8 Weed String Trimmers to Make Quick Work of Annoying Weeds

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Black + Decker
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The phrase ‘growing like a weed’ has existed in our public vernacular for a good reason: weeds grow so fast that they can be hard to keep up with and manage. Pulling out each stalk is tedious and physically painful, which is why a weed string trimmer — or a weed whacker, as you might know, it — can come in handy.

Most typically electrical, a weed string trimmer has a thin, small cable at the aluminum shaft base to allow an operator to sweep it across a weed-infested area. The cable spins at such a high speed that it chops the weed right down at the base, providing your yard relief from those nasty bits of nature.

While weed string trimmers come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, there’s no need to fret over which one works best for you, as we’ve rounded up eight of our favorites for you to shop now. Our selection, below.


1. EGO Power+ Cordless Weed String Trimmer

One of the only hassles with a string weed trimmer is that the string can lose its tension over time, which makes trying to weed wack a hassle. Fortunately, the EGO Power+ automatically winds the trimmer, making it simple and easy to load the string and press a button to rewind it accordingly. The string provides a cutting radius of about 15 inches, while the rechargeable lithium battery makes it easy trimming a breeze.

EGO Power+ Cordless Weed String Trimmer Lowes


2. DEWALT Weed String Trimmer

Those who want extra control over their string trimmer’s power should check out this version from the classic power tool brand DEWALT. With a 13-inch cutting swath, you’ll have plenty of space to trim down those pesky yard annoyances. More importantly, the trimmer includes a specialized transmission that allows you to power through overgrown areas. That feature is further improved by a variable trigger that can ramp speeds up or down depending on what the situation calls for.

DEWALT Weed String Trimmer Amazon


3. Black + Decker Weed String Trimmer

A great value purchase, this weed string trimmer from Black + Decker offers a decently wide radius of 14 inches. The included edging wheel helps to provide a clean, polished finish on the edges of your yard with every single cut. Additionally, an automatic feed spool removes the need to bump for more string. However, the tradeoff for value comes at the cost of cordless functionality, so you’ll need to make sure your extension cord is long enough.

Black + Decker Weed String Trimmer Amazon


4. Craftsman V20 Weed String Trimmer

If you like having the added functionality of an edger but want it to be powerful and wireless, the Craftsman V20 has plenty to like. The 13-inch radius provides plenty of cutting space and power for you to edge your yard or whack those weeds effectively. Additionally, an adjustable shaft allows for you to save your back some trouble, so you’re not effectively hunching over. Plus, the battery power allows you to toggle between two different speeds without having to suck up all the juice too quickly, making fast work of your yard care.

Craftsman V20 Weed String Trimmer Amazon


5. Worx PowerShare Weed String Trimmer

If you’re in the market for a weed string trimmer that combines the best of two different styles, Worx’s Powershare weed string trimmer is worth considering. An easily adjustable convertible function can shift from trimmer to edger in a breeze, providing extra functionality when you need it most. An ergonomic handle makes it even easier and comfortable to use the trimmer for extended periods of time. Simultaneously, the instant line feed functionality provides line with just the touch of a button.

Worx PowerShare Weed String Trimmer Amazon


6. Echo 2-Stroke Cycle Straight Shaft Weed String Trimmer

Even though it is gas-powered, the Echo 2-Stroke Cycle Straight Shaft Weed String Trimmer manages to be light and evenly balanced to make getting rid of those weeds very easy. An extended reach makes it easy to get down to the base of those weeds to rid your yard and surrounding areas of them. Plus, the 17-inch cutting swath provides a plentiful area for you to operate, making quick work of even the toughest stalks.

Echo 2-Stroke Cycle Straight Shaft Weed String Trimmer Home Depot


7. LawnMaster Electric Weed String Trimmer

What we love most about this electric weed string trimmer from LawnMaster is the pivoting head, which shifts into seven different spots to help you get into those tough areas to provide just what you need. A 14-inch cutting radius with an auto-feed string head makes cutting simple and easy to accomplish. Plus, an included flower guard and trimming line only add to the trimmer’s overall compelling nature.

LawnMaster Electric Weed String Trimmer Amazon


8. Litheli Electric Weed String Trimmer

Another two-in-line weed string trimmer option, this electric version from Litheli, provides both trimming and edging in one powerful package with the ability to easily rotate the cutting head by simply pressing and holding a button to shift to the desired position. The automatic line feed makes adjusting very simple, while the trimmer’s overall lightweight nature (4.5 pounds!) makes it really easy to use.

Litheli Electric Weed String Trimmer Amazon


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