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Keep Your Precious Cargo Safe and Warm With an All-Season Stroller

An all-weather stroller is a stroller that can handle the added levels of difficulty that come with keeping kids comfortable and safe, regardless of the weather. Most baby stores sell stroller blankets and wind guards to help keep little ones warm, but a stroller that can handle cold and warm weather alike is paramount for safety. Jogging strollers can be great too, because of their oversized wheels and advanced suspension systems and superior traction.

With features like full-coverage canopies and peekaboo windows, your precious cargo will be kept safe and out of harm’s way, no matter the weather. These are the all-weather and jogging strollers to get.

1. Allen Sports Deluxe Steel Child Trailer

Protect your little ones from cold conditions with the Allen Sports Deluxe Steel Child Trailer. The Allen can be used as a bike trailer or a fully functional fixed wheel jogging stroller. The Allen’s 16” rear wheels and 12” front wheel makes it appropriate for going over snowy sidewalks, with a durable steel construction providing a solid frame. The roomy cabin allows children to sit comfortable in snowsuits and for parents to include additional blankets if necessary. The Allen can fit children up to 50 pounds and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Pros: The Allen Sports isn’t a traditional jogging stroller, but we included it on our list because of its three-season bug and rain shield that helps protect children from snow and wind while still allowing them to see out the front and to the sides.

Cons: The Allen is the heaviest stroller on our list at 31 pounds. Like the Bob, this is both a pro and con because it’s difficult to carry and store, but it’s also better for standing up against windy conditions. Unlike the more traditional jogging strollers on our list, the Allen is not compatible with infant car seats. It’s also the most difficult to steer because it has a fixed front wheel.

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2. Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Stroller

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Stroller is one of the most popular strollers on the market and for a good reason. The versatile stroller is equipped to be every parent’s best friend year-round thanks to its smart design and convenient features.  The City Mini has an oversized UV 50+ canopy that blocks the wind, rain, snow and sun and includes a magnetic peekaboo window that makes it easy for parents to check out their little ones without disturbing them. Never-flat air tires and all-wheel suspension provide a smooth ride even in wet and slushy conditions. The padded seat and adjustable calf support keep your child comfortable. The extra-large storage basket can be accessed from the front or back of the stroller. We also like that the stroller has an adjustable handle and hand-operated parking brake. The City Mini has a weight rating of up to 65 pounds and can be used with an infant car seat or bassinet (adapters much be purchased separately). The extra fabric that is released when the child is in the reclined position is not mesh, like on other strollers, which helps keep cold air out.

Pros: The City Mini’s seat strap makes it easy for users to fold and carry the stroller in one smooth motion and using only one hand. No need to remove your gloves when folding the City Mini.

Cons: The City Mini comes with a big price tag and the wheels are not as large as other joggers, making it harder to handle snow and rocky terrain. The company does make handlebar caddies for parents and snack trays for kids, but these must be purchased in addition to the stroller. The City Mini weighs only 21 pounds, which is suitable for an everyday stroller but light for an all-weather stroller that needs to stand up to high winds.

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3. Chicco Activ3 Air Jogging Stroller

Ride easy with the Chicco Activ3 Air Jogging Stroller, which features never-flat tires that don’t require pumping. The Chicco is an excellent option for a winter stroller when using a KeyFit and Fit2 infant car seats because the seat sits backward in the stroller, with the canopy providing full coverage from the wind. A cross between a standard and jogging stroller, the Chicco features a handlock that allows parents to easily lock and unlock the front swivel wheel for added control. The handlebar can be adjusted to four heights. The canopy is water-resistant and includes reflectors for added visibility. We also like that there is a peekaboo window that allows parents to check on their children without moving the canopy. Flex core suspension is foot-activated for times when parents want to adjust the stiffness of the ride, which is helpful when running or in poor weather conditions. The stroller comes with a wrist tether that is designed to keep the stroller safely connected to parents when they’re jogging, but it’s also a great safety feature to use in icy conditions. The Chicco has three one-hand fold options, including self-standing and storage mode, which allows users to remove the wheels for a more compact shape. The Chicco is the only stroller on our list with a parent caddy on the handlebar, which has space for two drinks and a middle storage compartment for phones, keys and wallets.

Pros: The parking brake is also located on the handlebar, which means parents don’t have to try to step on a foot break in snowy and icy conditions.

Cons: The Chicco’s canopy is not as large as other strollers and, therefore, doesn’t provide as much coverage against the wind. The reclining backrest is 3D Airmesh, which is ideal for ventilation in warm months but doesn’t block out cold air.

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4. BOB Revolution PRO Jogging Stroller

The leader in jogging strollers, the BOB Revolution PRO Jogging Stroller is not only great for running marathons with your little one, but it’s also an excellent option for a all-weather stroller. The oversized air-filled tires are matched with a mountain bike suspension system for a ride that can handle going off-trail and into the snow while still providing a smooth ride. The Bob features several conveniences for parents, including an adjustable handle and a hand brake. The one-hand near-flat recline allows kids to snooze in their stroller and stay comfortable thanks to a padded seat and extra-large UPF 50+ canopy that blocks out the sun, wind, snow and rain. The canopy also provides superior coverage when a compatible infant car seat is attached. A large storage section underneath the stroller can hold extra blankets and snacks.

Pros: The Bob has a max weight of 75 pounds, which is significantly higher than almost all competitors. It can also be used starting at birth (users must purchase car seat adapters for compatible infant car seats).

Cons: The Bob comes with a big price tag. Customers will periodically need to refill the tires. The Bob weights 30.5 pounds, making it cumbersome to put away but heavy enough to handle windy conditions. The Bob doesn’t have a peekaboo window on the canopy and parents have to stand in front of the stroller or pull the canopy back to check on their child.

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