The Best Snow Sleds for All Ages

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Sledding might be best associated with a childhood, family experience, but anyone can have fun on the slopes. There are plenty of sleds that are spacious and sturdy enough for adults. So what type of sled should you get? You should factor in the size, weight capacity and material. You should also consider durability if you’re in the market for a sled that will last a few years instead of just a season. And when you head to the hills, don’t forget your best snow gloves and winter parkas. Here’s a list of materials and shapes that sleds come in. For more detail, check out this list.

The Best Material for Snow Sleds

Sleds come in a range of materials, each of which has its own benefits.

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  • Plastic: plastic is lightweight and more affordable, but it can potentially crack more easily.
  • Wood: Wood is sturdy and classic, but it’s more expensive and heavier, making wood sleds harder to haul.
  • Rubber: Inflatable rubber tubes can be deflated for easy storage and are comfortable to sit in, but they can potentially get punctured.
  • Foam: Foam is sturdy and comfortable, but typically less speedy than zippy plastic sleds.

The Best Shapes To Consider for Snow Sleds

The shape of the tube affects the number of potential riders and the riding experience.

  • Saucer: Saucer or disc sleds are fast, fun and easier to store, but they only seat one person.
  • Toboggan: Toboggan sleds are long and can seat multiple riders. Their larger size means they can be harder to store.
  • Runners: These are less common now, but runners have the classic sled look (think: Rosebud from Citizen Kane). They’re made from wood and typically have metal runners below.
  • Tubes: Inflatable tubes can be more comfortable, but they can potentially get punctured.

Whether you’re a college kid looking for fun ways to spend winter breaks, a cool uncle looking for the best Christmas gifts, or a proud mama bear looking for fun outdoor activities, there are plenty of great downhill snow sleds for sale. No matter what type of sled you’re looking for, we have some fun options listed here, so sit back and relax while you cruise our latest sled offerings.


1. Flexible Flyer Downhill Sleds


These sleds come in a variety of fun colors so you can race your friends down the slopes. With a perfectly round saucer, you’ll be slipping through the fresh powder in no time. This is also a great purchase for families, as there won’t be any sibling fights over who gets to use the sled next. You may already be familiar with Flexible Flyers, and you may have even used their sleds in the snow days of your youth. The sleds are available individually or in a three-pack.

flexible flyer snow sleds

Flexible Flyer Snow Sled



2. Sonic Snow Saucer


The L.L.Bean Sonic Snow Saucer might cost a little more than the average sled, but that’s because it’s designed to go fast. This sled features a soft cushion on the seat and a polyethylene base on the bottom so kids can fly down those hills. Plus, this durable sled will last for many winter seasons to come. Our favorite outdoor brand has some of the best snow sleds in stock right now for winter 2020-2021, and we would encourage you to check out the entire collection at L.L. Bean.

llbean sonic saucer snow sleds Courtesy of L.L.Bean

L.L.Bean Sonic Saucer Sled



3. Slippery Sliders Sleds


A similar alternative to the Flexible Flyer disc sleds are these sleds from Slippery Sliders. These discs come in a three-pack. The Slipper Sliders have more defined handles and a steeper price tag compared with the Flexible Flyer discs.


Slippery Racer Downhill Sleds



4. Flexible Flyer 48-Inch Snow Sled


This is probably the most popular of the Flexible Flyers as it is robust and sturdy for a day on the hill. It’s made with a steel base, smooth metal runners and wooden slats, which makes it unbeatable in the turning and speed categories. You’ll be flying past your friends and going off jumps in this remarkably smooth sled. The classic Flexible Flyer also comes in two sizes long enough for kids and adults, so buddy up!

flexible flyer metal runner snow sleds Courtesy of Amazon

Flexible Flyer 48 Inch Snow Sled



5. LL Bean Sonic Snow Tube


LL Bean’s sonic snow tube is pricey, but it’s designed to withstand the elements for years of use. The top is 600 denier polyester and the base is sturdy temperature-resistant polyethylene. It’s available in a variety of eye-catching designs. There are two handles on the sides, plus a tow rope. The sled has an inflatable inner tube. Should the inner tube ever fail, LL Bean sells replacements.

sled ll bean Image Courtesy of LL Bean

LL Bean Tube



6. Slippery Racer Toboggan


A speedy sled for sure, you won’t regret buying this smooth toboggan for the winter season. With a smooth bottom and curves to tackle the slopes, you’ll be winning races in this sled all day long. It has a front-centered rope to make it easier to pull up hills and is available in a variety of colors.

slippery racer downhill sleds Courtesy of Amazon

Slippery Racer Toboggan

$56.99 $76.99 26% OFF


7. Flexible Flyer Lightning Snow Sled


A fast sled is all anyone needs during the winter, and this Flexible Flyer Lightning sled is the perfect choice for a day out on the slopes. With built-in hand grips, you’ll be flying down the slopes in this resin sled. It’s great for kids and adults.

flexible-flyers-lightning-snow-sleds Courtesy of Amazon

Flexible Flyer Lightning Sled



8. Lucky Bums Recycled Toboggan Sled 35-Inches


This single-person sled is made from recycled plastics. Better yet, it’s on sale! With a carrying rope and built-in handles, there are plenty of fun ways to enjoy this sled. While it has a weight limit of 200 pounds, it’s still plenty of fun for little kids, too.

recycled plastic snow sleds Courtesy of REI

Lucky Bums Toboggan Sled



9. Flexible Flyer 611 Flying Carpet Roll Up Snow Sled


Sleds are fun but sometimes bulky. What if you had a flexible one that could be rolled up when it’s not in use? From backpacking trips to kids hauling their own gear, this Flexible Flyer Flying Cart is a portable roll-up sled that still brings the speed. It’s designed for heavy usage, and durable enough to withstand wear and tear, while still remaining lightweight enough for kids to carry back up the hill, with one sled clocking in at under a pound.

Flexible Flyer 611 Flying Carpet Roll Up Snow Sled Courtesy of Amazon

Flexible Flyer 611 Flying Carpet Roll Up Snow Sled



10. Flexible Flyer 6′ Wooden Toboggan


If you want something old school and classic, Flexible Flyer’s wooden toboggan will stand out in a sea of plastic sleds. The sled weighs 11 pounds and can support up to 250 pounds. The yellow rope gives you something to hold onto while you’re sledding while making it easier to pull back up the hill.

sled flyer Image Courtesy of Target

Flexible Flyer Wood Toboggan



11. Tube in a Box The Original Swim and Snow Tube


Available in 3 sizes, this commercial-grade rubber inner tube has a built-in safety valve stem, and can also be used for swimming. Sure, the black rubber exterior isn’t the most inspiring, but this tube is sturdy, simple and tons of fun. What else do you need?

Tube in a Box The Original Swim and Snow Tube Courtesy of Amazon

Tube in a Box The Original Swim and Snow Tube



12. L.L.Bean Toboggan and Cushion Set


Sledding isn’t always the most comfortable experience for your derrière, but this toboggan from LL Bean makes it a more luxurious experience. Included with the toboggan is a cushion set that keeps you comfortable as you go over hills and bumps. It comes in classic and extra long. At 14 pounds, it is heavier than other sleds on this list, but it’s still manageable to tug up a hill using the rope.

sled ll bean Image Courtesy of LL Bean

LL Bean Wood Toboggan



13. Jasonwell Snow Tube Inflatable Snow Sled


This outdoor toy for kids and adults is no joke. It’s treated specifically for cold weather and can hold up to 500 pounds, fitting one person comfortably and a couple if you squeeze. Durability-wise, the material is very thick, a d despite its large size, deflates and inflates surprisingly quickly. There are even comfort grip handles built-in, so you can feel even more stable when you’re speeding down that snowy hill.

Jasonwell Snow Tube Inflatable Snow Sled Courtesy of Amazon

Jasonwell Snow Tube Inflatable Snow Sled


14. Gizmo Riders Stratos Snow Bobsled for Kids


Turn your sledding experience into a race car fantasy with this steerable bobsled by Gizmo Riders, which is available in four different colors. It snaps together easily without tools, and for younger kids, you can use the automatic retractable tow rope included, on smaller slopes or flat ground, making for an easy return back up the hill. It allows for more precision than inflatable alternatives and is sturdier, providing a smooth ride every time.

Gizmo Riders Stratos Snow Bobsled for Kids Courtesy of Amazon

Gizmo Riders Stratos Snow Bobsled for Kids



15. SportStuff Yeti Foam Sled


Foam is a softer alternative to plastic snow sleds, and a bit more durable than inflatable options. It’s a single-rider sled, so you may not be able to bring along a friend for this one, but a parent and small child may be able to fit. With the well-placed, built-in handles and a slick bottom for increased speed, this foam sled is one of the most lightweight options that both kids and adults can enjoy a ride on.

SportStuff Yeti Foam Sled Courtesy of Amazon

SportStuff Yeti Foam Sled



16. Paris Company Pro Expedition Sled


Some sleds are made with a visual effect in mind, but this classic Paris Company offering is focused on efficiency, quality and speed. If you’re looking for downhill action or have to haul some gear, this sled won’t break over rocks, unlike versions that are more intended for play than serious sledding. It can fit up to two adults and has fantastic longevity, so you don’t need to replace it over the years — one buyer says she’s had it for 35 years.

Paris Company Pro Expedition Sled Courtesy of REI

Paris Company Pro Expedition Sled



17. Emsco ESP Series Day Glow Sno Twin Toboggan Sled in Neon Tie Dye


If you’re looking for a large toboggan sled that’s super visible, look no further than the Emsco Day Glow Sno Twin sled, in a neon tie-dye print. This loud print reflects off snow, lighting up with a fluorescent effect. it’s perfect for anyone who likes to express themselves with bright colors and is also a safety precaution if you’re worried about not being able to see your child properly when they’re rolling down a hill. The polyresin material resists the heaviest of impacts, while a diamond-polished bottom panel works to increase speed.

Emsco ESP Series Day Glow Sno Twin Toboggan Sled in Neon Tie Dye Courtesy of Home Depot

Emsco ESP Series Day Glow Sno Twin Toboggan Sled in Neon Tie Dye



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