This Composting System is the Urban Gardeners Dream for Greener Living

Gardening water pot and plants
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* Compost your own food waste and grow a better garden
* Perfect for urban gardeners who want healthier and home-made soil
* The two chamber tumbler aerates and decomposes old food

Spring is upon us and summer is nearing, so, we are gearing up by prepping for gardening projects to stay nourished with home-grown vegetables and fruits. No matter where you live, a dense urban city or in the pastoral country, there are ways to become more sustainable at-home so you can depend a little less on the local grocery stores. We have covered indoor garden spaces previously, as well as convenient countertop gardens in the kitchen, and now we are segueing into the compost realm. Not a sexy topic but an eco-friendly one that could actually be your secret weapon to a better garden and ultimately tastier veggies.

Mircacle-Gro Compost Tumbler Courtesy of Amazon

Composting is the process of taking organic matter, like food and plants and letting them naturally decompose over time. That waste can then be used to mix with potting or planting soil to grow a garden and pot plants with. But the process can be a smelly one. So, ensuring you have a proper composting mechanism is key to maintaining an odor-free home while also utilizing all of the wasted food around the house. The Miracle-Gro compost tumbler will help you get nutrient-dense fertilizer and is an excellent way to make your own soil conditioner as well as a creative way to thoughtfully deal with food waste without contributing to landfills. How it works is you add compost ingredients, basically, any food products, plants, and organic waste that is free from non-biodegradable elements and then you place those each day into the compost chambers for it to cure. The design allows airflow to come in to help quicken the process and the only other thing you need to do is turn the tumbler using the handles on the sides about five to six times every few days to keep the process of decomposition going.

Mircacle-Gro Compost Tumbler Courtesy of Amazon

They say it takes about four to six weeks for the compost to cure completely and be ready for use, but it may take a shorter time if you live in a hotter climate. The size of this particular composter is 25″ x 24″, is just under 20 lbs. and holds up to 18.5 gallons in each chamber, which should be plenty to keep your small summer garden or indoor plants and tabletop gardens supported with this nutrient-packed addition to the soil. There is an included manual for set-up and directions from the brand on how to utilize the composter and keep it in its best shape for years to come. Gardeners and urban dwellers alike can use this portable and medium-sized device to enhance their growing gardens and find a better way to reduce waste around the house. If you are looking to start a project this summer and test out your green thumb, this tumbler might be the best way to begin.