Raise the Gnar Bar No Matter the Weather With the Best Surf Booties

best surf booties

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Now that the weather is turning, we all need to keep surfing, right? If you picked surfing up as a summer hobby, don’t worry, there are ways to stay comfortable in colder water.

If your water dips down below 50 degrees as it often does on the East Coast, or even if stays at a crisp 54 like it does in Los Angeles, we have some secret tips for you. Surfing booties are meant to be worn as socks over your feet and keep you warm in the winter months. Made from neoprene, just like your wetsuit, these booties are easy to pull on and off and won’t make you slip on your board. While you’ll still have to wax your board, surf booties will go a long way in keeping you shredding as the winter sets roll in. There is nothing worse, we repeat, nothing worse, than trying to pop up on a heavy wave with totally numb feet.

Check out the best surf booties for year-round toasty toes on your next surf adventure.


1. O’Neill Reactor 2mm Reef Booties

These booties offered from O’Neill come in a pretty warm package: 2mm of goodness around your toes and ankles. Never fear the cold water again with these over your feet. With a rounded toe for better grip on your board, these booties are made with flat stitches so an awkward seam doesn’t get in your way.

best surf booties - O'Neill Reactor 2mm Reef Booties Courtesy of Amazon


2. O’Neill Superfreak 2mm Booties

Not a fan of the rounded toe? Some say it hurts your surfing ability, or maybe you just want to have a little more control over how your feet feel on the board. Either way, no problem because O’Neill makes a split toe version in 2mm of neoprene, a great option for those testing the waters.

O'Neill Superfreak 2mm Booties, best surf booties Courtesy of Amazon


3. Neo Sport

These booties come in a variety of cold water temps: 3mm, 5mm, or 7mm, so you can pack for the adventure of a lifetime and stay warm wherever you end up. With a puncture-resistant sole, these booties are sewed and doubled glued for zero water penetration, keeping you warm for your entire surf session. The zipper on the side is great for those of us who hate tugging and pulling neoprene and has a water entry barrier system to keep out any excess cold.

Neo Sport surf booties Courtesy of Amazon


4. Cressi Surf Booties

These surf booties look really comfortable and are billed as useful for scuba, snorkeling and windsurfing. So overall, a great choice to take on any water-based adventure. With a rubber heel and an extra toe cap, you’ll be insulated and happy in these 3mm neoprene booties.

Cressi Surf Booties Courtesy of Amazon


5. Ireenuo 

These multi-purpose cold water “socks” are great for anyone doing a water-based activity and for surfing, these will make your feet very toasty. With a slick 3mm neoprene material to lock out any excess chill, these surf booties will keep you warm for a longer session in the water. They won’t slip on your board and will surely last a few seasons.

Ireenuo - best surf booties Courtesy of Amazon


6. Seac Pro HD

If you’re really looking for heavy-duty boots, Seac has a 6mm style that also come with arch support. You can survive for days in the water wearing these. With this much insulation and a rounded toe, you’ll be all set to surf whenever and wherever. You won’t be able to feel your board under your feet like you would going barefoot, but hey, if the water is cold enough to warrant 6mm, these boots are worth it.

Seac Pro HD surf booties Courtesy of Amazon


7. RipCurl Flashbomb 7mm Surf Bootie

RipCurl is a trusted surf brand and their surf booties will beat any test you put them too, especially these. At 7mm, these are the warmest booties on the list, and you won’t be disappointed. Comfortable, insulated, and waterproof, your feet will stay dry and warm inside these surf booties.

RipCurl Flashbomb 7mm Surf Bootie Courtesy of Amazon


8. RipCurl Dawn Patrol 3mm Bootie

If you’re looking for RipCurl but want less heft than a 7mm pair, these booties are a sure bet for your next cold water surf. They slide on and off easily, are lightweight, and will keep the chills at bay. Check out these 3mm booties if you’re a RipCurl fan and also need a split toe.

RipCurl Dawn Patrol 3mm surf booties Courtesy of Amazon


9. Quiksilver Syncro

These surf booties are sleek and super lightweight, great for a longer surf session. With reinforced heels and double-glue stitching, these are water tight and proven to keep you warm on a chilly morning. Who needs numb toes when you can slip on a pair of Quiksilver booties and charge?

Quiksilver Syncro, best surf booties Courtesy of Amazon