Get A Grip — These Are The Best Surf Waxes

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Serious surfers and noon goons alike know that falling off the board is an important part of surfing. Whether you’ve wiped out or you bail, there are times when you lose contact with the surfboard. And even though it’s all part of the fun, you want to stay on your board as much as possible. That’s why surf wax is an essential surf accessory. Surf wax is a small item that can go a long way in helping you stay on your board.

When you think of wax, you might imagine something that makes you slip, such as the wax in a bowling alley. But surf wax actually serves the opposite purpose. Surf wax creates a textured and sticky surface that gives your feet more grip and stability in the water.

In order to wax a board, you have to first make sure you’ve scraped off any old wax using a wax comb. One way to get even more traction is by applying a base coat first. The base coat creates small bumps that help the wax cling to the board better. There are a lot of different ways to apply wax, including criss-cross patterns, circles and front to back. You should use whatever technique you’re most familiar and comfortable with.

Choosing the right wax for your surfboard depends on a few different factors, but by far the most important is the temperature of the water. Manufacturers typically produce tropical, warm, cold and cool waxes. Another thing to consider is the composition of the wax. Many waxes are made from paraffin, which is derived from petroleum. It’s no secret that many surfers are also staunch environmentalists, so you may want to seek out environmentally friendly surf waxes. That’s why some of our favorite products are made out of naturally derived ingredients. If you’re itching to hit the waves on dawn patrol, then these are the waxes to get.

1. Mr. Zogs Original Sex Wax

If you’ve only heard of one brand of surf wax, it’s Mr. Zog’s Sex Wax. Whether it’s the suggestive name that confuses and intrigues normies or that distinctive font, Mr. Zog’s Wex Wax is a bona fide American icon. This particular surf wax is designed for cold water and is coconut scented. It’s designed to be suitable as a base or a top coat. The versatile wax is still made in the US, and each order consists of one, 0.75-gram bar.

Pros: Reliable wax from an iconic American brand. Designed for base or top coat use. Pleasant coconut scent and other fragrances are available.

Cons: Like many waxes, this one is made from paraffin.

mr zog sexwax surf wax Amazon

2. Sticky Bumps Cool/Cold Water Surfboard Wax 5 Pack

Compared to the suggestive aesthetic of Mr. Zog, Sticky Bumps opts for branding that tells you exactly what the product is for. True to their name, Sticky Bump’s line of waxes are effective at creating a grippy and bumpy surface to maintain traction on the board. Each order comes with five 80-gram bars, making it easy to stock up for an entire season. This order is designed for cool/cold water, and the wax is produced in the US.

Pros: Made in the US; order comes with 5 bars. Effective at creating lasting grip. Non-paraffin formula.

Cons: It’s possible to receive cold water wax instead of cool.

sticky bumps surf wax Amazon

3. Maria’s Surf Wax – Tropical

Maria’s Surf Wax may not be as established as Mr. Zog’s or Sticky Bumps, but the brand stands out for its focus on environmentally-friendly ingredients. This wax is made from a variety of plant-based ingredients that are vegan and biodegradable. Even the packaging is considered; the bar is wrapped in recycled paper and the logo is printed with naturally dyed ink. This wax is designed for tropical temperatures, and the bar is 90 grams.

Pros: Environmentally friendly wax and packaging, with some purchases supporting hurricane relief efforts. Good smelling wax with effective grip.

Cons: Somewhat expensive.

marias surf wax Amazon

4. Sticky Bumps Base Coat Surfboard Wax 6 Pack

A good base coat can go a long way in improving the effectiveness of surf wax, which is why we included this base coat from Sticky Bumps. Each order from this listing comes with six bars, and each bar is 85 grams. The bars are made in the US from non-toxic, biodegradable ingredients.

Pros: Good option to improve the effectiveness of a top coat surf wax. Made in the US from non-toxic, eco-friendly ingredients. Value order with six bars. Product creates good bumps.

Cons: Since it’s a base coat, you’ll also want a top coat.

sticky bumps surf wax base coat Amazon

5. Outdoor Wax Works’ Surf Wax 3-Pack

This surf wax is a versatile pick for a variety of watersports, including surfing, skimboarding and paddleboarding. The wax bars come in puck-shapes, and each order comes with three bars. The bars are unique in that they’re not designed for one narrow temperature range; rather, it’s designed to be suitable for use in any water temperature. The wax is also free of paraffin.

Pros: Paraffin-free wax, suitable for a range of temperatures. Each order consists of three bars.

Cons: Each bar is somewhat small.

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