Kick Scooters are a Surprisingly Versatile Last-Mile Commuter Option

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Whether you’re a kid or a kid at heart, a kick scooter is one of the most fun ways to get around. Sure, they’re not exactly the most practical for, say, a crosstown morning commute, but a kick scooter is a quick and fun way to get from point A to a-relatively-nearby-point-B, without the fuss of a bicycle or the skill of a skateboard. Bikes are great for mid-range trips, but scooters are a better option for short trips that are long for a walk but too short for a drive or bike ride. The handlebars make them very nimble, so they’re easy to steer, but the compact size and folding frame make the average scooter easy to take on the go. And if you’re trying to encourage your kids to get some exercise outside, a scooter can be a fun way to do that.

Razor introduced its first scooter in 2000, and they still remain the definitive brand for scooters. But there’s a surprising amount of variety in the world of scooters in 2020. In fact, there are a bunch of different models at a range of prices from Razor alone. The classic is the Razor A kick scooter, which has the small, hard wheels and a lightweight aluminum frame. But there are options with larger wheels and heavier builds that make them more able to absorb uneven ground. These are more comfortable for adult riders. Also, consider three-wheeled scooters. These are designed for younger children who are still learning to balance. Also consider electric-assist scooters, which allow you to kick while still giving you a boost up hills.

We’ve rounded up some of the best kick scooters online, from brands like Cityglide, Mongoose and, yes, Razor. These are the ones to get.


1. Razor A Kick Scooter


Inexpensive, durable and lightweight, the Razor A kick scooter is synonymous with kick scooters for a reason. It weighs less than 5 pounds but is designed to support riders up to 143 pounds, and the extendable handlebar makes it a great option for growing children. The handlebars also fold down so you can easily carry it with you. It comes in a range of different colors as well.

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2. CITYGLIDE C200 Kick Scooter


CITYGLIDE rolls in the house that Razor built, but the upstart brand has made some substantial improvements that make it better suited to older riders. The large 8″ wheels, 17″ handles and 23″ deck make it more comfortable for teenage and adult riders. In fact, it can accommodate riders up to 220 pounds. The ABEC-7 bearings allow the scooter to roll smoothly, and the handle raises and folds for easy transport.

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3. Razor A5 LUX Kick Scooter


If you’ve outgrown the classic Razor scooter but you still want to ride, consider the A5. It has a larger deck, wider handlebars, and large 200mm wheels, allowing it to better accommodate teenage and adult riders, up to 220 pounds. The handlebars can be adjusted up and down, and the frame can fold in half to easily take on the go.

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4. Yvolution Y Fliker Lift


This scooter from Yvolution has a unique Y-shape, with two wheels in the rear and one in the front. This style of scooter is often called a drifting, carving or wiggle scooter. These names allude to the way they move. Side to side motion pushes the scooter forward, rather than the traditional forward and back kick motion. In fact, this unique option from Yvolution isn’t even a three-wheeled scooter, but a five-wheeled one. Two small wheels support the main rear wheels, making it easier to do wheelies.

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5. Mongoose Expo Youth Scooter


Most scooters have hard polyurethane wheels that can make for bumpy rides on rough terrain, but this scooter from Mongoose has 12-inch inflated wheels, so it can handle rougher terrain more easily than the average scooter. It also uses hand brakes, rather than a foot brake, making it easier to quickly come to a stop. The scooter takes clear design inspiration from BMX bikes, including the longhorn-shaped handlebars and the rear pegs.

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6. KicksyWheels Scooters for Kids


This scooter from KicksyWheels has two wheels in the front and one in the rear, and it’s designed to be more stable for younger riders. It also has a wider deck that’s easier to stand on. Plus, the wheels light up, making for a more exciting ride for kids while adding visibility. The handlebars can also be raised or lowered, so it’ll suit riders of different ages and heights.

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7. Segway Ninebot MAX Electric Kick Scooter


If you live in a big city, there’s a decent chance that you’ve seen electric rideshare scooters around. They’re a great way to get around, but you can never guarantee that there’ll be one nearby when you need it. That’s why it can be worth getting your own. This option is from Segway, best known for the unique self-balancing scooters of the same name. This scooter can reach speeds of up to 18 MPH, and it has a frame that’s easy to fold in half for transport or storage.

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