Tree Swings Are Backyard Must-Haves for Kids and Adults Alike

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Upgrading your backyard with one of the best tree swings is a fun idea for the whole family. You might automatically assume we’re talking about tree swings for kids, but we’re actually talking about the best tree swings for adults, too.

Tree swings are one of the best backyard additions you’ll make this year. They’re great for both adults and children and come in a huge variety of designs to suit your style. Some of the best tree swings are designed specifically for kids and others for adults, but whichever age range you’ll be shopping for, the following benefits will stay true:

  • Relaxation – Having a time-out zone, such as a tree swing, is a brilliant way to designate some important me-time. It might be exactly what you need to get the kids away from their game station and out into the fresh air, or to get yourself away from scrolling while you pick up a book and enjoy some peace and quiet. 
  • Play – While many tree swings for adults are designed with relaxation in mind, most tree swings for kids are aimed at playtime. The bases of the swings come in all shapes and sizes, including plain platforms similar to a trampoline top (but without the bounce), large tires and more alternative designs, such as aerial hoops and ride-on horses.

The great thing about having your own tree swing is that you can decide its purpose each time you use it. One day the kids might be playing a game of “the floor is lava” or hide and seek, and the next day, they might be chilling out watching the clouds go by.  


How to Safely Install and Hang a Tree Swing

Installing your tree swing correctly is extremely important. Once it’s set up, you’re armed with endless hours of fun, but following the set-up instructions in detail is the vital first step. 

Here are some of the best safety points to consider when setting up your new tree swing:

  • Branch Selection – You should avoid fruit trees, evergreen trees or trees which split easily when selecting the branch on which to mount your swing. Hardwood trees with a branch at least eight centimeters in diameter are the best and should be used wherever possible. You should also hang the swing as close to the trunk as possible while allowing around 4 feet of room for side swinging. If you’re unsure of which tree in your garden is best for your tree swing, then you should ask for advice from a local tree surgeon. 
  • Attachments – Most swings come with one or two carabiners, depending on how many tree straps are required. However, the tree straps themselves are not frequently included, so it’s important to check this detail in the product description. Here is a great pair of tree straps you can order from Amazon if required.
 Tree Swing Hanging Straps Kit Amazon

  • Ground Surface – It’s a wise idea to have a flat surface underneath your tree swing. Although the swing itself won’t touch the floor, it is safer to have a sturdy landing zone for when you decide to get off. Keep an eye out for tree roots, as they are a common tripping hazard that can cause injury. You might even consider creating a designated zone of bark or sand for a soft landing below your tree swing.
  • Water – A tree swing over water is a summertime classic for kids (and adults), but ensuring there is safety gear around in case of any incidents is very important. If your tree swing is near a lake, pool or other water space, make sure you have a life ring or other flotation device nearby. You should also do your best to locate your swing somewhere with a phone signal, just in case. 

While summer stay-cations are still more common than summer vacations, a tree swing can add a new element of fun to staying home. Not all backyard furniture offers the chance for parents and kids to enjoy together like a tree swing does. Certain designs are the ideal location for reading a book together or even taking a nap.

Below, we have listed the best tree swings available online for both kids and adults. You’ll notice the adult options are more focused on solo use whereas many of the kids’ options are well suited to multiple riders to encourage social play. Whichever tree swing you choose for your backyard, you’ll be so glad you did. 


Best Tree Swings for Adults

Treat yourself to one of the below tree swings and enjoy. Most of these tree swings are designed for comfort and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. So, if you’re looking for a new go-to place when it’s time to chill, one of these tree swings is exactly what you need.


1. Y-STOP Hanging Rope Swing


With over 5,000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating, you can be confident in choosing the Y-STOP Hanging Rope Swing. Designed for comfort, this tree swing will make you feel cozy and safe as you relax into its back and forth motion. It even includes two pillows for your comfort. Additionally, on the right side of the chair, you’ll find a storage pocket, which is ideal for placing your book, phone or snacks. You won’t want to leave this tree swing once you’ve taken a seat.

Y-STOP Hanging Rope Swing best tree swing Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Chihee Hammock Chair Swing


At a cost-friendly $27, the Chihee Hammock Chair Swing offers an option for everyone. Inspired by other more expensive brands, this chair scoops you up in comfort as the generous amount of material hangs from the top bar. It’s available in large or extra-large, so even those with big bottoms can enjoy this tree swing. We also love that it’s available in two, neutral colors to suit your space.

best tree swing Chihee Hammock Chair Swing Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Gold Armour Camping Hammock


If you prefer to lay horizontal rather than sit up straight, get yourself a Fold Armour Camping Hammock. Available in a large range of colors, you can choose yours to match the rest of your camping gear. This tree swing requires a longer branch than most others, but it offers a place to sleep as well as a seat raised from the ground and away from the creepy crawlies. This one is super portable, so you can feel confident ordering it for your next outdoor trip.

tree swing gold armour Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Highwild Hammock Chair


Add a splash of color to your garden with the Highwild Hammock Chair. The striped blue, yellow and green design makes a fantastic summer addition to your outdoor space. Following the most popular one-person tree chair design, multiple ropes are attached to a horizontal top bar. This creates a scooping seat that comfortably cradles your body. The kit includes all the parts required to assemble the chair itself, although you will need to purchase the tree straps separately.

tree swing highwild hammock Image courtesy of Amazon


5. SELEWARE Wooden Swing


Tree swings have come leaps and bounds in creativity and design, but the SELEWARE Wooden Swing stays true to the traditional wooden model. Made of three-centimeter solid wood and featuring soft, rubber covers around the joints, this swing is suitable for both adults and children alike. At the point of purchase, you can choose to include a rope or chain with your swing, both of which are adjustable once installed.

seleware wooden swing Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Sunnydaze Hanging Hammock Chair


When it comes to break time on a hike, you’ll be glad to have the Sunnydaze Hanging Hammock Chair. With multiple adjustable areas, including a footrest and a headrest, this tree swing is designed for comfort. It’s suitable for one adult at a time and comes with everything you need to attach it to an already installed tree bracket. Alternatively, you can set up the included frame to create a free-standing option to place anywhere you have a space on your patio, in the yard or even in the house.

sunnydaze hanging hammock chair Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Greenstell Hammock Chair


Add a hint of hippy-chic to your backyard with the Greenstell Hammock Chair. The macrame design creates the ideal seat for relaxing, meditation and reading. This is one of the most stylish options, which you can upgrade with separately sourced pillows and cushions. It’s well suited for both indoor and outdoor use, so if you don’t have a tree around, you can simply attach it to your ceiling using the included brackets.

greenstell hammock chair Image courtesy of Amazon


8. HearthSong Steel Web Swing


Get comfy on your own, with the kids or with your partner on the HearthSong Steel Web Swing. Just looking at the photo of this tree swing makes you want to climb on board. Featuring an oversized circular pillow including a bolster, you’ll be as cozy as can be on this elevated chair. It measures 50 inches in diameter and can hold up to 250 pounds, so you’ll feel secure while swinging, whether on your own or sharing.

health red steel web swing Image courtesy of Wayfair


9. Trekassy Giant Tree Swing


For a more playful tree swing that’s ideal for families, chose the Trekassy Giant Tree Swing. Made from a steel frame, the rectangular base measures 60 by 32 inches and is covered in weather-resistant 900D Oxford fabric. Two tree straps are included, so everything you need to get set up will be delivered to your door. It comes in pieces that can be assembled and disassembled easily. This last attribute is great for storage purposes.

trekassy giant platform tree swing Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Christopher Knight Home Hanging Chair


Every luxury home and stylish garden need a tree swing. Shaped like an egg and filled with two comfy pillows, this uniquely designed chair can be hung either from your tree or from a separately purchased frame. The outer shell is made from weaved brown polyethylene and features two useful handles on either side for sitting down or standing up. The included seat and back cushion are cream, but you could also jazz it up with your own throw pillows. This tree swing measures 38 by 23.5 by 48 inches tall, making it best suited to accommodate one user at a time.

christopher knight home chair swing Image courtesy of Amazon


Best Tree Swings for Kids

A great way to win the adoration of your kids is with a tree swing. The best tree swings for kids are ideal for encouraging them to play outside and socialize with friends, all from the safety of your own home. All the kids in town will be envious of your backyard addition.


1. SUPER DEAL Saucer Tree Swing Set


The SUPER DEAL Saucer Tree Swing Set has five out of five stars and over 3,000 customer reviews. It’s the ideal, go-to tree swing for kids and can support up to 700 pounds. Made with Textilene fabric and premium quality steel, this tree swing is weather resistant and made for the outdoors. It has a 40-inch diameter, making it well suited for both single users and groups of up to three. Plus, the base is printed with a central target to show where to sit for balance.

tree swings for kids super deal waterproof saucer Image courtesy of Amazon


2. SUMMERSDREAM Rigid Child Swing


Available in three bright colors, namely green, orange or purple, the SUMMERSDREAM Rigid Child Swing adds a flash of color to your garden. Made for durability and to withstand all weather conditions, this tree swing can last for years to come. The nylon hanging ropes are adjustable between the lengths of four to seven feet, and the seat can hold up to 190 pounds once installed.

tree swings for kids summersdream rigid purple swing Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Little Tikes Grow With Me Swing


Brightly colored with all three primary tones, this blue, yellow and red Little Tikes Grow With Me Swing is specifically designed to adapt as your toddler grows. The integrated T-bar has a 180-degree hinge, which allows it to move closer or further away from the passenger to suit their size. It can also be completely removed to allow for an open front. Additionally, there are two shoulder straps for added security when required.

tree swings for kids little tikes snug n secure grow Image courtesy of Amazon


4. PACEARTH Swing Seat


With over 2,000 reviews and a five-out-of-five-star rating, you can be confident in the quality and safety of the PACEARTH Swing Sweat. It’s available in seven different colors, all of which feature a single chain on either side covered in a yellow plastic coating to avoid any catches or scratches. Once installed, this tree swing can support up to 600 pounds and can be adjusted to suit different heights by moving the chain along the top attachment.

pacearth swing seat Image courtesy of Amazon


5. LAEGENDARY Climbing Rope Tree Swing


Sit, stand and climb on the LAEGENDARY Climbing Rope. It features four colorful attachments spread down the rope, which can be used to hold and to climb up. The larger red design located at the bottom of the rope is meant to be used both as a seat and as a standing base, too. It supports up to 120 pounds and hides the adjustable knot underneath, which can be altered for rope lengths between 4.3 and 6.6 feet.

laegendary rope swing Image courtesy of Amazon


6. M&M Sales Enterprise Metal Ring Swing


The M&M Sales Enterprise Metal Ring Swing could be your child’s inspiration for a future in aerial acrobatics. The large hoop frame boasts ergonomic handles on either side to offer support. There are also some green and yellow features attached for decoration. The large green seat located centrally at the bottom of the hoop can be used to both sit and stand on, depending on the mood of your child.

m & m green metal ring swing Image courtesy of Wayfair


7. Swurfer Stand Up Surfing Swing


You might not live near the sea, but your kid can still be a surfer dude with the Swurfer Stand Up Surfing Swing. The board deck is made with eco-friendly wood sourced from environmentally responsible forests and is treated to be weather resistant. The four hanging ropes feature a handle at either end of the board to offer stability. Plus, your new tree swing will be delivered in 100% recyclable packaging.

swurfer the original stand up surfing swing Image courtesy of Wayfair


8. M&M Sales Enterprise Fabric Platform Swing


If your kid loves making dens, then this is the tree swing for them. The M&M Sales Enterprise Fabric Platform Swing comes complete with an optional tent covering to create a tipi-like enclosure to hang out in. All the materials used are designed to be weather resistant, so this tree swing can be used come rain or shine. The base measures 39 inches square and is suitable for up to two children to use at once.

m & m fabric platform swing Image courtesy of Wayfair


9. Trekassy Spider Web Swing


The webbed based on the Treekassy Spider Web Swing allows for those on top to see the ground below. It has a 40-inch diameter and can support up to 750 pounds, making it suitable for up to five kids or two adults. Two tree straps come included, and the hanging ropes can be adjusted between 47 and 71 inches. For storage purposes, this tree swing can be folded down into smaller dimensions, making it easy to keep out of sight when not in use.

trekassy spider web swing Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Eastern Jungle Gym Swing with Chains


Create a jungle gym in your backyard with the Eastern Jungle Gym Swing with Chains. The large rubber tire used as the base of this tree swing can support up to 150 pounds in weight and is great for climbing onto from all angles. Both the tire and the attached three chains are extremely durable and child-friendly due to rounded surfaces. This is the tire swing you likely remember from your childhood.

eastern jungle gym black chains tire Image courtesy of Wayfair


11. Magic Cabin Regatta Swing


The Magic Cabin Regatta Swing is one of the safest tree swings on our list. Its bathtub-like seat is made so riders can sit deep within its walls. Measuring 49 by 18 inches, it’s suitable for up to two kids to use at once. Riders can pull the hanging ropes to put the swing into motion. Furthermore, the bright red exterior adds a flash of color and is easy to see from a distance, so you know when your kid is inside.

magic cabin red regatta swing Image courtesy of Wayfair


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