Load, Pull Back and Release the Best Slingshots for Hunting and Summertime Fun

best slingshots
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Summer 2021 is the perfect time to emerge into the world and embark on a little danger. Obviously, we want you, Spy Reader, to do so responsibly and have a little risky fun at the same time. We’ve all been cooped up for so long, and whether it’s through skydiving, bungee jumping, having an all-out Nerf gun war or an epic water balloon fight — it’s time to have some dirty fun in some beautiful weather. Today, we’re talking about another excellent tool for outdoor fun — the slingshot.

Slingshots are basically miniature versions of a cross between a catapult and and bow and arrow. They’re medieval in their nature, and yet they’ve been modernized for the current era through materials like elastic and ergonomic handles. They’re commonly used for hunting and similar outdoor activities, but they can also function just as well inside aiming paper wads at a trash can. Some are small and harmless, perfect for school children looking to play pranks, while others are larger, more dangerous, and designed to be used by adults in controlled environments.

Today, I’m going to walk you through the best slingshots for a variety of scenarios and open your eyes to the joy, exhilaration and intense gameplay that can come with each satisfying elastic pop.

Disclaimer: please use these tools responsibly. Make sure you read the included instructional booklets carefully and are fully knowledgeable about how to use them before you start. Also, please keep them away from young children, anyone under the influence of an inebriating substance, or anyone you don’t trust to make good decisions.

1. BASUNE Solid Wooden Slingshot Toy


This wooden slingshot is a little more old school than some of the other choices, but why fix what isn’t broken. The wooden handle is soft and easy to hold, and it’s built with two rubber bands and a faux-leather pocket for holding onto ammunition securely. The rubber bands have excellent draw-back force so you can maximize each shot, and their even length ensures solid positioning as well. The set also comes with a spare rubber band in case the first one snaps, and the plugs on either side position the band securely.

BASUNE Solid Wooden Slingshot Toy, best slingshot Courtesy of Amazon

BASUNE Solid Wooden Slingshot

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2. CHILION Wrist Slingshot


This wrist slingshot comes with an ergonomic design for a solid grip and a wrist mold for mounting the slingshot and forming a stable base to shoot from. The slingshot has extra-wide forms made of black solid steel so you get as strong of a shot as possible. The rubber band included is flat and powerful and easy to replace if it loses its slack over time. It also has a synthetic PU leather pouch at the end of the rubber bands that’s both durable and soft, and the wrist support is foldable if you prefer not to use it for certain shots.

CHILION wrist slingshot, best slingshots Courtesy of Amazon

CHILION Wrist Slingshot



3. Daisy P51 Slingshot


This wrist slingshot from Daisy has a solid steel frame with wide forks for shooting a variety of objects fast. The rubber bands are thick, strong and coated in durable tubing, and have a release pouch in the middle that’s powerfully elastic as well. The slingshot is fully adjustable, and has flexible wrist support that’ll both steady your arm and help you zero in on your target easily.

daisy p51 slingshot, best slingshot Courtesy of Amazon

Daisy P51 Slingshot



4. ucho Professional Slingshot Set


If you’re looking for something a little more elaborate than a rubber band attached to a handle, this slingshot is heavy duty. It’s got a wide bow that’s more designed for hunting than small-scale shots, and the triple-strength rubber bands have three times the amount of elastic power than other, simpler designs. The handle grip is adjustable and made to be comfortable to hold, and it’s got a holder designated for a laser flashlight at the bottom. It’s got a wrist supporter with comfortable leather underneath, and the pouch is magnetic so your ammo stays in place as you set up your shot.

ucho professional slingshot set, best slingshots Courtesy of Amazon

ucho Professional Slingshot Set


5. Adjustable Solid Alloy Slingshot


If you consider “professional” to be a legitimate adjective when describing a slingshot, this one fits the bill. It’s made of 100% solid alloy and weighs about 1.6lbs. The heft and larger size makes it a stronger tool when hunting out in the woods, and it uses 3×3 high-velocity rubber bands that stretch well and have a powerful elastic snap. It has a wrist brace for a stable ejection and a magnetic pouch so your ammo balls stay in place. The curved grip is ergonomic so you can hold the device comfortably, and the removable infrared flashlight makes it easy to identify and hit your targets even at night.

adjustable stainless slingshot, best slingshot Courtesy of Amazon

Adjustable Stainless Alloy Hunting Slingshot



6. NOBONDO Strong Folding Slingshot


This powerful slingshot rocket from NOBONDO has three elastic bands and a heavy duty metal construction, all for less than $25. The molded ergonomic grip gives you a good hold on this powerful tool, and it’s got an adjustable wrist brace so you can hunt precisely. It has a high-velocity launch as well as aiming features for maximum accuracy. The pouch is also magnetic leather so you can replenish your ammo quickly. This slingshot also comes with 100 ammo balls, plenty for your first couple of outdoor excursions.

NOBONDO slingshot, best slingshot Courtesy of Amazon

NOBONDO Strong Folding Slingshot



7. The Master Collection Slingshot


If you’re serious about getting into slingshotting as a regular activity, this kit of heavy-duty slingshot/ slingbow components is for you. This kit comes from the company Simpleshot, that specializes in the creation and manufacturing of the latest slingshot technology.

This kit includes both models of their Hammer XT and Hammer LT handles that have slightly different grips. The kit also includes a slingbow head, a slingshot head and one that can convert between them. A slingshot is a mechanism you pull back and release, whereas the sling bow clips on and then releases at the touch of another button. The kit also includes flatbands designed to shoot projectiles, looped tubes designed for shooting arrows, as well as a wrist brace, lanyards and other accessories.

hammer master collection, best slingshot Courtesy of Simpleshot

Hammer Master Collection