Stay Warm as You Shred the Slopes With the Best Snowboard Pants for the 2021 Season

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Courtesy of Burton

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Now that we all feel the pull of the mountain, it’s time to check out our gear. If you’re in need of anything new, now is the time to find a good deal! Whether you’re looking for snowboard wax, snowboard goggles, snowboard racks or snowboard pants, we’ve got you covered. If you’re into insulated brand-name pants or non-insulated pants on sale, we have some great choices for you. So get your board ready and waxed, grab your boots and new helmet while we find the best snowboard pants for you.

But if you’re not sure what type of pant is right for you, we have some advice. Maybe it’s your first time shredding the powder and you need to know if you want insulated or non-insulated pants. How many pockets do you want? Do you crave a flashy design or bright colors or do you prefer a nomadic earth tone? We have plenty of everything, so check them out below.


1. Burton Vent Gore

If you’re into multiple vents to air things out during long treks up and down the mountain, the Burton Vent Gore pants are for you. While not insulated, these pants still boast two layers of waterproof material with waterproof zippers for extra protection. With zippered back pockets, fleece-lined front pockets, and an all-important mesh lining as the breathable inside layer, these pants have a lot on offer. At a median price point, these pants are an excellent deal for anyone seeking a great pair of non-insulated snowboard pants.

Burton Snow Pants blue Courtesy of Burton


2. ThirtyTwo Wooderson Pant

ThirtyTwo may be one of our favorite snowboard clothing brands and their revised and stylish Wooderson snowboard pants are the perfect fit for the upcoming season. With a new design, these pants now have Dura stretch fabric for unlimited mobility, an adjustable waistband and an insulated inner layer. You’ll be kept dry and warm all day on the hill. And don’t worry about pulling a few tricks; these pants have plenty of breathing room.

snowboard pants Courtesy of ThirtyTwo


3. Burton Gore-Tex Banshey Pant

These snow pants may be the most extravagant and stylish on our list but they are well worth the admiring gazes you’ll surely attract. With waterproof durability and an inner Living Lining you’ll be warm and comfortable even while you charge down the slopes. Thanks to the Gore-Tex material on the outside, your skin will be able to breathe and move while staying protected. These are a great pair of snow pants for those unafraid to rock some style on the slopes.

snowboard pants Courtesy of Burton


4. Volcom L Gore-Tex Pants

Another great outdoor company, Volcom makes pants that are desirable for their style and ability to keep you warm with their waterproof outer shell. With mesh vents to allow your skin to breathe while hiking uphill or walking around the mountain after you get some runs in, these pants are lightweight and durable. A great choice for those who prefer to hike up the mountain.

Volcom Gore Tex Snow Pants Courtesy of Volcom


5. Dakine Smyth Pure 2L Gore-Tex Pants

These Dakine snowboarding pants have flexibility in the knees and protection in key areas for an (accidental) fall, plus heavy stitching that provides breathability and protection. These waterproof pants will leave you warm and dry after a long day of shredding on the slopes. With a relaxed hip and thigh, these pants will leave you enough room to maneuver as you pull up at the park looking to impress your friends. A great choice for those seeking flexibility and durability alike.

Dakine Smyth Snow Pants Courtesy of Dakine


6. 686 Standard Shell Snow Pants

A classic shell that will keep you dry and protected from the elements, these 686 pants are an excellent choice for those looking for a lighter pair of non-insulated pants. With Air-Flo mesh-lined vents within the material, these are a great choice for those looking to shred in a warmer climate and don’t need as many layers.

686 Snow Pants Courtesy of 686


7.  Burton AK 2L GORE-TEX Cyclic Pants

These are top of the line Burton snow pants, and at the highest price point on our list. But, they’re well worth it. Made with a durable material of Gore-Tex 2L and an inside lining made from Living Lining and soft taffeta which keeps your heat tucked inside for more warmth, you’ll have natural climate control. An excellent choice for those seeking the ultimate comfort and durability in a pair of snow pants.

Burton Snow pants Courtesy of Burton


8. Patagonia Powder Bowl Pants

These acclaimed Patagonia brand snowboarding pants are made from 100% recycled nylon Gore-Tex material, built to keep you warm during a cold day on the mountain. Patagonia of course boasts an admirable mission statement to protect the environment, which puts them high on our list of great brands. If you’re interested in helping to stop waste accumulation, these snow pants are a great choice for their durability, use of recycled materials, and their many facets of comfort.

Patagonia Powder Bowl Pants Courtesy of Patagonia


9. Quiksilver Forever 2L Gore-Tex Pants

These Quiksilver snowboarding pants are made from recycled polyester and are comfortable, warm and durable for a fun day on the slopes. Made with jacket-to-pant attachments, lift-ticket clips and an adjustable waist seam, these Quiksilver pants are a great choice for anyone seeking a durable outer shell for a chilly day in the snow.

Quiksilver Forever Snow Pants Courtesy of Quiksilver


10. 686 Quantum Thermagraph

One of the rare pairs of insulated pants on this list, the 686 Quantums’s are a sure bet to keep you warm in a cooler mountain top where the snow feels like ice. A great pair of insulated pants, these are made from a 20kinfiDRY material to keep you warm but also able to breathe. With specially formulated insulation placed around the spine, organs, seat, and knees, these pants are a sure bet to be the warmest pair you ever own.

686 Quantum Snow Pants Courtesy of 686


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