Having Fun Shouldn’t Hurt the Planet — These Are the Best Eco-Friendly Surf Products

eco friendly surf products

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We all love going to the beach and enjoying all that the ocean has to offer, but have we been thinking about what we can offer her in return? Pollution levels are at an all-time high and the reefs are disappearing. How can we help as eager beachgoers? Being a swimmer, surfer, or bodyboarder means we all use a lot of materials to do what we love, like driving to the next wave, using harmful sunscreen, and leaving trash on the beach. If you haven’t participated in a beach cleanup, check out your local neighborhood website and see when the next one is! It’s a foolproof way to get involved. But there are plenty of other solutions to help out mother nature, like using organic sunscreen, recycled towels and wetsuits, ethically sourced board bags, and the best eco-friendly surf products.

Check out the different ways you can help clean up the beach and make the planet a more beautiful place with these eco-friendly surf products that will last a lot longer than anything else you’ll buy.


1. Two Peas Organic Mineral Sunscreen

Since terms like “organic” and “natural” aren’t regulated by the FDA, they can mean anything when smacked on the label of a bottle of the best sunscreen. But Two Peas sunscreen is made with 20% zinc oxide and certified organic plant oils like coconut and jojoba oils. It is a mineral-based sunscreen, which means it doesn’t use harmful or needless chemicals on your skin which can also harm the ocean. It has SPF 30 and is a great choice for sensitive skin. Be sure to check the label for any irritants or allergies you may have before purchasing.

Two Peas Organic Mineral Sunscreen Courtesy of Amazon


2. Joaquin Changing Poncho

SlowTides is one of the rare eco-friendly brands that has great products with original designs. For example, check out this Fair Trade certified cotton material used for this surf poncho. Have peace of mind about your new poncho as you change into your wetsuit at dawn and never worry again about where and how it was made. It is 100% winter-weight cotton terry, has a double layer woven hood, and has kangaroo pockets for storage and warmth. Slowtide products meet the Oeko-Tek Standard 100’s strict guidelines so you can shop with ease.

SlowTide Joaquin Changing Poncho Courtesy of SlowTide


3. Sagebrush Gypsy Board Bag

If you’re an avid traveler then you’ll likely be needing a sweet surfboard bag, so why not pick up a sustainable one, handmade by a professional surfer? These organic materials are sourced from coffee roasters to recycled materials in Southern California and made by Anna Ehrgott, a surfer and eco-minded individual who started making these bags in 2014. the 7’6 Gypsy bag is a great pattern and style but there are plenty more where that came from depending on the size of your board and the design you’d like. So pack your bags and order one of Anna’s sustainable board bags and hit the road.

7'6 Gypsy Board Bag Courtesy of Sagebrush Bags


4. Vissla Eco Seas Wetsuit

Vissla is a leader when it comes to sustainability and their Eco Seas wetsuit meets the very high bar to offset the pollution we’ve spread across the planet. So pick out your next wetsuit with them because they’ve switched from neoprene to natural rubber sourced from rubber trees, recycled jersey, and water-based glue to tighten it all together. Their NaturalPrene is 15% synthetic rubber and 85% natural rubber, a great alternative to neoprene.. Interested in the rest of their eco story? Check out their website and then dive in for a refreshing surf in your new eco-friendly wetsuit.

Vissla Eco Seas Wetsuit Courtesy of Vissla


5. Sawyer Water Filter

If you’re traveling and don’t want to keep buying plastic water bottles, having a water filter on hand is extremely useful. Even if you’ve packed two of your favorite Hydro Flasks, you still need to put water in them and that’s where the Sawyer comes in. Find water anywhere and make it clean and pure with a mini filter while out exploring on your surf trip. It’ll quickly become your favorite travel item.

Sawyer Water Filter Courtesy of Sawyer


6. Helloah Ecolastic Boardshorts

Vissla is back with another great eco-friendly surf product in their Helloah board shorts, and these won’t let you down. Made from recycled materials like poly Repreve fibers, these shorts are as sustainable as it gets. These shorts are made from 50% recycled polyester and 38% coconut. Yes, you read that correctly, Vissla has taken coconuts off the beach and made them into board shorts. How cool is that? Grab a pair of these sustainable boardies and hit the beach.

Helloah Ecolastic Board shorts Courtesy of Vissla


7. New Life Project X Outerknown Tall Tote

The Professional surfer Kelly Slater’s well-known brand Outerknown has never had any other ideas but sustainability and how to move forward as consumers with the Earth in mind. Is it possible? Maybe not completely, but with Slater’s brand, they’re getting the job done. And the Tall Tote is the perfect getaway bag for any type of trip, be it a weekend at the beach or something longer. This eco-friendly surf product is made from recycled polyester and CORDURA polyester yarn. The yarn is resistant to abrasions and tearing while the polyester is made from recycled water bottles. What else can we be doing with those things? This bag is a great solution so check it out and carry on.

Outerknown Tall Tote Courtesy of Outerknown


8. Bubblegum Surf Wax

Hand-poured in California, this surf wax has all bases covered, including your boards. Never slip again with this premium wax that comes in an eco-friendly paper sleeve that you can recycle after use. The best part about surf wax is that there’s nothing left over once you’re done with it. Get ready for a great surf session with Bubblegum wax.

Bubblegum surf wax Amazon


9. Patagonia FunFarer Cap

This hat is going places and it’ll take you with it. Patagonia’s the leading eco brand in the States and their products are all made from recycled materials, so give them all a good look if you’re into something new. But the FunFarer hat is a natural place to start your recycled product journey. Made from recycled fishing nets, this cap will protect you from the sun and from wasteful materials. It comes in a variety of colors.

Patagonia FunFarer Cap Courtesy of Patagonia


9. Patagonia Yulex Wetsuit

These eco-friendly wetsuits are made from all-natural rubber and since Patagonia is one of the leading sustainable brands, they’ve spared no expense at creating the best wetsuit for the environment. Made with an improved fit and seamless stitching, these high-performance wetsuits will keep you warm during the winter months as you keep the Earth’s health in mind. Check out the Yulex wetsuit for your next surf, you won’t regret it.

Yulex Natural Rubber Wetsuit Courtesy of Patagonia


10. Grain Surfboards

The Root is a pure wooden surfboard, the original eco-friendly surfing product and stands at 9 feet tall. But, of course, there are other length options. We’re partial to the longboard though, and the Root board is beautifully designed. With a clean finish and a nice sheen, you’ll be the envy of all your friends riding fiberglass boards. The team over at Grain Surfboards has decided to create wooden boards to offset the impact of harmful materials in the environment and to increase the joy in your surfing. Check out their impeccable surfboards, you won’t be disappointed.

Grain Surfboards Courtesy of Grain Surfboards