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Be Ready When Disaster Strikes With One of These Earthquake Survival Kits

It may seem like earthquakes are becoming more prevalent, but one of the biggest reasons for this trend is that the seismic tools used to measure earthquakes are more sophisticated than ever before, making it easier to identify when an earthquake has struck. Still, an average of 16 major earthquakes are expected annually, which means that being prepared for disaster should be a top priority.

Earthquakes can cause a loss of power and water, making it difficult for residents to eat or drink. Depending on where a person is when an earthquake hits, injuries can be sustained and access to medical care may take hours, or even days. For these reasons and more, having a comprehensive and useful earthquake survival kit on hand can be the difference between life or death.

Even for those who live outside of earthquake-prone areas can benefit from these kits. Regardless of the disaster, these kits pack all the essentials you need to weather any sort of disaster.

Check out three of our top picks below and invest in an earthquake survival kit today to ensure you’re prepared for tomorrow.

1. Redfora Complete Earthquake Bag

Keep two people fed, hydrated and protected for up to 72 hours with the Redfora Complete Earthquake Bag. Redfora covers all the emergency bases with their kit, which is available in sizes ranging from one to six people. The kit comes with food, water, water purification tablets, a 107-piece first-aid kit, a hand-crank flashlight that can also be used as a phone charger, waterproof matches, a two-person emergency tent, two Mylar sleeping bags, body warmers and more. The food and water included in the Redfora bag have an impressive five-year shelf life and the contents are designed to be able to withstand temperatures ranging between -22 to 149 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing users to store the bag in their car or home. The front pockets have extra room for users to add their own items to the bag.

Pros: The Redfora is the only kit on our list that includes personal hygiene items, including toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, combs, soap, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner, sanitation pads and more.

Cons: The Redfora bag weighs approximately 16 pounds when filled, which may be difficult for some users to carry. The kit includes 12 water pouches per person, but there is a possibility they could be punctured in the bag and leak.

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2. Sustain Supply Co. Premium Emergency Survival Bag

Made with premium products and designed to keep four people comfortable for up to 72 hours, the Sustain Supply Co. Premium Emergency Survival Bag is a high-end earthquake survival kit that has everything users could need when disaster strikes. Twenty-four servings of high-quality food that users will actually want to eat, like mac and cheese and teriyaki chicken, are included in the kit, which also has four liters of water and a Sawyer survival straw. Multiple light sources, including snap lights, LED lanterns, and a flashlight are included in the kit. The comprehensive kits keeps everything stored neatly in a water-resistant pack, which comes with additional interior pockets to allow users to store extra items, like passports, batteries and prescriptions.

Pros: The Sustain Supply bag includes one portable stove, enough bowls and utensils for four people, a versatile MoraKniv knife that can be used to prepare food and more, and multiple ways to start a fire, including four InstaFire tinder packs and a Ferrocerium rod.

Cons: The Sustain Supply bag is the largest on our list and comes with the biggest price tag. Four emergency blankets are included, but unlike the Redfora and Deluxe Kit, the Sustain Supply bag does not include a survival tent.

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3. EVERLIT 250 Pieces Survival First Aid Kit

Designed by US military veterans and field-tested by a former Army Sergent, the EVERLIT 250 Pieces Survival First Aid Kit is designed to help users in disaster scenarios and as a companion on outdoor excursions, including camping and hiking. The set features an FDA-approved first-aid treatment kit with enough supplies to treat a small group. Versatile survival items are included in the bag, including a tactical flashlight, a paracord bracelet with a compass and whistle, a flintstone for starting fires, a thermal blanket, a knife, a saber card, two glow sticks and a rain poncho.

Pros: The Everlit kit comes in a military-grade EMT bag that is made from 600D water-resistant nylon. Weighing only 1.9 pounds, the kit has extra room where users can add their own items.

Cons: Unlike the other kits on our list, the Everlit does not include any food or water.

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