Don’t Let Nature Stop Your Workout With These 8 Running Jackets

Best Running Jackets
Courtesy of On Running
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Not only is outdoor running a great way to get in some exercise, but it also provides a far more picturesque scene than just toling way indoors on a treadmill. The fresh air and scenic views are some of the best things about being outdoors and pushing yourself to go just a little faster up that hill. However, being outdoors often depends upon the conditions being compatible — and depending on where you live, that can get a little dicey.

Fortunately, there’s a solution. A good running jacket is like a set of armor, shielding you from nature’s worst. Running jackets not only add a bit of warmth (great for transitional seasons) but typically provide some level of wind and water protection to make it so you can still get out there and get your miles in. As technology has evolved, these jackets have also gotten lighter and more breathable, so they won’t feel like you’re running around in a trash bag. Below, we’ve rounded up eight of our favorites.

1. On Running Weather Running Jacket


On Running continues to be the gold standard when it comes to any kind of running gear — and that’s undoubtedly the cast with their Weather Jacket. Each and every element of its design has been carefully considered to help runners maximize their runs, no matter the weather: the hood is a cap-design that won’t slide around (even in the rain), the jacket folds into itself for easy and breezy portability and the pockets are big enough for you to store your essentials in while out and about. Furthermore, the construction is durable enough to keep up with the most intense of runs; the technical Japanese fabrics offer top-tier ventilation and breathability, while the stretch-polyamide allows for extra protection. In short, you won’t want to take a step outside without it.

On Running Weather Jacket Courtesy of On Running


2. Under Armour Storm Running Jacket


For those looking to try a running jacket without having to spend a lot of money will want to check out Under Armour’s Storm running jacket. Made with the brand’s storm technology, the jacket will actively repel water without forgoing breathability. While the Storm is lightweight, the four-way stretch construction is durable while allowing for full freedom of movement throughout your run. And for those who like to keep their phone nearby (whether for safety reasons or to have some tunes running) an enclosed right-side pocket offers dedicated storage for your device.

Under Armour Storm Running Jacket Courtesy of Amazon

3. Satisfy Running Packable Shell Running Jacket


Much like a high-end car, Satisfy Running sits at the intersection of luxury and execution. The French label designs and creates all of its gear with customized, in-house fabrics to provide a superior feel and performance — and that’s the case with their take on a running jacket. Made from a specialized blend of polyamide and elastane, the jacket is durable and tough with plenty of additional features to fight back against the weather, including a drawstring hem, chin guard, and an adjustable hoodie. However, the wrist loops that hang down are our favorite detail, giving the jacket a bit of a tactile feel that will also keep the sleeves from riding up. It’s a decidedly sleek package that’s boats serious character.

Satisfy Running Packable Shell Running Jacket Courtesy of Mr. Porter


4. lululemon Fast and Free Running Jacket


Lululemon is now synonymous with excellent athletic gear thanks to their high-quality products. So if you’re looking to upgrade an existing running jacket or just want to immediately jump in with a really quality product, look no further than their Fast and Free running jacket. The Fast and Free gives you plenty of room to move and run around in it, thanks to its stretchable and breathable fabrics and mesh. Despite being a city-appropriate jet black, there’s also plenty of reflective detailing to keep you visible while running at night. We also like the combination of materials that give this a really sleek textured look that will look just as good on a run as it would on a weekend coffee dash.

lululemon fast and free running jacket Courtesy of lululemon


5. Adidas Supernova Tokyo Running Jacket


Those looking to stand out on their run (whether for safety reasons or just to look cool) should check out this running jacket from Adidas. Perhaps in reference to its vibrant hue, the Supernova running jacket is cut from the same cloth as many of these other jackets: a soft yet durable, water-resistant outer provides solid protection when running in the elements. And with plenty of good portability (it folds into its own pocket for handy storage), it’ll be easy to pack and keep on your person should things take a turn.

adidas Supernova Tokyo Running Jacket Courtesy of Amazon

6. Salomon Fast Wing Running Jacket


If you’re not worried about rain protection on your run, but are focused on warmth instead, this running jacket from Salomon is a highly breathable fleece that will actively regulate your body temperatures to keep you from overheating once you get going in the cold. However, if that’s not enough, the half zip will allow you to drop the top for some added airflow. The chest pocket isn’t quite big enough for most modern smartphones, but your keys (or other small items) should slide in quite nicely.

Salomon Fast Wing Running Jacket Courtesy of REI


7. Nike Windrunner Running Jacket


Nike has long straddled the line between function and fashion, so this Windrunner jacket fittingly falls directly between both. With a dynamic color scheme nestled in between a striking chevron pattern, it’ll be a jacket that you’ll wear out at night just as much as you wear it to run. However, just because its fashionable doesn’t mean it lacks on the technical details: A water-repellent finish will keep you dry, the mesh back vent adds breathability and the light nylon won’t make you overheat.

Nike Windrunner Running Jacket Courtesy of REI


8. Patagonia Houdini Air Running Jacket


Just because it starts to get colder doesn’t mean you can’t get out and get in a good run. It does make it harder to get motivated to do so, though. However, Patagonia’s Houdini Air running jacket at least makes that a little bit more tolerable of a proposition. The lightweight nylon and polyester blend will provide a nice level of warmth that’s easy to lay over layers, while other features like a hood and water-repellent nylon makes it so you’re ready for whatever else nature has in store for you that day.

Patagonia Houdini Air Running Jacket Courtesy of REI


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