The Best Water Socks for Every Outdoor Sport

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If you enjoy a cold, refreshing dip in the ocean or a lake in the colder months, a pair of thermal water socks will help out with the chill factor. Or, perhaps you prefer ocean kayaking, surfing, or any other water-based sport that requires a bit more coverage than their summer counterparts. Water socks are best used as a thinner alternative to water shoes, which can be clunky, or too big to be comfortable. Having an attractive, streamlined sock is worth it when you’re out in the elements and need an extra protective layer.

The best water socks are thermal, which protect you with the heaviest layer of neoprene. Other water socks will be slightly thinner but at a lower price point. So depending on how cold the water is, what your use will be, or how much insulation you require, we have a few choices for you that fall anywhere from $15 to $45.

Water socks can be paired with flippers or used as an inner layer to water shoes and are best paired with some waterproof headphones. Great for open water swims or surfs, water socks will keep you cozy and in the water longer. So get ready for a chilly adventure and check out all the best water socks we have to offer.


1. Wetsox Reinforced Fin Socks

Our number one choice for water socks, the Wetsox brand has made a durable and long-lasting sock that fits so snugly, you don’t even have to size up on your fins. With an abrasive bottom layer, you won’t slip on rocks and your feet will remain protected inside even on harsh surfaces like gravel or dirt. A softer upper layer of nylon protects the top of your foot and keeps everything insulated and snug so you don’t have to worry about them falling off. A great choice for open water swimmers, divers, or recreational swimmers.

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2. Tilos 3mm Neoprene Socks

These 3mm socks are extra warm because of how much neoprene they contain. Neoprene comes in a variety of layers from 1 to 6 mm. The Tilos socks are about midway in coverage, which is more than enough for a chilly open water swim or a surf session. Tilos has other options in neoprene as well. Great for use as lake socks, or for a day at the tide pools. Once you try these snug neoprene socks, you won’t be able to wear anything else!

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3. 101 Snorkel Socks

These budget water socks are a great choice for those looking for comfort, warmth and a good deal. These snug water socks are best for snorkeling or diving to wear under your fins. Made from 2mm of neoprene, these socks are slightly thinner than our choices listed above but still warm enough for cooler water sports.

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4. BPS Storm Sock

This water sock is a great choice for its price point and the variety of colors and designs offered. There’s a sock for everyone and they come in 3mm thickness, which will keep you comfortable and warm in any cold water activity. A great choice for families or multiple purchases.

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5. CAPAS 2 mm Neoprene Water Socks

At 2mm, these neoprene water socks will keep you warm and protected from rocky bottoms, sharp reefs or dirty lake beds. A great budget water sock for those looking to stock up on a few pairs for the year ahead. With an abrasive bottom, these socks will keep your grip firm and sturdy while you enjoy the crisp open water.

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6. RTDEP UMM Water Socks

Another great choice of water sock, at 2mm of neoprene, these socks will keep you warm and cozy while out in the cool water. Whether you’re in a lake or in the ocean, these water socks will prove to be comfortable and stable as they have a sticky bottom for secure walking or balance on a board. Try these for a smooth, snug water sock at a great price.

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7. NeoSports Wetsuits Water Socks

These water socks come in two different styles: a low top and a high top, which is useful for those who would like a little bit of extra protection or for those who like as little neoprene connected to them as possible. At 2mm, these water socks are warm and comfortable for any outdoor use, such as surfing or swimming.

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8. SeaVenger Zephyr 3 mm Neoprene Socks

These water socks are 3mm thick which will keep you extra warm on a cold day. Get ready for a surf or a paddle with SeaVenger neoprene water socks. With a sticky bottom, there won’t be any chance of slipping on sharp rocks or through the surf on your way out to the line-up. A great choice for open water swimmers looking to keep moving through a cold winter season or any other winter water sports.

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9. Tilos Sport Skin Socks 2mm Neoprene

At 2mm thick, these Tilos water socks are slightly less warm than the Tilos listed above. Depending on your preference, the amount of neoprene amounts to more warmth and comfort in colder water, so if you’re in waters around 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit, 2 mm of neoprene will do just fine. These water socks are an excellent choice for any open water swimmers or paddle boarders. They are also a great choice for sand sports to stop blisters or abrasions from sliding in the hot sand.

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10. Simari Water Socks

These socks are great for any water sport but also for other beach-related activities such as volleyball or yoga. Trying to avoid the hot sand and protect your feet from the sea creatures hiding along the shore? These snug-fitting water socks will do the trick. They come in a variety of colors and sizes, a great choice for the entire family.

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