The Best Ski & Snowboard Locks for the 2021 Season

best ski and snowboard locks
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Ready to hit the slopes? As with everything else in our lives, planning a day trip or a weekend away to the slopes is more complicated these days, as you have to check with the COVID protocols at your destination so you can plan accordingly. Since outdoor activities are generally safer in the COVID era, many people are eagerly planning their next skiing or snowboarding adventure. However, there’s one piece of gear that often gets overlooked — ski and snowboard locks.

After a great day on the mountain, you may need to leave your beloved snowboard unattended while you grab food inside. This is when the best ski locks and snowboard locks come in handy. Instead of trying to be sneaky by separating your skis or placing your board in a hiding spot, take the pressure off with a lock. That way you can put your heavy boots up and relax while you enjoy a quick coffee or sandwich.

So what makes the best type of lock? Most ski locks have a thin cable that threads through your bindings to tie them together. These ski locks function similar to bike locks, and most can be secured with a key. However, just like securing a bicycle, you’ll need to make sure your gear is secured to a rack or structure; otherwise, the thief can simply pick up your skis and walk away with them, breaking the lock back home at their leisure. Many ski resorts use the Ski Key, which is designed to secure your gear to a secure rack.

When trying to secure your ski or snowboard, there are plenty of great options to choose from. So grab your gear, the best snowboard locks and hit the slopes with peace of mind, because these locks are light and fit easily into a coat pocket.


1. Ski Key Lock

The Ski Key is extremely popular and used at most resorts in the United States and Canada. The key works with any specific rack made for the key. Simply slide your skis or board into the space between the rack and place the prong on the lock and then place a pin to attach. Once the lock is secure, be sure not to lose your key! This is a simple and efficient way to lock your skis or snowboard gear at the base of the mountain.

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2. Dakine Micro Lock

We all know and trust Dakine as an outdoors brand and their lock is no different. A small, stylish lock that will fit easily into your jacket pocket, it features a code style lock with a retractable cord with enough length to wrap around your bindings. A great deal and useful in multiple scenarios, this is a good lock to keep on hand or in the car for emergencies.

Dakine Micro Lock Courtesy of Amazon


3. Burton Cable Lock

The world-class snow and ski company also makes one of the best cable-style snowboard locks, and you know it has to be good. A smaller three number combo lock with a 76 cm cord, the Burton Cable Lock will keep your precious gear secure in the open. Flashy colors and plenty of cable means you’ll have an excellent lock on your hands, plus it comes with a one year warranty.

burton snowboard lock Courtesy of Burton


4. Bosvision Ski Lock

A small, compact cable lock that looks great and fits easily into a jacket pocket. With a thicker cable than most locks, the Bosivison ski lock has a 4-digit combo code so you don’t need to worry about a key. Shred the slopes and then sit back and relax without worrying about your gear.

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5. FJM Security Lock with Alarm

This small cable lock has a 4 digit code to unlock it and comes with an alarm as an extra security feature. Tired of worrying about your skis or snowboard while you’re hanging out and trying to relax? A lock with an alarm is an added layer of protection to put anxious minds at ease. With a 24 inch, stainless steel cable, your skis or board will be as protected as can be.

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6. NorthCore Viper Snow Lock

Another reputable ski and snowboard company, NorthCore has a superb lock made just for extreme conditions. Another cord style lock, the Viper Snow Lock has a code and a durable wire cord that wraps through your bindings and easily wraps around the rack or anything else you’re trying to lock your items to. Check this lock out for a reasonable price point and for its durability in rugged adventures.

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7. Hiplok Z Lock

The lightest lock we have on our list isn’t the surest, but it’ll detract would-be thieves just because it’s a hassle. This small ratchet style lock threads through itself and works with a small key. Made from nylon and a steel frame for the key, this is a durable little lock that deserves more credit. A great way to ward off anyone checking out your sweet new gear while you sip a cup of joe nearby.

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8. Safeman Cable Lock

If you’re worried about needing to lock more poles or skis with just one lock, the Safeman is an excellent option. It has two loops for a variety of locking arrangements and functions with a small key. A great option if you want to lock your board to your friend’s skis or poles and just need more variety in a lock than one loop through option.

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9. Forty-Five Snowjam Ski and Snowboard Lock

If you’re looking for a sturdy lock that packs a punch, this is the lock for you. Small and compact but durable, this heavy duty cable is two feet in length and can wrap around an ample amount of gear or onto any rack you need it to. An excellent choice for anyone looking for more length.

 Forty-Five Snowjam Ski and Snowboard Lock Courtesy of Amazon


10. Lewis N. Clark Cable Ski Lock

Want to secure your bag? Then try this 30-inch cable cord lock with a 3 digit combo code. It comes in multiple colors for easy identification, so you won’t regret purchasing the Lewis N. Clark Cable Lock to protect your skis, snowboard or bags. Durable and ready for adventure, just like the name suggests, you can take this lock anywhere.

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