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Make Lasting Winter Memories in the Snow With a Classic Wooden Sled

Cold weather can mean long days inside for kids and adults with not much to do but watch TV and dream of summer days. But don’t wish away the snow. Instead, embrace it with a durable wooden sled that provides hours of fun sledding down snowy hills.

Wooden sleds typically have a higher price than their plastic counterparts, and for good reason. Wooden sleds are more durable and can often last for years and even decades when cared for and stored properly. Wooden sleds provide a comfortable and stable ride that is especially important when being used by young children. We also like wooden sleds because of their timeless and classic look.

Sledding is a fun way to burn calories during the snowy months and provides lasting memories with friends and family. There’s no expensive equipment or lift passes needed, and the skills required to stay on a sled are thankfully limited. If you’re ready to take back frigid weather with a classic pastime that’s fun for every age, check out our top picks for wooden sleds.

1. Flexible Flyer Metal Runner Sled

For a classically styled wooden sled that will have you sliding down a snowy hill with ease, we recommend the Flexible Flyer Metal Runner Sled. Riders can easily and accurately steer the sled when sitting or in the lying down position by guiding the steering bar. The powder-coated steel runners on the bottom of the sled provide a fast ride on packed snow. The 48-inch long smooth birchwood sled is safe for kids ages five and up.

Pros: The Metal Runner has an impressive weight limit of 250 pounds, making it a great option for both kids and adults.

Cons: The Metal Runner weighs 12 pounds and can be cumbersome to carry. It’s easiest to transport with a pull rope, but one is not included.

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2. Flexible Flyer Wood Toboggan

Fly down the hill with speed in a large group on the Flexible Flyer Wood Toboggan. The Toboggan is six feet long and can hold up to three riders at once. Made with northern hardrock maple, the toboggan has a steam-bent hood design that is secured in place with durable countersunk zinc-plated screws. The slick wooden bottom sits on top of the snow instead of sinking and creates a smooth surface that is perfect for sledding. Flexible Flyer also sells an optional cushion pad that makes the seat of the toboggan water resistant and absorbs bumps.

Pros: The Toboggan is made in Canada and comes fully assembled with a pull rope for added portability.

Cons: Because of the Toboggan’s length, it can be difficult to fit in a car or store when not in use. The Toboggan has the highest price tag on our list.

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3. Millside Industries Convertible Garden Wagon Sleigh

It’s a sled, it’s a wagon, it’s a whole lot of fun in one with the Millside Industries Convertible Garden Wagon Sleigh. A great option for kids and for parents who want to save their backs (the Millside has an extra-long handle for easy pulling), the sled and wagon combo comes with four wheels and four ski feet. The hardwood deck and rack measure 16 inches by 34 inches and has an anti-tip design and heavy-duty undercarriage to keep young riders safe. Customers can also purchase a weather-protection shield canopy to keep riders dry and warm.

Pros: The Millside has a 300-pound weight limit that makes it a great option for carrying loads on dry and snowy ground.

Cons: Changing the tires to skis can be a bit tricky. The sled doesn’t provide a high backrest for riders and weighs 24 pounds, making it difficult to lift.

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4. Flexible Flyer Baby Pull Sled

For the smallest snow lover in your family, we recommend the Flexible Flyer Baby Pull Sled. The sled arrives fully assembled and ready to use. Safe for ages 18 months to four years, the sled measures 29 inches by 14 inches by 11 inches and has a wide base for a comfortable, stable ride. Reinforced metal plates keep the pieces of the sled securely fastened and safe from scratching little riders. A high, curved backrest provides ample support for riders and customers can also purchase a padded insert that provides added comfort and blocks cold air from circulating.

Pros: The Baby Pull Sled weighs only 8.5 pounds and comes with a tow rope attached.

Cons: The Baby Pull Sled has a maximum weight limit of 50 pounds and can’t be used with older kids or adults.

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