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The Best YETI Alternatives For Keeping Your Drinks Chilled All Summer Long

We’ve got a pretty obvious confession to make. We’re completely obsessed with YETI. We’ve reviewed countless YETI products like their popular 64 oz YETI Rambler, covered tons of launches such as their most recent Hopper M20 Hopper backpack and have even released a dedicated YETI gift guide to help our readers snag the perfect YETI gift for any holiday coming up. But here’s something else we have to admit: YETI is damn expensive. That’s why this season, we’re considering some of the best YETI alternatives when keeping our drinks cooler than cool this summer.

The issue with finding YETI alternatives? The brand’s construction is unmatched. Most YETI coolers are built to be practically indestructible, made with grizzly-proof locks and insulation that keeps beverages cold for days. That said, the best coolers able to compete with YETI might not have all the bells and whistles something from our favorite cooler brand has, but they’re absolutely a ton cheaper. Like, hundreds and hundreds of dollars cheaper — which is something you really can’t beat.

YETI offers a ton of different options from wheeled coolers to cooler backpacks to insulated drinkware. Below, you can catch a list of some of our favorite YETI alternatives to consider that come close to or match YETI’s level of construction. Of course, we’re going to list price comparisons to YETI products most similar as well so you can see how much you’d be saving. See everything you need to know before your next beach trip, camping adventure or backyard BBQ below.

1. Igloo Polar Cooler


YETI Option: YETI Hard Cooler — starting at $250.00 for just 2 liters

YETI Alternative: Igloo Polar Cooler — starting at $92.79 for 30.1 gallons

It’s almost impossible to choose YETI when you look at the Igloo Polar Cooler vs the YETI Hard Cooler solely in terms of price comparison. The Igloo Polar Cooler sits at under $100 with a size of a whopping 114 liters total. YETI has a varying number of sizes in their line of Hard Coolers, but the least expensive starts at $250 with the capacity of just two liters. Sure, YETI does have a slew of even larger sizes going up to options that can hold 82.4 gallons while the Igloo Polar Cooler stays consistently the same size at 114 liters, but these prices get even higher as you go up, ranging upwards of $1,500 for a single cooler. And, the most bizarre part? The Igloor Polar Cooler can do all of the same things your YETI can do.

Each of these Igloos are insulated to the maximum to keep ice frozen for up to five days total in temperatures skyrocketing up to 90-degrees. The Igloo can hold up to 188 cans in total and has easy-to-relocate handles on either side if you need to throw the cooler in the back of your pickup for the next beach day. In addition, the Igloo Polar Cooler has a plug at the bottom side, making melted ice easy to expose of when the day’s over. This is an option that’s silly to not consider.

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2. Coleman Portable Rolling Cooler


YETI Option: YETI Tundra Haul Cooler — $400.00 for 13.8 gallons

YETI Alternative: Coleman Portable Rolling Cooler — starting at $59.39 for 12.5 gallons

The YETI Tundra Haul Cooler is essentially the same exact cooler as the one we mentioned from them prior — just on wheels. This, of course, ups the price of the same size YETI cooler without wheels by a couple of hundred dollars. Thankfully, Coleman’s Portable Rolling Cooler makes an excellent alternative to the YETI Tundra Haul and only sacrifices one gallon at a fraction of the price. Just like Igloo, Coleman’s cooler will keep ice cold for five days total in temperatures scoring up to 90-degrees so your drinks will stay colder for longer. Wheels are heavy-duty and can manage to roll over most terrains from classic blacktops at the tailgate to sand on the seashore. In addition to wheels, there is a telescoping handle that’ll help you easily lug up to 84 cans (or 95 cans if you opt for the larger option) wherever you need to take them.

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3. Coleman Soft Cooler Bag


YETI Option: YETI Hopper Flip Soft Cooler — starting at $200.00 for 8 cans

YETI Alternative: Coleman Soft Cooler Bag — starting at $20.94 for 9 cans

Soft coolers are an excellent option for bringing when you just need to pack a small sandwich and a couple of cans. Think road trips, quick beach days, hikes, picnics and more. They make for excellent, lightweight additives when you don’t need to store drinks for a whole party of people. YETI’s Hopper Flip Soft Cooler starts at $200 and can only store eight cans in total in comparison to the Coleman Soft Cooler Bag which can fit nine cans at just $20.94. Of course, each bag has larger options that can store even more cans, but the largest YETI size is $300 vs the largest Coleman only being $32.58. YETI’s soft cooler is built with UV-blocking technology and mildew protection which does place it above Coleman’s, but both bags are leakproof and keep beverages cold for hours and hours.

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4. TOURIT Cooler Backpack


YETI Option: YETI Hopper M20 Cooler Backpack — $325.00 for 18 cans

YETI Alternative: TOURIT Cooler Backpack — $36.99 for 30 cans

Ah, cooler backpacks. The best way to bring along cold beverages and snacks without ever needing to use your hands. The YETI Hopper M20 lets users keep their hands free when lugging drinks so they can hold beach chairs, towels, their kids — you name it. The only issue? It is $325. Sure, it has an excellent design with snap closure, rugged exterior, waterproofness and the ability to keep beverages cold for hours on end, but $25 is a lot when the well-reviewed TOURIT Cooler Backpack is just $36.99 on Amazon. This insulated backpack can hold up to 30 cans total and has extreme insulation to keep them cold for up to 16 hours. Plus, it won’t leak whatsoever.

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5. Creative Green Life Jumbo Insulated Cooler Bag


YETI Option: YETI Hopper M30 Soft Cooler — $350.00 for 26 cans

YETI Alternative: Creative Green Life Jumbo Insulated Cooler Bag — $25.99 for 30 cans

The YETI Hopper M30 Soft Cooler is just like the M20 backpack without the straps. It’s got all the bells and whistles the backpack has, it’s just a carryall alternative that allows for users to lug their cold belongings to and from as they please. But, as you could probably imagine, it’s expensive. And we’re talking $350 expensive. Instead, consider the Creative Green Life Jumbo Insulated Cooler Bag, a YETI alternative that can fit 30 cans in total at just $26. Each bag can support more than 40 pounds in total with the ability to keep drinks cold for hours and hours on end. To make things even easier, it’s effortless to clean and totally machine washable.

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6. Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle


YETI Option: YETI Rambler — $50.00 for 36 oz

YETI Alternative: Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle — $23.95 for 32 oz

YETI doesn’t only make coolers, they also make drinkware. Our favorite drinkware option from YETI is most certainly their line of water bottles because of how effortlessly they’re able to keep H2O cold for hours and hours on end. But, it’s $50 for a 36 oz bottle, which kind of feels like a fluke. Instead, consider Iron Flask’s Sports Water Bottle which will cost you just about half the price for 32 oz instead. This is a #1 Amazon Best Seller with a whopping 4.8 out of 5 stars in total, which is essentially unheard of. There are tons of different colors to choose from that surpass the options from YETI and it even comes with a straw cap for easy sipping.

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