Get More Done (And With Less Back Pain) With a Dependable Wheelbarrow

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When modernist poet William Carlos Williams wrote, “So much depends upon a red wheelbarrow,” it’s likely he was more interested in romanticized notions of pastoral life than the actual functionality of a wheelbarrow. But, if you want to take his words literally, so much does depend on a wheelbarrow. Whether you’re carting rocks, a hauler bag, lumber or dirt, a wheelbarrow’s average load tends to be pretty heavy. This is why you should invest in one of the best wheelbarrows, designed to be dependable, durable and to help you avoid back pain.

A wheelbarrow is a versatile piece of outdoor equipment that can make transporting piles of goods or oversized items from A to B a lot easier than without one. You might already have a good idea of what you’ll be using yours for, or you might just be wise enough to know they’re a very useful thing to own. Either way, consider these features, which vary from model to model:

  • Handle – Having a firm comfortable grip and a handle positioned at a logical angle makes the difference between a wheelbarrow you might consider working without and one you’ll incorporate into every garden task. The most traditional style of wheelbarrow handle boasts dual poles. Some have bike-like top covers which point towards you as you hold them either side at hip height. The more alternative option is a singular loop bar that joins from and to the tray of the barrow. 
  • Tray – The large central bucket of a wheelbarrow is known as the tray. They’re often made of either metal or highly durable plastic and have a capacity of around 65 liters. Some designs also feature a domed front, which makes them ideal for outdoor chores requiring dumping.
  • Wheels – A good wheel, or set of wheels, will tackle multiple terrains and ensure your wheelbarrow can move as you need it to. Solid rubber wheels are a great choice for avoiding punctures, but pneumatic tires, which have an internal tube, have the benefit of shock absorption, making them well-suited to stairs and bumpy surfaces. 

While the best wheelbarrows for yard work and professional use are sturdy and well maintained, they don’t all need to be equally hefty. If you’re using a wheelbarrow around the yard for pruning and to collect dead leaves and branches, then you may want something light and easily maneuverable. But, if you regularly find yourself pushing around large rocks and heavy lumber, then something seriously heavy-duty will be more useful. Alternatively, if you’re just using your wheelbarrow for wheelbarrow races with the neighbors or to carry your dogs around, your considerations may be different yet.

Whatever kind of work (or play) you’re doing, these are the 12 best wheelbarrows for sale right now.


1. Jackson Wheelbarrow


If you’re looking for a traditional wheelbarrow, this option, with its heavy-duty steel tray, large wheel and dual handles fits the bill. Jackson makes tools for professionals, and the company makes one of the best wheelbarrows in the world. The Jackson wheelbarrow features a contractor-grade steel undercarriage, patented leg stabilizers and is super easy to maneuver on all terrain. This six-cubic-foot cart works equally well on the job site or around the yard, and its durable construction will last for many years to come. Its single wheel makes it easy to maneuver through tight spaces, but the leg stabilizers reduce the risk of your new wheelbarrow tipping over.

This wheelbarrow is available with both steel and wood frames. The steel version is better for construction use, but for the average gardener, the hardwood frame version pictured below will work fine.

jackson blue wheelbarrow Image courtesy of Amazon


2. WORX Aerocart Wheelbarrow


The best tools are the ones that can do double duty, or in the case of the Worx Aerocart Wheelbarrow, octo-duty. It’s designed as an eight-in-one solution for all of your carrying needs. And while some of these functions are very similar, the Aerocart is undoubtedly versatile. It can switch between being a wheelbarrow, hand truck, bag holder or plant mover. Its versatility is owed to the adjustable dolly plate and movable support bar. The bin is made from sturdy steel, and the flat-free tires never need inflation.

worx aerocart multi use wheelbarrow Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Gorilla Carts Garden Cart


Gorilla Carts understands there are all kinds of uses for a wheelbarrow, and so they offer five different add-on options to go with their Garden Cart, including a scoop, shovel and stool. The cart itself is available with either a black or green tray, which is mounted on a strong black metal frame and features a quick-release system, designed for dumping with ease. Plus, the pneumatic tires are ten inches thick, which makes them fearless against tough terrains.

best wheelbarrow gorilla carts poly garden dump cart Image courtesy of Amazon


4. G & F Products Wheelbarrow


An extra pair of hands is always welcome in the garden and so is an extra wheelbarrow, even if it’s child-size. The G & F Products Wheelbarrow for kids features a vibrant blue tray and green handles, all made of metal. At the front base of the barrow is one singular wheel made of rubber for durability and non-popping purposes. This colorful piece of carrying equipment is aimed at children three years and up.

g f products wheelbarrow Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Marathon Yard Rover Wheelbarrow


Even the lightest steel wheelbarrows are pretty heavy, which is why you may want to consider a lighter plastic option if you’re carting lighter loads. This cart is a light 25 pounds, but the sturdy polypropylene build gives it a substantial 300-pound capacity. The loop handle makes it easy to switch hand positions for pushing and pulling the cart, and the two oversized wheels make maneuvering easier.

marathon yard rover cart Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Earth Worth Log Cart


One of the best uses for a wheelbarrow is carrying logs. But if you’re so sure of what you need your wheelbarrow for, why not invest in a specifically designed cart on wheels instead? The Earth Worth Log Cart can be used to both carry and store pieces of wood. The clever design ensures plenty of ventilation for the logs and that they stay raised from the ground to protect against mold, rot and infestations.

earth worth firewood log cart Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Best Choice Products Wheelbarrow


It can be a bumpy ride out in the garden, so having a wheelbarrow ready to glide over all surfaces is wise. The Best Choice Product Wheelbarrow is designed with dual wheels for extra stability and motion drive. It has a weight capacity of 330 pounds, and the tray is made from durable plastic. The singular loop handle ensures a good grip to encourage a strong dumping maneuver supported by the curved nose of the tray.

best choice products dual wheel home utility yard Image courtesy of Amazon


8. LUCKYERMORE Utility Wagon


Filling, moving and dumping doesn’t get easier than it is with the LUCKYERMORE Utility Wagon. The large green tray sits on four highly durable rubber tires and a clever dumping system, which tilts the wheelbarrow to nearly 90 degrees for a clean empty. The hook-style handle features a central rubber grip and directly pulls the two front wheels in the direction of your movement with a turn range of over 180 degrees.

luckymore garden dump utility wagon Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Sandusky Lee Garden Wagon


A wagon can be a great alternative to a traditional wheelbarrow, thanks to the greater capacity and stability of a wagon. This option from Sandusky has four wheels for easy rolling, and the steel sides feature a mesh pattern, helping to cut down on the overall weight of the wagon. Of course, this means if you’re carrying dirt you’ll need something like a tarp to keep it in place. The sides of the wagon fold down, making loading and unloading easier. This also allows you to carry materials that are wider than the wagon by folding down the sides.

sandusky lee garden cart Image courtesy of Amazon


10. AMES Lawn and Garden Cart


When Autumn strikes and the leaves hit the ground, having a trusty vessel in which you can collect and transport them can make restoring your lawn to its former glory a more enjoyable experience. At only 18 pounds in weight, the AMES Lawn and Garden Cart is easy to tilt down to meet the ground for collecting and then back onto its wheels, ready for moving. The smoothly attached double handles feature an integrated tool tray, too. However, be sure not to overfill this space prior to tilting; otherwise, you may find your shears thrown into the leaf pile. 

best wheelbarrow ames easy roller poly Image courtesy of Amazon


11. True Temper Wheelbarrow


Being able to purchase spare parts is a plus for any piece of equipment. Although unlikely to happen often, knowing you can replace the wheel of your True Temper Wheelbarrow is reassuring to its long lifespan. This highly durable wheelbarrow features a bright yellow plastic poly-track on a wooden frame with whittled handles. Additionally, a metal brace is attached to the underneath of the frame to provide a solid base when stationary.

best wheelbarrow true temper dual wheel poly Image courtesy of Amazon


12. Draper Wheelbarrow


Why stop style at the front porch when it could find its way into the garden, too, with the Draper Wheelbarrow? The all-metal tray and frame are highlighted by a steel-rimmed black wheel and black grip handles on both dual bars. With a large capacity of 65 liters, this wheelbarrow is one of the largest on our list. Plus, the galvanized coating makes it easy to clean to ensure it stays looking its best.

best wheelbarrow draper garden Image courtesy of Amazon


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