These Tent Heaters Will Keep You Warm on All Your Camping Adventures

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There is something about camping in the great outdoors that just works. Whether it’s the connection to nature, getting back to your wild roots or seeing the array of beautiful wildlife which exists throughout the USA, it’s really hard not to love camping. However, one thing that is not so easy to love is extreme weather. Summer months bring intense heat. But throw in a swimming hole and a cookout, and things look a little more rosey. When it comes to winter, cooler temperatures can be harder to navigate, especially when it comes to sleeping or resting.

To see some of the world’s most impressive sights, cold weather is an obstacle that needs to be overcome. Whether you’re looking for the northern lights or searching for Santa Claus in northern Lapland, the answer to the cold tends to be adding more layers to your bed, unless you’re glamping of course. Other options, like a fully-insulated sleeping bag, arranging your campsite to minimize the impact of the cold weather and eating high calorie snacks all help, too. But, if you really want an enjoyable night in the great outdoors, it’s best to invest in a space heater for your tent and create a toasty, internal environment.

Below you’ll find a selection of the best options for heating your tent this coming winter, so you don’t have to fear the cold. There are electric, gas and natural material options. You’ll also find versatile heaters, which can be used in other places around the house when you aren’t camping to ensure you get as much as you can from your tent heater this winter. Take a scroll through and find the right tent-heating option for you.

1. Mr. Heater Buddy Portable Propane Heater


With over 2,000 five-star reviews from users, you can be pretty sure the Mr. Heater Buddy Portable Propane Heater is going to keep you toasty throughout the winter months. It can be used both indoors and out, and delivers clean burning heat at nearly 100% efficiency. The device boasts a 4,000 to 9,000 BTU radiant capability, allowing it to heat spaces up to 225 square feet in size. For safety, it also includes an auto shut-off when it’s tipped over and a low-oxygen level detector to prevent any mishaps. You’ll also find a fold-down handle for easy portability and a run time of approximately three hours from a full propane tank.

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2. AmazonBasics 500-Watt Ceramic Heater


The AmazonBasics 500-Watt Ceramic Heater is a well-reviewed, simple and portable answer to keeping your tent warm. It runs on electricity from a socket (so you’ll need to be on an electrically powered campsite), and it delivers heat from efficient ceramic coils, which heat up in a matter of seconds. The heater comes in a choice of four different colors and is ideal for use when you’re camping as well as for heating other small spaces around the house or at the office. It also includes tip-over protection to prevent accidents and sports an easy on/off switch mounted on the back.

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3. Junda Portable Camping Heating Stove


By changing an ordinary burning flame into radial heat energy, the Junda Portable Camping Heating Stove provides a versatile answer to your heating needs. Whether you choose to use natural materials like twigs, leaves and wood for your flame or simply place the cone over the top of your cooking burner, this high-temperature resistant stainless steel device will warm up your tent in no time. The high-quality construction is also durable and capable of withstanding trips to and from the campsite. 

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4. Honeywell 360-Degree Fan Forced Surround Heater


With its circular design, the Honeywell 360-Degree Fan Forced Surround Heater is capable of delivering heat in all directions to ensure each and every corner of your tent is heated. The electric-driven heater also boasts a cool touch plastic housing so you don’t have to worry about accidentally brushing against the device, and the tip-over protection and overheat shut-off ensure there’s never any need to worry. Other great aspects of this portable heater include the adjustable thermostat, auto off timer and the easy grab handle.

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5. STANLEY Heavy Duty Electric Heater


If you’re looking to heat a large space or tent, the STANLEY Heavy Duty Electric Heater could be the device you’ve been searching for. This 1500 watt device can heat spaces up to 165 square feet in size, while the two heat settings make it easy to adjust the heat intensity and temperature you’d prefer. The advanced design of the heater allows it to heat up in a matter of seconds, and the compact design makes it great for tents, offices and other spaces around the home. There’s also a handy carrying handle as well as a built-in tip switch for any unforeseen accidents.

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6. Texsport Sportsmate Portable Propane Heater


If you love golf or camping, you can’t go wrong with this Texsport Sportsmate Portable Propane Heater. It fits a single 16.4-ounce disposable propane fuel cylinder and can be directed in any direction to deliver a dose of heat. The on/off control valve allows for up to 3,000 BTUs, and the device comes with a large paddlefoot base and a molded plastic cup holder mount, depending on how you want to use the heater. In addition to being great for heating your tent, one of the intended uses of this device is heating a golf cart during the winter months.

texsport portable propane heater on a white background Image courtesy of Amazon


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