Protect Your Tools, Cushions and More with a Weatherproof Deck Box Cover

Deck Box Cover

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Outdoor furniture is designed exactly for that — surviving the outdoors. But even if tables, chairs and cushions are designed to withstand everything mother nature can throw at them, protecting furniture from the elements can help to significantly increase its lifespan. That’s why we use a deck box, which is the perfect place to store small chairs, side tables and cushions. But even our protector needs protection and, in this case, that means a weather-resistant deck box cover.

As noted in the Gazette, outdoor furniture that has been soaked by rain can usually stay wet, but to extend its life cycle it’s a good idea to keep it in storage when not in use. Not only does this protect against water and dirt, but it also helps to stop fading from the sun, which can be especially potent for cushions. We also like storing our small pieces of furniture, cushions and pillows in a deck box to protect against animals.

While most deck boxes protect against wind, dust, and sun, they often aren’t waterproof and can have large openings for ventilation where dirt and debris can get in. That’s why we like using a deck box cover as an added layer of protection. Outdoor furniture is expensive. Deck box covers are not. Protect your investments with affordable deck box covers and keep your favorite chairs and tables looking brand new every season.

1. Flexiyard Patio Deck Box Cover

If you live in an area with high winds and need a deck box cover that will stay secure through monsoons and more, we recommend the Flexiyard Patio Deck Box Cover. The UV-resistant cover comes with four click-close straps that allow for secure attachment to the legs of a deck box, with a drawstring for added safety. It’s also the only waterproof option on our list, making it ideal for wet areas.

Pros: The Flexiyard is made with 600D heavy duty waterproof fabric that is PVC-free and is held together with durable and solid stitching.

Cons: The Flexiyard weighs almost 4 pounds and may be difficult for some users to lift on top of their deck box.

Flexiyard Patio Deck Box Cover Image courtesy of Amazon

2. Classic Accessories Veranda Patio Deck Box Cover

For hot climates, we recommend the ventilated Classic Accessories Veranda Patio Deck Box Cover, which includes air vents to help reduce heat and condensation from building up inside the cover, while also providing wind lofting. Like the Flexiyard, it has four attachment straps for legs and an adjustable toggle hem to keep the cover secure.

Pros: The Classic Accessories cover has a water-resistant fabric top, a waterproof backing and comes with a splash guard to help keep its contents dry.

Cons: The Classics Accessories cover is weatherproof, but unlike the Flexiyard, it’s not waterproof.

Classic Accessories Veranda Patio Deck Box Cover Image courtesy of Amazon

3. YardStash Deck Box Cover

For a cover that can easily conform to smaller and medium-sized boxes, we recommend the YardStash Deck Box Cover. The YardStash has an elastic hem on all four corners and a drawstring on each side to ensure the cover fits snugly.

Pros: The YardStash is made with UV Protected 210D and 600D polyester and is UV resistant.

Cons: The YardStash is not waterproof and is not as thick as the first two covers.

YardStash Deck Box Cover Image courtesy of Amazon