9 Essential Hiking EDC You Should Always Have On Hand

best everyday carry hiking essentials
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* Preparation is the key to spontaneity
* Everydary tools and accessories for hikers and adventurers
* Things you should have on hand, and in your car in case of emergency

Heading outdoors this spring? Whether you’re a seasoned hiker, backpacking across the high sierra or just want to be ready in case a spontaneous romantic urge has you and your date parking on a picturesque canyon and hiking into a meadow to check out this spring’s super bloom in the desert, here is a roundup of outdoor essentials to have on hand so that you can be prepared to make the most of the fine weather and stay safe in the event of an emergency.

1. Hiking Backpack

Henry David Thoreau may have made due with a simple knapsack, but then again he was only going to Walden Pond, a spot only a short distance from Concord, Mass. If you’re going further afield, consider a lightweight, versatile hiking backpack like this one from Venture Pal.

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2. Sunscreen

When the sun is out and the birds are shining there are blue skies all around, there’s probably also a lot of UV. So pack some sunscreen to avoid getting a painful sunburn.

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3. Compact First Aid Kit

It goes without saying that on a trek into the wilderness you should definitely pack a simple, compact first aid kit. But the key to spontaneity is also, ironically, being prepared, and it’s a good idea to keep such a kit in your car. Because an impromptu Parkour demonstration should end in embarrassment, not gangrene.

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4. Survival Water Filter Straw

This water filtration straw adds a little post-apocalyptic chic to your preparedness. That said, it can be a literal lifesaver and should be a part of every emergency kit. It’s also a good idea to have on you if you’re going for a longer hike.

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5. Stainless Steel Folding Knife

A good folding knife is a must for wilderness DIY in case of an emergency.

Folding Knife Smith & Wesson Image Courtesy of Amazon

6. Tactical Flashlight

Keep a flashlight on hand for those twilight nature walks. Not only does it help you find your way around, but nobody wants to have to use their phone flashlight in a dark canyon, quickly using up the battery.

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7. Multipurpose Lightweight Tarp

For those spring rains and sudden April showers, it helps to have a waterproof, pack-able tarp at the ready.

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8. Keychain-sized Compass

For tying to find your way back after your phone dies/ and/or when you’re far from any GPS signal (how adventurous!) it pays to have a good old magnetic compass available.

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9. Water Bottle

The first rule of any outdoor adventures is to make sure that you always stay hydrated. This stainless, reusable water bottle is a full 40 oz, easy to clean and eco friendly.

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