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A Winter Perfect Storm Is on the Way to Try out the Best Snow Tubes, Grab Yours Now

A coastal snowstorm is expected to hit most of the northeast tonight. But when life gives you snowflakes, let them build into mountains. This is prime time for snow day fun, especially if you have the right gear, like snow boots and heated gloves. Whether you’re into thrilling sports like skiing or family activities like snowball fights, there’s plenty to do outside, even when the mercury dips. One great family activity is sledding. Whether you’re a regular Lindsey Vonn or this is your first time seeing snow, sledding can be thrilling for anyone.

The problem is that once winter is over, storing your snow sleds can be something of a hassle. That’s why one of the best types of sleds is a snow tube. As the name implies, snow tubes are inflatable and give your rear end more protection than inflatable sleds. After you’ve hit the slopes, you can easily deflate and store them. Plus, you’ll be able to carry far more snow tubes than you would with traditional sleds.

Factors to Consider When Snow Tube Shopping

What is the best snow tube? It all depends on a few factors. Although many people are tempted to buy a cheaper snow tube, under $20 picks can easily puncture or make riding pretty uncomfortable. Instead, it’s worth shelling out a little more on a snow tube so you won’t have to replace it after an accident. Commercial snow tubes often cost upwards of $100 but are worth the splurge as they contain a heavy-duty inner tube within a canvas or nylon fabric. Most commercial tubes also have a hard plastic bottom and a cushioned insert for added comfort. 

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These options are made with durable materials to resist puncturing. If they do deflate, though, they’re affordable enough to be easily replaced. Whether you’re looking to purchase a snow tube for adults or kids, these are the best snow tubes to make your winter as fun as possible. 

best overall

$124.99 $169.99

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This heavy-duty, 50-inch option is one of the best snow tubes that’ll last years and isn’t just for kids. Complete with a no-poke safety valve that protects you and your clothing during the ride and four interconnecting aluminum loops that allow you to connect tubes together for the most entertaining group activity ever. With an ultra-low friction vinyl bottom, it also offers the smoothest ride possible.

runner up


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A solid and thick tube that won’t surprise you with any unpleasant punctures, Pool Candy’s bright blue holiday tube from their Snow Candy line is a premium product that has a weight capacity of up to 250 pounds, making it ideal for solo adult riders or parents holding a little one. Despite its durability, this PVC snow tube deflates in moments and can be stored in small spaces.

best retro pick


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$39.20 $49.00

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This red plaid print is a timeless pick if you’re searching for that nostalgic holiday vibe. Whether it’s being used for backyard snow play or you’re taking it somewhere a little more public, you’ll be proud to show off one of the best snow tubes that’s also extremely photogenic. A reinforced dual-layer flat base and a new cold-weather durable material ensure that it works in various conditions.

most durable

When shopping for the best snow tubes for sledding, your first priority should be durability over looks. This Flexible Flyer inflatable tube might cost slightly more than your average Amazon buy. Still, it was originally designed for commercial tubing parks with a plastic bottom, providing the air cushion of a snow tube with the speed and durability of a plastic sled. This also means it’s immune to bumps and punctures.

best for kids Ages 3+


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Those four-foot-wide tubes might be great for adults or parents carrying their tots, but if you want your kid to have one of the best snow tubes made specifically for children, this inflatable snow tube from Pool Candy’s Little Tikes is designed for ages three and up. With two easy-grip handles that are big enough for gloved hands, this red tube makes for the ultimate snow day. 

best for kids ages 6+


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$14.88 $20.00

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For slightly older kids, this H20GO! Tube includes a separate fabric cover that provides style and durability but can also easily be washed. With polar-shield™ tech that prevents freezing or cracking in sub-zero temps and an included repair patch in case they ride over something sharp, it’s one of the best inflatable snow tubes for kids ages six and up. Some reviewers even use it for river rafting in the summer seasons.

budget pick


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If you want to experience the joys of tubing without spending money on the best of the best, this very giftable snow tube from Walmart makes a solid starter tube. With two built-in handles on top and a reinforced bottom, it has a deep and large enough bottom to fit grown-ups or kids. With a sprinkled donut look, it has a fun aesthetic and can withstand up to 450 pounds.



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If you’re invested in getting your hands on one of the best snow tubes that’ll last multiple generations, you can always count on L.L. Bean. Although this tube offered in two sizes may be out of your initial budget, the first-rate construction, print options, and longevity of this model are unparalleled. Its semi-rigid base slides unlike anything else and is built to last for years, which nearly 1,000 glowing reviews can confirm. 

Hyperzoo Extra Large Snow
biggest pick

Although most tubes max out at around 48 inches, this is one of the best snow tubes for adults since it comes in at 55 inches and is built to support up to 400 pounds. The larger size also provides a more comfortable ride for people of all sizes. A great alternative for those who don’t want a winter or holiday theme, this blue tube comes with a cool solar system design.

FindUWill Dinosaur Snow Tube
best novelty pick

Who doesn’t want to ride a gigantic dinosaur down a snowy hill for their very own snowy Jurassic Park experience? With built-in handles, a double-layered bottom, and cold weather treatment, it has all the features on our checklist. The solid center also provides a seat that won’t allow your body to hit the ground, unlike donut-shaped competitors. 

honorable mention

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty option that you can depend on season after season, consider this tube from Bradley. The donut-shaped tube is 43″ in diameter. The rubber tube comes with a cover to protect it while riding. There’s a long webbing rope for pulling the tube and two webbing handles. These handles are attached to the cover, meaning that pulling on them won’t put pressure on the tube. Bradley’s tubes come with a detachable cover, meaning that the tube or cover can be replaced if either gets damaged.

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