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Carhartt Just Teamed With Rumpl to Release the Snuggliest Fall Collection You’ll See This Year

Carhartt is really having a moment these past couple of years. From their iconic beanie to the backpack that’s taken over the nation, these quintessential workwear staples are ditching their rugged origins and entering the world of men’s fashion in a way that no other workwear brand has emulated so far. And it’s damn impressive.

Today October 26, Carhartt is at it yet again by releasing a collaboration with technical outdoor blanket brand Rumpl with a new limited-edition drop featuring a slew of adventurous must-haves. From easy-to-store outdoor blankets to a short-sleeve pullover poncho, this drop is everything for fall lovers.

Carhartt x Rumpl

The autumn season goes hand in hand with camping, hiking and the like. As a durable workwear brand, Carhartt has been tackling fall for decades with cozy, borderline indestructible clothing such as jackets, hoodies and more to ensure all Carhartt wearers do fall right. Simultaneously, Rumpl has been doing the same thing with its fully functional, lightweight line of waterproof blankets that makes top-of-the-peak picnics more enjoyable in colder temperatures. By linking for this collaboration, both Carhartt and Rumpl have created premium goods to take on the road for your next trip.

For starters, we have to talk about the first-of-its-kind poncho. Created with a 100% post-consumer recycled shell, this poncho includes a water-repellent exterior and recycled insulation, topped with a classic Carhartt fleece. It’s built to keep wearers not only dry but stylish as they trek hilly hikes or the city streetwalk. The poncho fully emulates both Carhartt and Rumpl’s vibes entirely, creating the perfect lovechild.

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Courtesy of Carhartt x Rumpl

In addition, the two have released a number of traditional Rumpl-centric blankets that are easy to pack and classically Rumpl in their design. But, they’ve released one blanket you can’t miss. The new Sherpa Puffy includes all of Rumpl’s iconic main design elements in addition to a new sherpa fleece lining to keep you feeling soft and cozy.

Lastly, the two have collaborated to create a Stuffable Pillowcase and Beverage Blanket 6 Pack. But, what are they? Well, the Stuffable Pillowcase is a sack that transforms any jacket or blanket into a pillow by shoving inside. It’s ideal to pack because of its thin yet durable shell and makes snoozing simple on the road. The Beverage Blanket 6 Pack, on the other hand, is more or less of a beer koozies set to keep your brews cold and your hands warm.

All of these are currently available at Rumpl with select options at Carhartt. Because this is a limited-edition release, we can promise you they won’t be available forever. Snag yours now using the button below and make this fall the best it’s ever been.

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Courtesy of Carhartt x Rumpl