Daily Deal: Never Get a Flat Tire Again With These $4 Self-Healing Tubes

Best Self-Healing Tube: Slime Bike Tube
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* Prevent flat tires with these special tubes
* Filled with Slime that protects and seals
* On clearance at Woot right now for just $3.58

Getting a flat tire on your bike can ruin a whole day, especially if it happens during a morning commute or an evening mountain ride. Now, you can cruise carefree with these puncture-resistant Slime tubes.

The best-selling Slime tubes typically sell for $8 to $12 at big retailers like REI, but Woot has the tubes on clearance for just $3.58. That’s serious savings, but it also brings the price down lower than most regular, puncture-prone bike tubes.

Best Self-Healing Tube Slime

With robots exploring Mars and devices that connect every person on Earth, it seems silly that we still get flat tires on our bikes. These self-healing tubes from Slime offer a solution. They’re filled with a special slime sealant that protects against punctures, and also seals any holes instantly. This means even if you get a bad puncture, you’ll still be able to make it to your destination. No more changing a tire as it gets dark on the mountain.

With almost 400 reviews and 4 stars, these tubes have been proven by users. However most reviewers offer one tip: replace both tires with slime tubes, as they’re slightly heavier than regular tire tubes.