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Stay Safe And Informed With These Emergency Radios

When a disaster strikes, having access to information as events unfold is one of the most vital ways to keep you and your loved ones safe. Emergency radios are designed exactly for that, often equipped with additional features like lights and charging ports that help to keep users safe and assist them in moving out of harm’s way.

The emergency radios we’ve included on our list are designed to alert users of natural disasters, with all three radios featuring NOAA weather stations. The NOAA or National Weather Service is the standard for reporting on natural weather occurrences and has the most up-to-date information on natural disasters, including instructions on where to go during hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, and more.

Emergency radios often come equipped with added features including lights and sirens, which provide visibility and can alert others to your location if help is required. We also chose radios that include charging ports, which can be used to charge small electronics like tablets, smartphones and laptops, helping to keep users connected and informed during disasters and when spending time outdoors on hiking or camping trips. We also like that all three radios are appropriate for everyday use, making them both necessary for survival and practical for daily use.

Whether you’re looking for a radio to keep in your home as a weather notification center or you’re updating your survival kit, these three radios will help keep you safe.

1. Kaito KA500 5-Way Solar Power Radio

Never lose power with the Kaito KA500 5-Way Solar Power Radio, which features a solar panel, a dynamo crank, and built-in rechargeable Ni-MH batteries plus optional AA batteries.

Pros: The Kaito has four sources of power to ensure that you’re never left stranded without access to its AM/FM radio, NOAA weather stations, flashlight and reading lamp. The Kaito doubles as a power source, with a Micro USB DC Charging Port, USB DC Output Port, and DC-in charging jack. The Kaito is made from impact and water-resistant ABS material has a telescopic antenna that reaches 14.5” for highly sensitive reception.

Cons: The Kaito can be powered with an AC/DC wall adapter and charger, but it’s not included with the radio. The radio does not appear to have a siren to use in distress situations.

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2. Midland NOAA Emergency Weather Alert Radio

Equipped with an emergency siren and S.A.M.E. alert programming that will notify users of danger in specified areas, the Midland NOAA Emergency Weather Alert Radio will help keep you safe in natural disasters.

Pros: The Midland is a public-alert certified monitor that receives 7 NOAA channels, with the ability to program 25 surrounding counties for personalized coverage. The Midland has a 90dB siren that makes it an ideal option for use in remote areas when you want to make your location known. Suitable for use as an everyday clock and radio in the regions that are prone to natural disasters, the Midland also includes an alarm clock and backlit display.

Cons: The Midland uses three AA alkaline batteries for emergency power backup and doesn’t have a natural power option like a crank or solar panel.

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3. iRonsnow Solar Emergency NOAA Weather Radio

Lightweight and portable, the iRonsnow Solar Emergency NOAA Weather Radio is the perfect emergency radio to take along on camping and hiking trips.

Pros: Portable and powerful, the iRonsnow is versatile, with three LED flashlights, a cell phone charger, and an FM/AM radio. The iRonsnow can be charged in three ways, including the attached hand crank, through the solar panel, or through the micro USB port. Weighing less than 0.5 pounds, the iRonsnow is lightweight and compact, making it an excellent option for keeping in a hiking bag or in the glove box of a car.

Cons: Some customers found the iRonsnow lost power after only a few minutes even when fully charged.

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