The Best Swim Fins for Competition and Recreational Swimmers

Swimmer with fins
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Swimming is a very relaxing sport and it can be enhanced by using swim fins: you’ll improve your workout by heightening your cardiovascular system to become faster in the pool. Whether you’re a recreational swimmer or a serious athlete looking for a hard workout, the added use of a fin can enhance your workout or make it easier, depending on how you use them. If you’re not in a pool, fins become even more fun: snorkeling or ocean swimming with fins makes propelling your body through the waves so much easier. Instead of your regular water shoes, the best swimming fins will make you feel like you’re one with the sea. Fins are useful for so many ocean sports from distance swimming to bodyboarding to snorkeling, but you can always take them to the pool too.

What makes the best swim fin? There are many different styles, materials, and lengths to choose from so first choose the activity you’ll be primarily using them for and then decide on the sizing. Fins run a little small, but it’s better to have a tight fin than a loose one, which might fall off while you’re swimming. Fins for competitive swimming are often narrow with longer toes and are a tighter fit. Recreational fins can be heavy and brightly colored so if you lose one in the ocean, you’ll spot it easily. Then there are diving fins, which can be up to four feet in length and are usually only used by scuba divers or spearfishers and we won’t focus on those. So check out the variety of the best swim fins below and hop in the water for your best workout yet and don’t forget your new swimsuit.


1. Kiefer Silicone Training Fins

Kiefer is a well-known competitive swim brand and you’ve probably seen their fins around the pool deck. Made from silicone for a comfortable, snug fit, these swim fins are tight around the entire foot so they don’t fall off during a hard workout. Kick as hard as you like, these babies aren’t coming off, no matter how hard your dolphin kick might be. Kiefer’s fins have a cut out on top of the foot which allows for water to flow through the small space, relieving a slight amount of pressure from the foot for a more comfortable fit. They slide on like a shoe with a full heel, so if you aren’t a fan of the thin band strap, these are the right choice for you. Try out a new pair of swim fins to enhance your workout.

Kiefer Silicone Training Fins Courtesy of Amazon


2. Arena Powerfin Pro

Arena has a variety of competitive swim fins to choose from and their Powerfin Pro is an excellent choice for a serious swimmer or triathlete. With a thick ankle strap to secure the fin in place, these silicone fins will fit snugly and won’t fall off, even during a hard set or during a kick workout. Enhance your swim with these fins and feel the difference with their innovative design that features a sloping surface and a hydrodynamic slit at the top that allows you to kick with control. Enjoy your workout like never before with the Area Powerfin Pro. They come in a variety of sizes and colors and are true to size.

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3. Speedo Biofuse Fins

Speedo has a wide variety of fins available but their Biofuse line is a really interesting fin that any serious athlete should check out. With shorter, thicker blades to serve as the paddles on your feet, these fins will propel you through the water like no other fin out there. The Speedo brand is best known for its swim briefs, but it’s also a well-respected competitive swimming gear company that always has quality products. The Biofuse fin is made from a fusion of hard and soft silicone which blends to make you faster in the pool. This unique design will serve you well during your training and you’ll be ready to go by your next race.

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4. TYR Sport EBP Burner Fin

Another competitive swim favorite brand, TYR has a few unique designs to offer athletes. The EBP Training fin is a great fin to use to swim with at race cadence. Perk up your workout with a TYR-designed fin: made from a soft silicone material, these fins fit snugly and correctly. The color is based on the size and is a tight but true fit. Enhance your workout with these quality TYR fins.

TYR Sport EBP Burner Fin Courtesy of Amazon


5. Churchill Makapuu Swim Fins

These unique fins will propel you through the water for your best workout yet with the dolphin fin inspired design. With a sharply cut inside edge, these fins have been styled to speed you through the water. Have fun dolphin kicking with these almost exact replica fins. The slightly curved edge on the outside will give you more speed through the water in the pool or serve as extra leverage over your friends while bodyboarding in the ocean. Another perk of the design is the large drainage hole on the bottom for large swells of water to exit and not weigh you down. If you want to swim like a dolphin, Churchill swim fins have you covered.

Churchill Makapuu Swim Fins Courtesy of Amazon


6. CAPAS Swim Training Fins

If you prefer a solid silicone fin, the CAPAS have a design that’s right for you. A sturdy fin for beginners is all you need to get started in the pool and the strong form of the training fin will give you an advantage over other swimmers. Try out a dolphin kick with these solid fins, you won’t be disappointed. The rubber makes them soft and comfortable to wear with no squished toes or uncomfortable chafing from an ankle strap. These fins will encourage you to swim faster and longer and your workouts will become better in no time. A great fin for beginners to check out.

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7. Aqua Sphere Alpha Fin

These may be the strangest looking fin on the market, but don’t be fooled, the Aqua Sphere Alpha fin will keep you buoyant and kicking stronger than ever in no time. With EVA foam for full support, these unusual-looking fins are designed for beginners learning to kick or improve their leg strength in the water. Easy to slip on and off, if you’re looking to improve the angle and fluidity of your kick, these are the fins for you. While unable to reach high speeds with these fins, they are better suited for training purposes and not speed workouts. The blade will help position your foot correctly in the water and you’ll achieve a proficient kick with plenty of practice.

Aqua Sphere Alpha Fin Courtesy of Amazon


8. HYDRO Tech 2 Swim Fins

The Hydro Tech fins are best suited for high-intensity training. While not as buoyant as other fins, they perform well with swimmers who already have an efficient kick and don’t need any extra leverage in the water. With a sharp blade design, these fins will move you swiftly through the water. Made from a lightweight silicone with an ankle strap, you’ll be speeding through the water from the moment you put these fins on. While at a higher price point than most fins, they are an excellent choice for triathletes or serious swimmers looking to improve their workout in the pool.

HYDRO Tech 2 Swim Fins Courtesy of Amazon