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The Key Cycling Item You Didn’t Know You Needed: Chamois Butt’r

If you’ve just gotten into cycling because of the pandemic, then you must be having a lot of fun. Bike sales are up and with them, more riders on the road experimenting with new routes, steep hills and COVID-friendly group rides. But with those longer rides comes sweat, and that mixed with the tight cycling shorts creates saddle sores. But what are saddle sores? They are red, inflamed, hard bumps that resemble acne but are much more painful. They can pop and blister and create immense soreness in one area, which can be hard to alleviate, make for a painful ride and may get worse over time. In our minds, the best way to alleviate saddle sores is to stop them from happening in the first place. And to do that, we turn to Chamois Butt’r.

Saddle sores are created by your own sweat and the friction of the chamois. Often, it happens in an area where the shorts have an awkward seam or pinch in one specific area. You can switch up your style chamois (aka the padded area of your shorts) or even swap out your style of seat. Everyone is different, which means no one style of cycling bib, short or chamois is right for everyone, so it may take newer riders a few weeks or months to solve the issue. And while you could likewise seek out a professional for a proper bike fit (it’s entirely possible that while purchasing a bike in the pandemic, you over or underestimated your bike dimensions), that’s less accessible for most people. So in a pinch, we recommend Chamois Butt’r.

Chamois Butt’r is a one-stop-shop cream designed specifically to target sensitive skin areas that may be affected by saddle sores. Rub the cream on before every ride in a generous amount as well as on your shorts. Don’t worry, it washes off easily and doesn’t stain fabric. Chamois Butt’r will help prevent saddle sores by taking away the chafing aspect of your shorts: it applies a non-greasy cream to alleviate the friction. Basically, it’s a protective layer between your sweat and your shorts. It’s a great product and is proven to work well for most cyclists. It’s affordable, easy to use, and easy to clean up. Try it if you’re tired of suffering from saddle sores and are itching to go on the group ride with your friends.

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