Best Men’s Windbreaker Pants for Your Inclement Weather Adventures

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Courtesy of Huckberry
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Hiking in the cooler months can be very rewarding: wide-open vistas, snow-frosted peaks and fireside chats with friends after a long day are all hard to beat. Of course, your outdoor fun comes at the price of feeling chilly. This is where layers and outdoor blankets come in handy, but the real winner is the windbreaker pant. You probably have a windbreaker jacket, but the best wind pants are also extremely versatile and comfortable for hiking and cold-weather runs.

With a base layer of long underwear or running tights, men’s windbreaker pants work well as a buffer between you and the cold wind. Better than jeans for a chilly walk, these windbreaker pants are often waterproof and have plenty of pockets. Pull these cozy pants on for a late afternoon jog in winter or for an epic snow-covered mountain top hike.

Browse our favorite windbreaker pants below for your next adventure.


1. Adidas Men’s Wind Pants

A classic brand like Adidas won’t steer you wrong in the pants department and their wind pants are comfortable as well as warm. Great for a chilly jog or hike, these pants will be your go-to for the rest of winter and spring. Made from 100% cotton French terry, these pants are as soft as they are functional. Pull these on over a pair of warm jogging tights for extra insulation or wear them by themselves for a dewy spring adventure.

Adidas Men's Wind Pants Courtesy of Adidas


2. Patagonia Houdini Pants

These extremely light windbreaker pants will surely covet your heart after you take them hiking. Great for jogging, running through a snowy trail, or climbing mountains, these pants can do it all. They add an amazing layer of insulation that will leave you telling all of your friends about the next level of comfort you just experienced. These Patagonia pants are made from 100% featherweight recycled ripstop nylon and give back to the environment. You can too with a purchase of Patagonia’s Houdini Pants.

Patagonia Houdini Pants Courtesy of REI


3. Relwen Stretch Wind Pant

Huckberry is a hub for quality men’s products, and the Relwen Stretch wind pants are almost sold out. The Relwin wind pants can’t be beaten in terms of material, durability or comfort, and the brand’s products are always worth the premium price — if you can find them in-stock. You won’t feel one second of a cold, brisk wind while wearing these Stretch Wind Pants. Made from a stretchy nylon shell fabric, these pants have an inner lining of soft jersey for maximum comfort. With ribbed cuffs and a small rear pocket to stash your valuables, these windpants have a clean, stylish look. Coming only in a dark gray, make these wind pants your first choice for all winter activities.


huckberry wind pants Courtesy of Huckberry


4. Lululemon License to Train Pant

One can never go wrong with a pair of Lululemon pants and the License to Train joggers are sleek, stylish, and comfortable. Easily cozy enough to be an extra layer in a chilly winter storm, pull these on for more support; in fact, you may enjoy them so much you’ll be eager to get your workout started. Made from 100% recycled polyester, these pants have waterproof panels to secure your legs during an intense workout in the brisk winter breeze. Check these pants out for their style and comfort; you’ll be wearing them even on your off day.

Lululemon License to Train Pant Courtesy of Lululemon


5. Sport-Tek Men’s Windbreaker Pant

These men’s windbreaker pants are all you could ask for from a multi-sport perspective: a great layer against the chilly wind, baggy enough to provide endless comfort, and made from soft polyester. These pants will suit your cold season needs and provide more than enough coverage as the season warms up. Sport-Tek’s wind pants are a little heavier than our other options but still worth the chance of adventure.

Sport-Tek Men's Windbreaker Pant Courtesy of Amazon


6. Acme Projects

These wind pants are light but cozy and you’ll find yourself taking them with you on every outing, be it a trek or a light jog in the woods. Acme has made a really nice pair of versatile pants for everyday wear as well as for the more rough and rugged adventure. Wear these comfortable lightweight pants for a day on the mountain or around town, as they are durable, waterproof with sealed seams, and breathable. You won’t find yourself overheating anytime soon in a pair of Acme pants.

Acme Projects wind pants Courtesy of REI


7. REI Co-op Rain Pants

Another excellent choice of brand-name pants are the Rain Pants from REI. Although marketed as a rain pant, they function similarly to the wind pant: they are breathable yet durable outer shells that are great for layering. Pull these on over a warm pair of joggers or tights and find yourself enmeshed in another world as you make your way through the chilly outdoors. These pants are a completely durable outer shell, waterproof, and have a drawcord waistband. Their best feature though is that they fold down into their own small pocket, which makes them great for backpacking and traveling light during inclement weather adventures. A great choice for anyone on an adventure.

REI Co-op Rain Pants Courtesy of REI


8. Ninth Hall Nebula Windbreaker Track Pants

These pants get points for comfort, functionality, and above all–style. Cool and comfortable, you’ll find yourself reaching for a pair of Ninth Hall Track Pants whenever you prep for a run outside in the brisk chill of winter or spring. Don’t hold back on your exercise regimen when you can pull on another lightweight layer for the ultimate run. Made from 55% polyester and 45% nylon the Ninth Hall Track Pants have zippered openings along the calf and are mesh-lined for extra breathability. Check out these windbreaker pants for the ultimate function on the mountain and for their style.

Ninth Hall Nebula Windbreaker Track Pants Courtesy of Zumiez


9. Champion’s Classic Men’s Woven Pant

A versatile brand and expert in all things athletic, Champion’s Woven Pant is as durable and cozy as they come. Waterproof and windproof, these 100% polyester wind pants will shield you from the harsh winter cold or add a much-needed layer to an epic hike. With an elastic waistband and a comfortable, loose fit, these wind pants will suit you for all your adventures, whether they include climbing up a mountain or jogging down Broadway.

Champion's Classic Men's Woven Pant Courtesy of Amazon


10. Nike Epic Training Pant

You can’t go wrong with a pair of pants from Nike and these Epic Training Pants check off all the boxes in terms of style and durability for winter. Sleek and stylish, these pants will keep you going even in the cold as you round another corner on the track or hike to a snow-capped peak. Try the Nike Epic Training Pants with a warm layer of joggers underneath for maximum cold-weather comfort. Made from 100% polyester with a drawstring closure, these pants are true to size and aim to please.

Nike Epic Training Pant Courtesy of Nike


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