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Never Get Caught in the Rain Again — This Smart Umbrella Notifies You When It’s Been Left Behind

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Do you have an old reliable umbrella that’s been everywhere with you? Of course not — because you keep losing them. By the dozen, probably. Cars, restaurants, subways, taxis — a good compact umbrella is practically begging to be left behind, never to be seen again.

Better question — would you like to have an old reliable umbrella that you’ll never lose? The Davek Alert Smart Umbrella literally reminds you to not leave it behind. Strong, sleek, and smart, it may be the last compact umbrella you ever buy!

Davek’s advanced Loss Alert technology connects seamlessly to your iOS or Android smart phone within seconds of when you pick up the umbrella. A tiny beacon chip embedded in the sturdy handle signals the free Davek Loss Alert app, letting you track the distance between you and your umbrella. If you get more than approximately 30 feet away, the umbrella sends you a subtle alert – “Hey, don’t leave me behind like your last 10 umbrellas!”

(Note: the Davek Loss Alert app is optimized for Samsung Galaxy devices, and is not compatible with Huawei, One Plus, ZTE, or Nokia phones.)

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Courtesy of Davek

The Davek Alarm Smart Umbrella is powered by an easily replaceable CR2032 coin battery (included), which lasts for up to a year depending on use. The app can be easily turned on and off with a tap on the notification, so it won’t ask you to come along on sunny days.

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The smart tech keeps the Davek Alert Smart Umbrella out of the Lost and Found graveyard, but its sturdy construction is what keeps it in service year after year. The shaft is 100% solid steel, and the core support rib is composed of steel, aircraft-grade aluminum and flexible fiberglass. The unique rigid-yet-flexible design stands up to gusting winds and nasty storms, and those unavoidable umbrella-on-umbrella collisions on crowded sidewalks!

The Davek is truly a commuter’s best friend. It opens and closes easily with a single press of the button. When closed, it shrinks down to a mere 11.75 inches, fitting easily in pretty much any bag you carry. And it weighs barely over one pound. It would be remarkably easy to misplace if it weren’t for the Loss Alert technology!

At the end of the day, beyond the incredible technology and revolutionary design, the Davek Alarm Smart Umbrella performs the most important task of all – it keeps you dry. The 43-inch arc-diameter canopy, available in black or vibrant blue, is made from high-thread-count microfiber fabric, the highest weave available.

The Davek Alert umbrella comes with a lifetime guarantee: If at any time you find any defect in workmanship, or the umbrella frame should fail to function properly, Davek will gladly repair or replace it at no charge beyond shipping & handling. Due to the technology’s dependence on use with compatible phones, this guarantee applies to the umbrella only (not the Alert app). If the damaged umbrella is returned without beacon chip, there will be a $15 surcharge to replace the chip. Which is all to say that Davek stands by their product. And when a brand is that proud and sure of their product, we think it’s worth considering.