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The Best Wooden Matches for Lighting Everything From Candles to BBQs

Matches have been around for hundreds of years and continue to be a staple in every home. Whether you need to light the barbecue or a new candle, or you’re preparing your survival kit for emergency situations, having reliable matches on hand can provide convenience and even be life-saving.

The world of wooden matches may not seem diverse, but depending on your needs, one match can’t do it all. Want something you can throw in a kitchen drawer and only use for the periodic candle lighting? You want an inexpensive and long-lasting box of matches. Need to light a fireplace or barbecue? You need a match with an extended reach and long burning time. Planning on a weekend camping trip or adding to your emergency kit? A waterproof, wind-resistant wooden match is a must-have.

From hiding odors to doubling as decor, we’ve searched for the best wooden matches for every situation. Check out our list below to find your perfect match. Literally.

1. GreenLight Diamond Strike on Box Matches

Burn clean with the GreenLight Diamond Strike on Box Matches, which are made with wood that has been sourced from responsible forests. The GreenLight is designed with a thick match body to provide extended burning time. A sturdy splint means the match won’t easily break when being lit. The GreenLight matches burn clean with minimal smoke and are packaged with 32 matches in each of the 10 boxes included in the set, making it easy for users to have a matchbox handy around the home, at the campsite and beyond.

Pros: The GreenLight is the most affordable option per match on our list.

Cons: The GreenLight matches are not waterproof or wind resistant.

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2. Quality Home Fireplace Matches

Protect your fingers with the Quality Home Fireplace Matches. The extended matches measure 11” long, providing users with more time to ignite their fireplace, start their barbecue, or light multiple candles with one single match. The length of the matches also makes them ideal for lighting half-burned candles with difficult to reach wicks. The set comes with three boxes containing 40 matches each for a total of 120 matches.

Pros: The Fireplace Matches have a strike pad on the box and will not self-ignite.

Cons: The Fireplace Matches are not as thick and robust as the Plow & Hearth, which also measure 11” in length.

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3. UCO Stormproof Match Kit

Light a match in just about any condition using the UCO Stormproof Match Kit. The waterproof and windproof matches can light even after being completely submerged in water. The 25 matches come in a hard ABS plastic case that floats in water. The case has a no-slip grip and a striker on the outside along with two replaceable strikers in the case.

Pros: The Stormproof matches have an extended length and provide up to 15 seconds of burning time.

Cons: The Stormproof matches are expensive when compared to non-waterproof match options. Because they are waterproof and wind-resistant it can also be difficult to extinguish them before they’re done burning.

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