Keep the Party Going All Night Long This Summer With a Cozy Fire Pit for Your Backyard

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One of the easiest ways to make your backyard or patio more inviting is to add one of the best fire pits. On summer evenings, these easy additions create the ideal focal point for friends and family to gather around, relax, share stories and enjoy some s’mores. They come in a wide variety of different shapes and styles, meaning it is easy to find an option to suit any kind of yard or occasion, whether you’re hosting a large gathering or want something for an intimate setting.

How to Choose the Best Fire Pit

From contemporary, angular styles to traditional, natural stone pits, there are plenty of options for every outdoor space. The decision on the best fire pit for you will come down to three things: style, budget and function. 

Style – Matching your fire pit to the style of your backyard is one of the most fun, or most challenging, tasks in the decision process. Picking the best fire pit to accompany your patio stones and outdoor furniture requires some thought and know-how. Our advice is to use the supplied product images for inspiration. Thankfully, a successful choice results in a backyard addition that not only adds function but also adds extra appeal, giving you a two-for-one purchase you’re sure to love.

Budget – Handily, fire pits are available at all different price points, making them accessible to all budget levels. What do you get if you spend more? Perhaps higher quality materials and more sophisticated designs, but if all you’re looking for is a backyard ring to sit around and provide additional heat, even entry-level fire pits will achieve this goal with ease.

Function – One decision you will need to make before investing in a fire pit for your home is whether to buy a wood-burning pit or a natural gas pit. We discuss the benefits of each in further depth below to help you make this decision. Other functional elements to consider include whether you want to cook over the fire, whether you want a portable or mini fire pit, and what storage space is available to you if the fire pit is not remaining in place year-round.

What Is the Best Type of Fire Pit for Your Backyard?

When it comes to choosing the best fire pit for your home, it’s worth being aware of the wide variety of types and styles available. What’s right for one home might not be the best fit for another. To help you make an informed decision, here’s an overview of the types of fire pits which exist. They include:

  • Portable Fire Pits – These devices are usually more compact than the average fire pit and a great option for anyone who wants to use their fire pit in multiple locations, such as parks, campsites or at a friend’s house. They are also easier to store during periods when they aren’t being used.
  • Wood/Gas-Fueled Fire Pits – Another big consideration is how you want to fuel your fire pit. Wood-fueled pits offer that traditional campfire-like feel and smell, but can be harder to start and can create more smoke. Alternatively, gas-fueled fire pits are easy to start and are less likely to create wayward sparks or debris. Most gas fire pits also allow you to adjust the size of the flame and tend to feature more stylish appearances.
  • Smokeless Fire Pits – If you have always suspected the smoke from a campfire or fire pit is bad for your health, you’re absolutely right. One way to minimize this unpleasant side effect is to choose a smokeless fire pit. By utilizing smart designs or special airflow systems, some fire pits are able to offer users a smoke-free experience.

Below you’ll find our top picks for the best fire pits available for online delivery. We’ve included all kinds of fire pits at a range of price points to ensure there’s an option for every household.


1. Millwood Pines Izzo Crossweave Steel Fire Pit


If you’re in the market for a basic metal fire pit that’s sure to bring convenience, atmosphere and, of course, some heat, look no further than the Millwood Pines Izzo Crossweave Steel Fire Pit. While the design may not exude quite the same level of sophistication as some of the other fire pits on this list, it’s a rugged model that sports an extra sturdy construction and only requires basic assembly. It’s also supplied with a handy cover for when it’s not in use, a poker for easier fire management and a spark screen for improved safety levels.

fire pits millwood pines Courtesy of Wayfair


2. Solo Stove Ranger Smokeless Fire Pit


The sad reality is that smoke from any fire is never good for you. By choosing the Solo Stove Ranger Smokeless Fire Pit you’ll get a smoke-free experience that still lets you keep warm and cook food. This method, which is still fueled by wood, is achieved through the pit’s smart, double-walled design which creates a layer of smoke-preventing hot air, without the need of fans or batteries, either. This fire pit is also surprisingly compact, making it a great choice for users who prefer portability in their pit.

solostove ranger stainless steel smokeless fire pit Courtesy of Amazon


3. SUCHDECO Portable Fire Pit


While the ultimate goal of this article is to recommend fire pits you can keep in your own backyard, sometimes you want a fire pit to go with you. Whether you’re backwoods camping, heading to a friend’s house or enjoying an evening on the beach, a portable fire pit can allow you to safely enjoy a campfire in most places. This version from SUCHDECO includes four movable steel feet for stability as well as a heat-resistant mesh net where you can build your wood log fire. The whole thing packs down into a storage bag for easy carrying.

fire pits suchdeco portable Courtesy of Amazon


4. Kaminsky Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit 


Measuring 24 inches in diameter, this Kaminsky Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit features beautiful copper accents that help accentuate the overall look. Naturally, fire pits need to be built to last, and this Kaminsky model doesn’t disappoint. Made with durable steel (with a shiny black steel center bowl), it’s able to withstand high temperatures while also exuding its own sense of luxurious charm. Additionally, this attractive piece comes with its own dome-shaped fire screen with a wide-angle handle for safe and easy placement and removal.

three posts fire pit Courtesy of Wayfair


5. Biolite FirePit


In the 21st century, being able to charge your phone is an important part of everyday life. With the Biolite FirePit, users not only get a functional and easy-to-use fire pit but thanks to a rechargeable power pack that powers the 51 air jets that keep even the meekest of fires roaring, users can also charge their phone and small electronics at the same time. There’s roughing it, and then there’s roughing it with some comforts from home. The Biolite is virtually smokeless, has two handles for easy carrying and weighs less than 25 pounds, making it a great option for users who want to take the fire pit to their campsite. The rechargeable battery can last up to 24 hours based on the burn level and users can also make wood or coal-burning fires. Furthermore, the BioLite is also great for cookouts and includes a removable grill grate for hibachi-style meals.

biolite firepit outdoor smokeless wood Courtesy of Amazon


6. Pleasant Hearth Infinity Steel Wood Fire Ring


If you have a gravel or sandpit in your backyard that’s a safe distance from your home, you likely don’t need a fire pit with legs. You just need a fire ring. These metal rings are much cheaper than an entire fire pit, as is evidenced by the Pleasant Hearth Infinity Steel Wood Fire Ring. It costs less than $55 and will allow you to have campfires at home for years to come thanks to its galvanized steel construction. While you can use the ring just as it is, you may want to add some landscaping blocks around it for a more modern backyard look.

best fire pits pleasant hearth infinity Courtesy of The Home Depot


7. Oldcastle Hudson Stone Round Fire Pit Kit


For a fire pit that has the welcoming natural finish of a man-made fire pit but the safety and durability of a professional product, we like the Oldcastle Hudson Stone 40 Inch Round Fire Pit Kit. The kit comes with everything users will need to build their rustic and charming fire pit, including realistic-looking stones made from durable constructed concrete. A metal fire ring provides the outline for the fire pit and helps to keep the wood-burning fire contained within the pit. Assembly is easy and takes the guesswork out of trying to figure out how many stones you need to buy for the fire pit and how to safely put it together.

Oldcastle Hudson Stone 40 in. Round Fire Pit Kit Courtesy of Home Depot


8. FLÎKR Fire Personal Concrete Fireplace


There are times when a large, heat-producing fire just isn’t necessary, but the comfortable, dancing movement of a flame is still a welcome sight. If this situation feels familiar to you, it may be worth checking out a mini fire ring, like this FLÎKR Fire Personal Concrete Fireplace. With its tiny size and tiny footprint, the fire pit is impressively portable, while its concrete construction provides durability. Functionally, it runs on rubbing alcohol, with five ounces delivering approximately 50 minutes of burn time. This fire pit is also safe for cooking on and can even be used safely closer to buildings than the average fire pit.

fire pits flikr personal concrete fireplace Courtesy of Food52


9. Sonoma Round Cement Fire Pit


Almost a work of art in it of itself, the Sonoma Round Cement Fire Pit is one of the most expensive options on our list, but it is also one of the most attractive. This cement bowl conceals a gas burner and can be filled with lava stones, fire rock or fire glass for a modern look. Each of the Sonoma fire pits is handcrafted, so the one you order will be completely unique to your home or business. Although many natural gas bowl fire pits are quite small, this one measures over three feet, meaning it can easily be the focal point of your outdoor space.

best fire pits sonoma Courtesy of The Home Depot


10. Hampton Bay Briarglen Fire Ball


One of the most unique fire pits on our list, the Hampton Bay Briarglen Fire Ball is completely spherical. When lit, it looks like a fireball sitting in your backyard, and if you’re using the fire pit at night, the added tree detailing around the exterior adds a fun, dancing shadow to the firelight. This fire pit has a cleverly hidden hinged door that allows users to build a fire and stoke it when necessary. Inside, you’ll find a porcelain bowl that acts as a platform for your wood fire, and there are also four metal legs that keep the whole thing off the ground.

best fire pits hampton bay Courtesy of The Home Depot


11. Bali Outdoor Fireplace Wooden Fire Pit


For a traditional fire pit option, we like this chiminea-style fire pit from Bali Outdoor. Often used for heating homes and baking, chimineas bring a beautiful design element to any outdoor space. Appropriate for both real and artificial wood burning logs, the Bali Outdoor chiminea is designed with a heavy cast-iron that creates a durable finish. A sliding door and ashtray make it easy for users to add firewood when necessary. Thanks to an included poker and two small grills, the chiminea can be used as it traditionally would be to cook food. We also like that it has a rounded roof and rain cover, which helps push the smoke up and away from people seated around the chiminea, reducing the chance of smoke aggravating the user’s eyes.

Bali Outdoor Fireplace Wooden Fire Pit Courtesy of Amazon


12. Necessories Grand Fire Pit Kit


There’s nothing better than a meal cooked over an open fire. It may not be something you want to do every day, but having the option for flame-cooked burgers, steaks and hot dogs in your own backyard is a dream. The Necessories Grand Fire Pit Kit allows you to install a beautiful fire pit in your backyard that you can just sit around or that you can cook over, too. The included cooking grate swivels over the fire when in use or can be removed when it’s not needed. The best part is that this kit comes with everything you need to install and enjoy your fire pit, from retaining wall abrasive to the fire ring blocks.

best fire pits necessories grand Courtesy of The Home Depot


13. Whitfield Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit Table


Relax, cook, stay warm and enjoy the aesthetically pleasing matching element of the Whitfield Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit Table. The wood-burning fire pit is designed to coordinate with many of the outdoor furniture pieces from Hampton Bay, making the fire pit a seamless addition to the outdoor space of users who already enjoy entertaining in the fresh air. Affordable and functional, the Whitfield has a natural stone-looking tabletop that is easy to clean and provides a convenient place for guests to place their drinks when the fire bowl lid has been added, turning the fire pit into a fully functioning table. When it’s time to light the fire, the Whitefield comes with a steel cooking grate for small-scale barbecuing. The rounded design of the table makes this a great option for homes with small children or pets and the rust-resistant finish creates a furniture piece that is built to last for several seasons.

Whitfield 48 in. Round Galvanized Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit Table Courtesy of The Home Depot


14. Hampton Bay Crossridge Gas Fire Pit


One of the best-reviewed and best-selling fire pits at The Home Depot, the Hampton Bay Crossridge Gas Fire Pit relies on natural gas canisters rather than wood to create a flame. These types of fire pits are extremely popular in outdoor living spaces where building a real wood fire would be impractical. The fire pit appears almost like a square coffee table, and adds a touch of coziness to a patio, allowing you to enjoy your space well into the autumn months.

best fire pits hampton bay crossridge Courtesy of The Home Depot


15. MetalTradeSolutions Collapsible Hexagon Fire Pit


If you live somewhere with extreme seasonal changes and prefer the idea of a fire pit that can easily be collapsed down at the end of every season, the MetalTradeSolutions Collapsible Hexagon Fire Pit may be the answer you’re looking for. When assembled, you’ll have a six-sided fire pit which offers plenty of space to create your fire as well as cutouts around the rim which may come in handy when cooking. Once broken down, each piece of the pit lays flat upon the other to take up minimal storage space, while an included handle makes moving it especially simple.

metaltradesolutions collapsible fire pit Courtesy of Etsy


16. Gilbert & Bennett Hand Hammered Fire Pit


While most fire pits are dark in color due to the heat-resistant coating used, the Gilbert & Bennett Hand Hammered Fire Pit utilizes the bright hues of copper instead. Although copper is expensive, it can be effectively used for a fire pit thanks to its high melting point and the fact that it doesn’t corrode. Gilbert & Bennet were able to design this gorgeous and eye-catching fire pit using the shiny metal. The deep bowl features an attractive hammered texture and will quickly become the centerpiece of any outdoor living space. The bowl sits on a wrought iron stand and comes with a vinyl cover to protect the fire pit between uses.

best fire pits gilbert bennett hand hammered Courtesy of The Home Depot


17. Bonnlo Outdoor Fire Pit


Most fire pits are either circular or rectangular, but the Bonnlo Outdoor Fire Pit makes things slightly more interesting with its hexagonal shape. Not only is this shape appealing to the eye, but it also creates a better wood-burning environment thanks to the vented sides, meaning you can cook s’mores, hot dogs and hand pies over the flames. The deep bowl is covered in a heat-resistant coating that won’t peel with extended use, yet the 8mm steel construction keeps the fire pit light enough to move around your yard and clean. Plus, the fire pit comes with a mesh lid and fire poker.

best fire pits bonnlo Courtesy of Amazon


18. AZ Patio Cast Aluminum Round Slatted Fire Pit


Fire pits are a great way to extend the usefulness of your outdoor space once the weather turns cold, but most options feature sharp corners that are dangerous for homes with small children and pets. That’s why we like the AZ Patio Cast Aluminum Round Slatted Fire Pit, which has a rounded edge that won’t poke a child who gets too close. The included lid also provides a secure cover over the 19-inch burn area when the fire pit is not in use. Made with weatherproof cast aluminum, the Round Slated Fire Pit features a powerful 42,000 BTUs and a Piezoelectric ignition that makes it easy for users to simply turn on and turn off their propane tank with the flip of a switch. We also like that the propane tank fits securely inside the bottom of the table and away from little hands and paws.

AZ Patio Cast Aluminum Round Slatted Fire Pit Courtesy of The Home Depot


19. Outland Living Series Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit


Level up your backyard game with this sleek, contemporary fire pit. Sporting an award-winning design, this pit combines elegance and convenience flawlessly. The decorative arctic ice glass rocks add drama to this fire pit that also features a weatherproof resin wicker construction and a tempered glass top. No need to worry about firewood — this design uses propane and provides a 100% smoke-free flame. Sure, this design might be on the pricier side, but it comes with a wow-factor warranty that’s, well, almost priceless.

Outland Fire Pit Courtesy of Amazon


20. Yaheetech Multifunctional Fire Pit Table


It’s a fire pit, it’s cooler, it’s an outdoor barbecue. The Yaheetech Multifunctional Fire Pit Table can be just about anything users need for their outdoor space depending on the event. The easy to assemble black iron table can be used to build small wood-burning fires or it can be filled with ice for a high-end-looking cooler. The Yaheetech comes with several useful accessories, including a mesh lid to help contain burning embers, a grill for outdoor barbecuing, a poker to stoke the fire and keep it roaring, and an outer cover to keep the rain off the table and extend its lifespan.

 Yaheetech-Multifunctional-Fire-Pit-Table Courtesy of Amazon


21. Viejo Fire Table


For a truly splurge-worthy fire pit, we like the Viejo Fire Table from Frontgate. Designed to work either with a natural gas hookup or propane tank, the Viejo is designed to withstand the elements thanks to its stunning and long-lasting glass fiber reinforced concrete design with a pewter finish. The key valve ignition makes it easy for users to turn on the 65,000 BTUs with the flip of a switch. The lava rocks included with the table help to create a stunning display that will warm users on a cool night. We also like that the table has eight inches of space all the way around, making it easy for guests to place their drinks on the edge of the table.

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Viejo Fire Table Courtesy of Frontgate


22. Lebeau Steel Propane/Natural Gas Fire Pit Table


Cuddling up by the fire and enjoying a cup of tea or a drink is one of the best things in life, but if you don’t have an outdoor patio set, you’re forced to place your drink on the ground, putting it in danger of spills. This Lebeau Steel fire pit masquerades as a classy white or gray patio table with a substantial surface and puts out a solid amount of heat. It also comes with a cover, which customers appreciated in the winter.

Lebeau Steel Propane/Natural Gas Fire Pit Table Courtesy of Wayfair


23. Real Flame Forest Ridge Fiber-Cast Concrete Propane Fire Pit Table


If you’re looking to add a rustic look to your backyard, consider one with a weathered and wooden look like this one, which is actually made from fiber-cast concrete. It comes with a natural gas conversion kit, and while it’s not the most budget-friendly fire pit on this list, it’s durable and a very practical height to use as a dining table, with a width large enough to hold a plate.

Real Flame Forest Ridge Fiber-Cast Concrete Propane Fire Pit Table Courtesy of Home Depot


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