The 12 Best Snow Sleds for All Ages and Speeds

12 Best Snow Sleds for All
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Keep the excitement of winter alive no matter your age with a new sled. The winter of 2020-2021 is just getting started, and this year it’s more important than ever to find fun ways to spend time outdoors. And, truly, what’s more fun than flying down a hill covered in fresh snow?

The best snow sleds might be targeted more toward kids, but anyone can have fun on the slopes. So what type of sled should you get? You should factor in the size, weight capacity, and material. You should also consider durability if you’re in the market for a sled that will last a few years instead of just a season. like your favorite set of skis, And when you head to the hills, don’t forget your best snow gloves and winter parkas.

Whether you’re a college kid looking for fun ways to spend winter breaks, a cool uncle looking for the best Christmas gifts, or a proud mama bear looking for fun outdoor activities, there are plenty of great downhill snow sleds for sale. No matter what type of sled you’re looking for, we have some fun options listed here, so sit back and relax while you cruise our latest sled offerings.


1. Flexible Flyer Downhill Sleds


This pack of three sleds comes in a variety of fun colors so you can race your friends down the slopes. With a perfectly round saucer, you’ll be slipping through the fresh powder in no time. This is also a great purchase for families, as there won’t be any sibling fights over who gets to use the sled next. You may already be familiar with Flexible Flyers, and you may have even used their sleds in the snow days of your youth. In 2020, this brand is still making some of the best snow sleds in the world.

flexible flyer snow sleds

Unfortunately, the Flexible Flyer Snow Sleds pictured above are back-ordered until early January. An alternative option is available via Slippery Sliders. Both products come in a three-pack of disc-schaped sleds 26-inches in diameter. They look similar, but the Slipper Sliders have a more defined handle and a steeper price tag.


2. Sonic Snow Saucer


The L.L.Bean Sonic Snow Saucer might cost a little more than the average sled, but that’s because it’s designed to go fast. This sled features a soft cushion on the seat and a polyethylene base on the bottom so kids can fly down those hills. Plus, this durable sled will last for many winter seasons to come. Our favorite outdoor brand has some of the best snow sleds in stock right now for winter 2020-2021, and we would encourage you to check out the entire collection at L.L. Bean.

llbean sonic saucer snow sleds Courtesy of L.L.Bean

3. Flexible Flyer Snow Tube Sled


This sled is built for two to enhance the fun of your downhill ride. Made from plastic that inflates, this is sure to be a bumpy ride. The twisty design is a crowd pleaser and provides plenty of photo-worthy.

best snow sleds Courtesy of Amazon


4. Flexible Flyer Snow Screamer 2-Person Sled


This robust sled is big enough to hold two small children or one big kid, and it has a sturdier base than an inflatable sled. Great for steeper, curvier slopes, this is also one of the best sleds for speed. The Snow Screamer comes with a cool name and a cool shape, so it’s sure to leave everyone else on the hill envious. It also has plenty of handles, so you don’t have to worry about ever falling off.

flexible flyer snow screamer, best snow sleds Courtesy of Amazon


5. EJOY Snow Tube


This inflatable tube is a sure winner for a fast day on the slopes. With two handles on the sides, you’ll find yourself slipping and sliding down the hill with a good amount of turning power.

ejoy snow tube, best snow sleds Courtesy of Amazon


6. Airhead Youth Snow Scooter


Who says kids get to have all the fun? This snow scooter might be small, but it is fast. If you can balance yourself on this small sled, go for it, otherwise hand it over to the kids. To avoid injury, we recommend keeping this snow scooter on small hills. On steeper hills, it’s always best to go butt-down and feet-first to avoid boo-boos.

airhead snow scooterr Courtesy of Amazon


7. BigMouth Inc Unicorn Snow Tube 


Who doesn’t want to ride down the slopes on a fancy unicorn? Be the envy of your friends with this brightly colored inflatable unicorn that comes with handles so you don’t fall off. This will be on the ‘gram before you can say snow day.

bigmouth unicorn sled Courtesy of Amazon


8. Flexible Flyer 48-Inch Snow Sled


This is probably the most popular of the Flexible Flyers as it is robust and sturdy for a day on the hill. It’s made with a steel base, smooth metal runners and wooden slats, which makes it unbeatable in the turning and speed categories. You’ll be flying past your friends and going off jumps in this remarkably smooth sled. The classic Flexible Flyer also comes in two sizes long enough for kids and adults, so buddy up!

flexible flyer metal runner snow sleds Courtesy of Amazon


9. Slippery Racer Toboggan


A speedy sled for sure, you won’t regret buying this smooth toboggan for the winter season. With a smooth bottom and curves to tackle the slopes, you’ll be winning races in this sled all day long. It has a front centered rope to make it easier to pull up hills and is available in a variety of colors.

slippery racer downhill sleds Courtesy of Amazon


10. Funboy Inflatable Snow Sled


Inflatable snow sleds can be stored and easily taken anywhere, so it’s an excellent choice to keep in the car on a day trip to the mountains. This particular sled is a longer style sled with a front handle for steering and an attractive bloom pattern. Thanks to its long design, it’s also a good choice for very young children who want mom, dad or an older sibling to come along on the ride, too. Together you’ll be flying down the slopes in this two-person snow sled!

inflatable snow sleds Courtesy of Amazon


11. Flexible Flyer Lightning Snow Sled


A fast sled is all anyone needs during the winter, and this Flexible Flyer Lightning sled is the perfect choice for a day out on the slopes. With built-in hand grips, you’ll be flying down the slopes in this resin plastic designed sled. Great for kids and adults.

flexible-flyers-lightning-snow-sleds Courtesy of Amazon


12. Lucky Bums Recycled Toboggan Sled 35-Inches


This single-person sled is made from recycled plastics. Better yet, it’s on sale! With a carrying rope and built-in handles, there are plenty of fun ways to enjoy this sled. While it has a weight limit of 200 pounds, it’s still plenty of fun for little kids, too.

recycled plastic snow sleds Courtesy of REI