These Hard Hats Will Turn Heads (And Protect Yours)

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Whether you work in construction professionally or are committing to a home project, you’ll need a hard hat on your head. These sturdy pieces of gear protect your head from falling tools and building materials, as well as general bumps and bruises. However, it’s essential to find a hat that fits well and is comfortable to wear. And of course, it doesn’t hurt if it looks cool too.

There are a few key features to keep in mind when browsing hard hats. Some products have a short brim on the front, which can help increase visibility while working on a construction site. Others have a brim around the full circumference, which provides extra protection from the sun and falling debris.

It’s also smart to check the features of the inner suspension system. This series of straps will keep the helmet centered and snug on your head. The best hard hats have suspension systems with padding and an adjustable back strap. These types of features will ensure comfort and safety.

To get you started on your search, here are some of the best hard hats for professional and personal use.

1. Pyramex Ridgeline Full Brim Hard Hat

Pyramex’s hard hat is made of durable thermoplastic, making it both strong and lightweight. The full brim protects your face and neck from falling debris, as well as the sun’s rays while working outside. You can convert the four-point suspension harness to a six-point suspension, and the back ratchet band is easy to adjust. The helmet can withstand temperatures between -22 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This product meets ANSI standards, so it’s suitable for professional use.

Pros: The helmet sits low on the head, rather than perching on top. Extra padding prevents the ratchet strap from digging into your skin.

Cons: The instructions for attaching the suspension may be confusing. The padding may wear down with frequent use.

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2. Evolution Deluxe Hard Hat

This high-density polyethylene hard hat has a full brim and six-point suspension. The polyester textile straps are comfortable on the head and keep the hard hat in place. Several vented slots and cotton core will keep your head cool while you work in the heat. You can also adjust the fit with the hat’s 3D adjustment feature, which ensures a snug fit. This product is available in five colors and fits most head sizes.

Pros: The full brim is great for sun protection. The vents make this hard hat cooler than some other options.

Cons: The suspension strap might sit too high on the head. The sweatband might not dry quickly, which can be uncomfortable.

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3. Klein Tools Hard Hat

Klein Tools’ hard hat is a Class C, Type 1 product, featuring versatile accessory mounts. You can purchase this product with our without a mounted light. The suspension straps have an open frame design, which increases circulation and improves comfort. You can open and close the hard hat’s vents depending on your preference. The sweatband is removable and machine washable. This product is available in white and orange.

Pros: The built-in headlamp is a useful feature. The sweatband is effective at wicking away moisture.

Cons: The headlamp can be tricky to turn on and off. This helmet may feel too heavy for some users.

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4. 3M Hard Hat

This bright hard hat features a four-point suspension system with an adjustable ratchet strap. The straps keep the hard hat lower on the head, and the shorter brim allows for more upward visibility. You can attach a number of accessories to the built-in slots. This product also includes a replaceable brow pad to extend the life of the hat. Keep in mind that the hard hat comes dissembled, so you’ll need to follow the directions to put the components together.

Pros: You can replace the brow pad when it starts to wear out. This product is compatible with hat-mounted ear muffs.

Cons: The hard hat can be challenging to assemble. This product may be lacking in padding.

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5. Lift Safety HDF Hard Hat

LIFT Safety’s hard hat features a vintage design and fiber-reinforced resin shell. The full brim has dual rubber grips, and the inside has an eight-point suspension system. An EVA foam insert offers extra shock absorption and a secure fit, but you can adjust the tightness with a ratchet. Note that this helmet doesn’t have accessory slots. It may also not be the best option if you have a larger-than-average head.

Pros: The large ratchet is easy to grip with gloves on. The helmet is lightweight.

Cons: The surface can get quite hot in the sun. The brim may chip and crack easily.

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