has an easy to use nozzle with an on/off button. There is a handle that clips on and off for easy access and is made of a durable, double strength material to prevent tearing or leakage.

VIGLT Portable shower bag Courtesy of Amazon


3. Advanced Elements Summer Solar Shower

The Advanced Elements shower has a 2.5, 3 or 5-gallon bag option and heats water naturally using the sun. It has a temperature gauge and an extra-large filling valve for easy access. Covered by a one year warranty, these are the best camping showers for those going on hardier, wilder adventures.

Advanced Elements shower Courtesy of Advanced Elements


4. Coleman 5 Gallon Solar Shower

Heated by the sun, the Coleman solar shower has a 5 gallon water capacity, enough for multiple showers or to be used as emergency hot water. the bag is lightweight when empty and easily folds up for a backpacking adventure. The handle is a bit small so this one is best used as a handheld shower and not hung from a tree.

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5. NEMO Helio LX Pressure Shower

A generous 5.8-gallon bag will give you a refreshing ten-minute shower, a luxury unknown in the camping world. This REI shower has a 7-foot hose for attachment that will give you a thorough shower from any angle. Also good to use on pets, wetsuits, or anything else that needs to be cleaned while camping.

NEMO portable shower Courtesy of Nemo Equiptment


6. Ivation Portable Outdoor Shower

Battery-powered and drawing water from a bucket, this is the simplest option on our list. With no heavy bag of water to hang from a tree or hold above your head, this shower nozzle draws water from a lake, river, or bucket full of water to then clean you or your pets. The suction end of the nozzle lies in the water and there is even a suction cup attached to the showerhead for hands-free scrubbing. The battery can be hooked up to a car adapter or laptop but the manufacturer states that it may come with a wall plug OR a USB.

Ivation shower Courtesy of Amazon


7. Dr. Prepare Camping Shower

A 4-gallon stream will give you a refreshing shower in the outdoors whether you’re camping or hosing off at the beach before a long drive home. With a handheld nozzle that allows you to control the water pressure, this shower is great for those seeking more water and less holding onto a bag. Made from a waterproof material, the bag will keep everything sealed tight to prevent leakage. This is an excellent option for those seeking a more sophisticated nozzle.

Dr PRepare outdoor shower Courtesy of Amazon


8. Allnice Solar Shower Bag

Made from a durable material, this bag contains 5 gallons of water for the ultimate outdoor showering experience. If left in the sun for up to 3 hours, the water will heat to a comfortable temperature suitable for washing hair or children who hate the cold. A nice feature is a rope and hook which will make it easier to hang from a branch or other high object for a better showering experience.

Allnice solar camping shower Courtesy of Amazon


9. Texsport Instant Portable Outdoor Camping Shower with Privacy Room

Who wouldn’t add a changing room to their shower if they could? The Texsport shower hangs inside a small tent meant for your privacy and ultimate showering needs. No hassle to hang from a tree or hold above your head, this tent is equipped to handle the weight of a 5-gallon bag and holds up to two people inside. The tent has stakes and it’s own carrying bag and even includes a bar to hang your towel from. How fancy is that?

Texsport portable shower Courtesy of Amazon


10. Outdoor Solar Powered Shower

A mounted stand that has a fairly nice shower head attached, this outdoor shower only works well if you can attach a hose. If your campsite has one, then hook this up for the ultimate outdoor showering experience. About seven feet tall, the stand is a heavy duty metal that stands on a mount and needs a flat surface. Not ideal for rough camping or backpacking.

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